Well, here's another first attempt at horror. I have to thank BabyGurl278 for inspiring me to put up this story. I really do hope it's good.

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Each chapter begins and ends with a diary entry from the murderer. The bold italics are the entries. And no, just because the murderer owns a diary, it's a girl. Well, it could be a girl…but…well, you shall see around the end. If anyone here is really smart and knows who did it, well, don't spoil, okay? At the end, anyone who does guess right gets cake.

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It is finally time to put my plan in action…it is finally time for me to do what I wanted to do ever since I got here…

Six smashers shall lose their lives…for something they can not control…but this thing they cannot control…it blinds me…it frightens me… I must make sure that it shall be destroyed. That is why these six must die…

I shall start simple, and work my way up…he shouldn't be too hard…with a midnight surprise; he shall fall to a rope's demise…

It seemed to be just an ordinary rainy night at Smash Mansion, home of Nintendo's finest. The smashers slept on as the rain pounded on the roof, and lightning pierced the sky…well, most of them, at least…

After waking from a nightmare, Falco Lombardi realized just how loud the rain was. No matter how he tossed and turned, he could not get back to sleep. He sighed to himself as he got out of bed and stretched, wearing nothing but purple boxers.

"Stupid rain…" he muttered fiercely. "How can it go from a perfectly sunny warm day to a disastrous rainy night in an instant?"

He decided to go see if anyone else was up, so he went to his closet and slid his white jacket over his body. Dusting any unwanted fibers off the jacket, he grabbed his Blaster Gun and went to turn on the light switch; the room remained dark.

"Wonderful!" he cried out sarcastically. Lightning flashed, hitting Falco's window, causing the bird humanoid to jump backwards…straight into the door. The thunder seconds later hid Falco's colorful language. "I hate thunderstorms!" he cried out, wondering how his cousin of a fox could even THINK about liking these storms.

He decided to check the fuses and try to get the power back on. He grabbed his flashlight and headed out into the hall. As he did so, he heard a door slam; by how faint it was, it sounded to be near the arenas.

'Burglars,' was Falco's first thought. Muttering angrily about being the only one up, he headed downstairs.

It didn't look like burglars had entered; everything was still in order. He was about to tell himself he was just hearing things when he heard a door slam again. He rushed to the arenas, determined to find who the hell found it entertaining to slam doors during thunderstorms at midnight. He entered the arena's lounge room when a blunt object smashed full force into the poor bird's head. He had a glazed look as his brain banged forcefully into his skull; then he passed out.

Falco did not know how much time passed when he came to. It was still dark, the rain was still pouring; it couldn't have been long. He stood up, realizing he was in the kitchen, on one of the tables. His hands were tied behind his back, and a noose was around his neck.

"So, you're awake," a voice said. Falco began looking around.

"Who are you?" he asked. "What do you want with me?"

"You have family; you are family," the voice said. "You are cousin to Fox McCloud, I believe? You must pay for your blood."

"What the hell are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense!" Falco cried. "And how the hell do you know Fox's my cousin?"

"Goodbye," the voice said.

Before Falco could respond to this, the table beneath him collapsed. It took only one second…not even enough time to see his life flash before his eyes. The falcon humanoid known as Falco Lombardi was no more. There was a huge flash of lightning, followed by thunder as loud as an explosion.

When Zelda woke up at seven a.m., she felt something was wrong. She shook the thought off, what could possibly be wrong? She headed downstairs into the kitchen to start breakfast…

…Where she found a horrific surprise.

She let out a piercing scream.

One down, five to go…it shall be removed…from the face of this world. First the smashers, then the rest of the world…

But for now, five shall lose their lives another day…

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