Chapter 15 – Developing

The next morning Harry was in the commissary eating a large breakfast looking at his schedule.

Definitely not like Hogwarts.

He had 'Sorcery and the Arts of Magics' with Birmingham, 'Army Combat and Training' with Captain Jones, 'Nature, Apothecary and Potions' with either Patricia Jones (a member of the apothecary division), Max Robinson (head of the apothecary division) Harry hadn't met Max yet and also Gibbson would be taking some him for some of time. Harry scanned down the list he also got to have other sessions with Scott 'Weapons Specialist' and Harry was happy to see a session once in a while with Barry in the Air Division.

"Morning Birmingham."


"I've just been looking through the schedule you gave me yesterday. There's a lot."

"Yes. But doesn't it look interesting?" He was grinning again.

"Yeah, how long is this going to go on for?"

"Ooh, about 4 weeks maybe 5."

"4 weeks."

"I've got high hopes for you. The Brig too."

Harry was a little bit worried now.

"Don't be worried Harry, all this stuff we're showing you, is just building on what you already started, it'll be great and by the time you've finished well…You could have a career in UNIT."

"A career?"

"And I mean a long one."

"'Because…Most people have a short life expectancy?" Harry asked lightly

"No, most people can't take it all in, wizards even more so. It's the open minded ones who can understand it, but even then the culture shock hits them. It sort of crept up on me. But everyone else…"


"Let the adventure begin? Isn't that what they say?"

"Something like that Birmingham, something like that."

After the first five days Harry fell into a pattern, up at 6 am training either by himself or with Captain Jones, running through an exercise routine.

After 2 weeks Harry had learnt more than he had all of the previous year.

'Sorcery and the Arts of Magics' took up large blocks of the day where Harry would learn how to 'commune' with nature, to create spells, to write spells. How to do things that no wizard could do, he could take people out of normal time, to talk to them, freeze entire rooms with a wave of his hand or a simple command. He could channel energy, direct it, let it flow through him, without it harming him, in fact he benefited from it. The Power Trio as Harry had started thinking of the unforgivables as, he could survive them with a combination of his wings and the energy channelling. He could call on various gods and goddesses, these four in particular; Hecate (Goddess of Witchcraft), Athene (Virgin Goddess of Wisdom) she was helpful as long as you asked the right things the right way, Artemis (Virgin Goddess of the Hunt), and Odin (God of War and Magic). They could help him in a battle.

Harry knew most apothecary ingredients and where to find them, how they were used and could brew quite a few potions and the like off the top of his head.

Weapons Training was fun interesting and made Harry appreciate arrhythmic, so much so he was considering taking Arithmancy when he returned to Hogwarts. Whenever you tried to create a magic based weapon everything had to be carefully balanced out, a particular combination of spells potions and magical elements stopped the device from collapsing into a heap. Harry went through several pieces of wood hand carved before he created something which was small enough to carry without being slung over the shoulder and could fire two separate spells, a stunner and a killer, plus it could put up a spell big enough to protect the person firing. It still had some kinks, but Scott was amazed with it.

Harry had spent most other free moments in the Air Division with Shadow Blaze, he had decided to name the craft after his form. Raven seemed to respond well to her name; Harry seemed to bond with the craft. Which made him wonder why all the others were so cautious of her.

Harry got the original findings, research and designs off Barry after promising he wouldn't tell anyone. It was then that Harry started to work out why his craft responded so well to him. He came at it with an open mind not knowing it's origins, he imprinted on her. If they were to build others they couldn't be locked in a room, they needed to have interaction to be able to become what the pilots wanted them to be, which meant that each craft was slightly different. This was supposedly the ponderings of Liz Gibbson in her initial report.

It was at the end of the third week when Harry realised that the OWLS would have been sent, his probably to Remus. Thinking of Remus reminded him that the full moon was only 3 days away. Armed with this information he went to the Brig's office to make a request.

"Harry. How goes the training?"

"Brilliant, did Barry tell you about…"

"The craft, yours is called Shadow Blaze?"

"I wouldn't say mine…"

"But it does only like to respond to you."

"Yes. I came because I wanted to make a request Brigadier."

"Yes?" The Brig seemed open enough.

"I'd like to return to see Remus, just about my OWL scores so I can change my classes, and give him this." Harry held up the novella sized book which he had written in conjunction with Birmingham for Remus.

"Birmingham." The Birg pushed a button and Birmingham came in a few minutes later.

"Did Harry ask you about this?"

"Yes. I said ask you."

"Also could I take Shadow Blaze, I'd like to test her in the close quarters. I'm not going to go back to them, I want to finish my training. Brigadier, it's just…I don't want Remus to go through another transformation with the Wolf's Bane in his system. Plus I want to change my subjects."

"To what?" Birmingham seemed more animated.

"Drop Divination, pick up Arithmancy, and then just have Charms, Defence, Transfiguration and Potions."

"Just five?"

