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All Roses Have Their Thorns

Chapter 1

Life was cruel. That was the conclusion that Isana Hainsworth had come to when she received her marks for the end of term test at the boarding school she attended. It just wasn't fair. She had studied extremely hard, had even cancelled plans with her closest friends just for the test. Yet still, she had done poorly. The boarding school she attended was located in Germany. The teachers were very strict at her school. It was hard, balancing a social life and school work.

Isana hated the school she attended. Everyone was so stuck up and snotty. She came from a rich family, but she at least had been brought up with manners. Brushing a hand through her blonde hair, she sighed deeply. She stared at the red marks scribbled onto her paper before tucking the test into her schoolbag. What was she going to say to her parents? Staring blankly ahead of her, it never occurred to Isana that crossing the street at that particular moment was dangerous. The sound of a car horn alerted her senses. The young girl found herself paralyzed with fear. Suddenly, the car, now recognized as a limo, stopped a few feet from where she stood.

Taking a deep breath, Isana relaxed and watched as a young boy with maroon-purple hair jumped out of the backseat and rushed towards her. "Are you alright?" he asked worriedly. Isana stared at him. He couldn't be more than 12 years of age, yet he was being escorted in a limo? She shook her head and frowned angrily.

"Of course I'm not alright," she snapped. But seeing the hurt look on the boy's face, she immediately regretted it. "I mean, yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry."

The boy shrugged with a smile. "Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you're okay. I'm Leon von Schroeder, by the way."

"You're a von Schroeder!" Isana gasped. "One of the richest families in Germany?"

"Yeah," he replied shyly.

"I...uh...I'm Isana Hainsworth."

"Nice to meet you." Isana noted how nice his smile was. "I was just heading back to my home. Would you like to come along?"

"M-Me? Why?"

"It's only fair. Besides, it's the beginning of the holidays. I promise you'll enjoy yourself. I...don't have any friends, so I can't invite them over...and I get bored...and you seem like a really nice person."

Flattered by Leon's honesty, she couldn't help but say yes. She reached into her schoolbag for her cell phone to call her parents. She doubted they would care, but best not to make them angry at her for not calling at all. Isana and Leon talked the whole way to the castle, discussing their likes and dislikes, and even small bits of their families. Isana learned that Leon had an older brother, Siegfried, who didn't have much time for him since he was the head of the Schroeder Corporation. It was the first time in Isana's life where she hated someone before she even knew them.

She couldn't understand how Siegfried could not spend time with Leon. The young boy was extremely smart for his age, and seemed eager to make friends. It was hard not to like him. Upon reaching the castle, Isana had to whistle in astonishment. She had seen some large castles in Europe before, but none as extravagant as the Schroeders'. When the limo stopped in front of the castle, Leon was the first to exit followed by Isana.

"It's enormous," Isana mumbled.

"It's not that great," Leon shrugged. He led her to the front door and opened it. Noticing her shocked look, he grinned. "My family knows when I come home, so they leave the door unlocked. Our security is very tight, despite how it appears." Isana nodded and followed him inside. There wasn't possibly enough that could be said to describe the inside of the castle. It was like walking into a fairytale. "The rooms are upstairs, but because my brother is most likely working tirelessly in his room, I won't bother him."

"When does he usually not work?"

"Almost never. He wants to prove how good Schroeder Corp is, so he works a lot."

"I see."

"I'm sure you'll get to meet him eventually."

Isana faked a smile. Someone who couldn't even spend a few hours with their own brother wasn't a person she was eager to meet. She and Leon made their way towards Leon's room, where he told her to relax and sit wherever she wanted. She went to his window and saw that he had a magnificent view of the surrounding forest, mountains, and river. Leon was so excited to have a new friend over, that he couldn't contain himself. He started showing her his Duel Monsters cards, and told her that he and his brother had participated in a tournament the year before in Japan. He left out certain details, mainly about how his brother had wanted revenge on Seto Kaiba and had gone to extreme lengths to do it, only to lose in the end anyway.

