Well, it's time for the final chapter. There shall be no diary entry, since Mewtwo's now dead. But remembering what Fox said, only a certain few knew of the Blood Links. The aftermath of Mewtwo's death, explanations, and a cliffy ending awaits!

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"Master Hand, I found it," Luigi said, his voice full of triumph. "This is everything we need."

"Let me see it," Master Hand said.

Luigi passed him the diary. He, the giant glove, Marth, Pichu, and, despite Peach's warnings, Link were in Mewtwo's room. After looking at it, he gave it back to the plumber to read.

"'My name is Mewtwo, and I am different. I was created to be the ultimate pokemon, born with technology and the DNA of the legendary Mew. It has been a year since I was first accepted into Super Smash Brothers Melee.

"'Although I enjoy this place, my fears overcome me…they kill me…all because of family. There is plenty of family here: Brothers, Cousins, Brother and Sister, even Father and Son…I would have to get rid of them…somehow…maybe then my fears won't strangle me every night. I will have to be…a killer…

"'It is finally time to put my plan in action…it is finally time for me to do what I wanted to do ever since I got here…Six smashers shall lose their lives…for something they can not control…but this thing they cannot control…it blinds me…it frightens me… I must make sure that it shall be destroyed. That is why these six must die…I shall start simple, and work my way up…he shouldn't be too hard…with a midnight surprise; he shall fall to a rope's demise… … …One down, five to go…it shall be removed…from the face of this world. First the smashers, then the rest of the world…But for now, five shall lose their lives another day…

"' Unavoidable of how loud that woman shrieks. Perhaps I shall go after her…instead of him…I shall wait until after this next one, however; I can't disturb the order…The order of Death… … …I was unable to get to them today…but I do not mind. Although they do not use what I fear against me…I will still see it destroyed. For now…once again, five shall die another day.

"' The time has finally come…five remain today…four shall remain tomorrow. May destroying my fears be the justification for these murders, and for all I shall do. But let my thoughts wander back to my mission… While in the garden he tends to map…his life shall end with a final snap… … …And thus another life has been taken. The blood links will unravel, completely…and I will be spared…I will be safe…I will be free…For now, four shall lose their lives another day…'

"It goes on and on," Luigi said. "Should I keep reading?"

"Go to the last entry," Master Hand said. Luigi nodded.

"'Luigi…and Dr. Mario…one of these two shall die. One lives today…none shall live tomorrow…or will it be so? There will be a killing, yes…however, it may not be Luigi's or Dr. Mario's…revenge gives the heart bad and good qualities alike…Yes…I might be writing my final entry…No rhymes shall be used this time…a fight in that great hall of grass will determine who shall die before today's end…whether it be them…or me…'"

"So, he was ready to die?" Link asked.

"Listen to this," Luigi replied, turning a few pages backwards. "'A lonely heart…how he must feel. My own heart seems to feel sorry for the poor green plumber…and the other five whose hearts have been torn…I now feel regret for these six…and it pains me…I know what I do is right…yet I know what I do is wrong…is this regret? Is this the true meaning of the heart? Fox…Pichu…Link…Young Link…Marth…Dr. Mario… …Luigi…'"

"It's such a shame," Link muttered. "If only he talked to us…"

"It's too late to do anything now," Marth said. "If anything, we should learn from this…"

"Indeed, and learn we shall," Master Hand said. "But first, it's finally time for everyone to learn why they feared Giga Bowser's release, and perhaps more."

After Peach, being Dr. Mario's nurse, managed to restore, Link, Young Link, Fox, and Dr. Mario, the infirmary being open once again, everyone was gathered in the meeting room, ready to hear what Master Hand had to tell them.

"Attention everyone, thank you for coming," the glove said, everyone nodding. "The murderer's identity was found, and thanks to Luigi, Marth, and Pichu, Mewtwo's days of killing are no more. Therefore, the infirmary and the arenas are open once again." Everyone clapped and cheered. "But before you all leave, I must tell you something very important. Popo, Peach, you two might have a good idea of what's going on, but to everyone else who doesn't have family here, you're probably wondering why we all should've been scared that Giga Bowser was going to come."

"Yeah!" Ganondorf said. "What's the big deal?"

"Giga Bowser, as you all know, is sealed away," Master Hand said. "These seals are special links I call Blood Links. They are called thus because only two people who share blood can make them. Giga Bowser's seal required six links; but we had seven total links: Mario and Luigi, Dr. Mario and Luigi, Link and Zelda, Young Link and Zelda, Fox and Falco, Marth and Roy, and Pikachu and Pichu. Using my best judgment, I decided that having the doctor hold a link would not be the best idea, so the others formed the links."

"So, the links are unraveled by killing off one of the two holders?" Mr. G&W asked.

"Correct," Master Hand said. "Although Mewtwo was killing everyone off because they were family, he was leading to the release of Giga Bowser."

"Which is why we weren't sent away," Samus said. "If we were…Giga Bowser would have a clear field…"

"But what if the doc and Luigi were in the Mushroom Kingdom?" Yoshi asked. "I mean, if they died there, it would be okay, right?"

"Not exactly," Master Hand replied. "Even in their home, if one of the two died, then Giga Bowser will still be freed anyway. You wouldn't know…until it was too late…"

"Ouch…" Yoshi muttered.

"But you forgot Popo and Nana," Ness said. "They can make a link too, right?"

"We can't, or rather, I can't," Popo said. "My sister Nana died of an illness a year and few months ago. When Master Hand came to pick us up, he only found me. After researching my sister, he made a clone of her."

"So, there's only one link holding GB in," Falcon, for the first time not drunk, said. "And we need to keep Luigi and Dr. Mario safe to assure the link remains, right?"

"Excatly," Master Hand said. "If Giga Bowser was to revive, who knows what would happen? With all twenty six, you barely managed to seal him away, with only twenty one of you now…even if you only lost five smashers…"

"Yeah, that's bad," Bowser said. "Espically since two of the departed are Zelda and Mewtwo, our strongest psychics. No offense Ness, but you're still just a kid."

"But enough of our solemn talk," Master Hand said. "We all know what to do, so let's take our mind off it for a little while. A doubles tournament will begin soon. Please pick your partners and prepare for battle!" Everyone arose with cheers and shoutings of "DIBS!" and walked off in pairs…

…All except for one person, who stared at Dr. Mario…the person's eyes never left the doc as he exited the room with Fox…thoughts processed through the person's brain…thoughts of failure…of biding time…

…and making sure the person's plans would not fail again…

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