"You seem very devoted to your brother," Isana said.

Leon blushed slightly. "Of course. Siegfried is the only one I can really rely on in my family."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Leon, who are you talking to in there?" The door pushed open and a young man, roughly the same age as Isana, stepped into the room. He had shocking pink hair down to his waist and aqua green eyes that seemed to zero in on Isana. "Leon, have you taken up bringing in strangers to the castle?" he growled.

"I'm sorry, Siegfried." Isana's eyebrows rose. So this was Siegfried? "This is Isana Hainsworth. I kind of...ran into her today and invited her over."

Isana either didn't notice the glare Siegfried gave her or chose to ignore it. "Ah, forgive my rudeness," Siegfried said with forced calm. "I am Siegfried von Schroeder."

"I know," Isana answered, biting back an insult. He took her hand in his own, and, wishing he hadn't been brought up to be a gentlemen, kissed her hand lightly. Isana made a face that he didn't see and hurriedly took her hand away. "Leon's told me about you."

"Has he? How interesting." Siegfried wasn't a fool. He could tell she didn't like him and was dropping hints left and right. But he wasn't fond of her either. Some random street urchin coming into the Schroeder castle was unacceptable. "Well, it is nearly dinnertime, so you must want to go home."

"Not really."

Siegfried clenched his fists. "Very well. I shall...inform the cook that a guest will be staying for dinner." He walked out of the room angrily. How dare she treat him like that! He was Siegfried von Schroeder! Heir to the richest family in Germany! What right did she have to give him attitude? She could be a spy from Herr Kaiba, he thought, but hurriedly erased that thought. Kaiba may be a pompous bastard with an ego larger than his company, but there was no way he would hire someone like Isana Hainsworth to work for him just to spy on the Schroeders.

After informing the cook, Siegfried made his way back up to Leon's room, only to hear the end of their conversation. "Why were you so cold with my brother?" Leon asked softly. "He was just being polite."

"Don't worry about it, Leon. It's not important."

"But I wanted the two of you to get along. You're my only friend besides Siegfried..."

Pressing his ear up against the door to hear better, Siegfried could just imagine the sad look on his brother's face. Isana would be folding under the pressure soon. "Well," she started, "you said yourself that he doesn't spend enough time with you. I got angry when I heard that. A big brother should have fun with his little brother. You're family. I can't understand why he can't take an hour out of his day to spend time with you."

So that was why she didn't like him? Because he worked more than he spent time with Leon? Siegfried scowled and walked down to the dining hall. Leon and Isana would be down there shortly. Sure enough, after a few minutes, the two made their way to the table. Siegfried sat at the head, while Leon and Isana sat across from each other. The food was served and they began eating.

"I hope the food is to your liking, Miss Hainsworth," Siegfried said as politely as he could. Isana stopped in mid-chew of her meal and glared at him. He faked a smile and held up a wine glass. "Some wine?"

"I'll pass," she growled after swallowing.

"Then perhaps some water?"

"Thank you." A servant poured her a glass of water. Leon could feel the tension in the air. He never imagined Isana and Siegfried could dislike each other so much after one meeting. "Dinner was very good," Isana said as she prepared to leave later than night. "Thank you for your hospitality."

"I assure you, it was no problem," Siegfried replied.

"Bye, Leon," Isana smiled, bending down to hug her new friend. She stood up and glared hatefully at Siegfried. "Goodbye, Siegfried."

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Hainsworth."

Her blue eyes narrowed. She turned and began her long walk back to her home. "Siegfried, you didn't have to be so cruel to her," Leon pouted once she was gone. "You should apologize."

"I was cruel? She hated me before I even met her! If anyone should apologize, it's her!" The pink-haired man was in no mood to argue about his behavior and stomped back to his room. "If I never see that girl again, it will be too soon."

"By the way Siegfried, I invited her over tomorrow," Leon called.

Dammit! Siegfried cursed in his head.

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