"I was hoping to be able to come back here sometimes, or maybe take Raven out for a spin on those days. So is it alright Brig?"

"Yes I think so, but you'll remain in radio contact. Have you been assigned a call sign?"

"I though Last-Raven would be good."

"Harry you have a go for tomorrow."

"Make sure you're back by dark and don't get into any fights you can't win."

Harry walked out of the room happy.

"Will he be alright Birmingham?"

"His training is more than half way, and he would be able to beat most wizards 9 times out of 10. If he encounters Dumbledore he'll most likely beat him."

The next day Harry was in Shadow Blaze, his sense wild and strong.

"Night Wolf, this is Last-Raven, entering greater London."

"Receiving you Last-Raven we will wait for comms from you, Night Wolf Out."

Harry wasn't quite sure where Grimmauld Place was from the air, so he relaxed his memories of the last trip there and let Shadow Blaze fly herself. Moments later they were hovering a couple of meters above some grass, it seemed he was in the back garden.

Harry wasn't too confident in his 'misting' abilities yet so he motioned Shadow Blazer to open the roof above him, as he changed into a raven and gliding down transforming behind a figure.

"Remus." Harry whispered.

"Yes?" Remus looked up and saw Harry, his eyes went wide.

"Harry, cub, I never thought you'd step in so quietly, quickly."

"Not the words I was expecting." Harry grinned. "You haven't been worried?"

"Worried, what after you did a disappearing act on us?" Harry had expected Remus to be angry, but he wasn't at all.

"I knew that you would need some time, and space after…and the other things, and it pissed off Dumbledore."

"Ah the old man. Lots of things to explain. But not here and not today is anyone else staying with you?"

"Moody and Tonks are. Dumbledore seemed to be on a bit of a rampage, Harry we stood up for you, took a stand. Cub. I'm very happy I'm your protector."

"And I too Remus." Harry pulled out the book he'd brought.

"What's this?"

"A gift, a friend of mine, also a lycanthrope told me some things, explained others. Just trust me, read the book and don't take the Wolf's Bane."

"But the Wolf's Bane…"

"I know, but trust me. Remus do you have my OWL results and subject choice sheet?"

"Yes it's out in the entrance."

As they walked in Remus tried to ask Harry what he'd been doing all this time.

"Remus I'll explain when I visit closer to the end of the holidays, then I'll explain everything, it's all a bit complicated right now. I hope you understand..." Harry smiled gently at Remus.

"Yes Harry, as someone who went walking like you have I understand all too well." Remus gave Harry the two envelopes.

Outstanding in all my subjects except Divination. Thats cool.

"What'd you get?"

"O's in everything except Divination." Harry opened the second letter, what Harry didn't know is Dumbledore had laced it with a certain alert spell, which alerted him to Harry's presence. It would take Dumbledore less than two minutes to arrive and force his way into Grimmauld Place.

"Harry, what subjects are you going to do?"

"Charms, Defence, Potions, Transfiguration and Arithmacy."

Remus looked puzzled "Why Potions I thought you hated Snape, and why Arithmancy it's not something you've liked before."

"Let's just say I've come to appreciate both."

"Well I must head off Remus, I have an inkling that someone may decide to arrive."

"You sure you can't stay longer cub?"

"No, but I will come back, I wanted you to know I'm safe. You after all my last connection to my parents. My last family." Harry was about to hug Remus when the door to Grimmauld Place was blown off it's hinges to reveal Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall.

"Harry my boy." Dumbledore walked in his eyes twinkling.

"Fuck." Dumbledore seemed unfazed by Harry's comment.

"I must ask you where you've been." Dumbledore started to walk down towards Harry.

"Dumbledore this is mine and Harry's house please leave."

"Lupin, let Dumbledore talk to Potter." Snape sneered as he walked in.

"Stop." Harry waved his had at the three approaching, they all seemed to just stop, although he could still feel Dumbledore trying to get into his mind, but kept hitting a shield, or wall.

"Tempus Halt." Harry flicked out one hand and grabbed Remus with the other.

"Harry. How?"

"They'll be stuck there for a bit, the time halt will hold them for a good 10 minutes. Hold onto my shoulder, lets go into the other room. It won't affect us in there."

"That was wandless magic?"


"Read the book Remus, trust me it will help. Keep an open mind." He hugged Remus and ran off into the darkness.

Remus looked around but the only sound he heard was a flap of wings and the crow of a bird.

"So he froze the room." Remus walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a carrot and walked to the edge of the adjoining room. He chucked it in, it seemed to go in and then freeze in the middle of the room in mid air. He was still holding Harry's class selection. He decided to wait this spell out, he'd have to get rid of Dumbledore and put some new wards up. Looking at the clock Remus decided to put the book Harry give him safely in the library where it wouldn't get damaged if…anything happened.

Once Remus returned it looked as though time was working it's way back up to full speed, the carrot was moving, and then it hid Albus in the chest. Remus could only giggle like a school girl at the Headmaster's face.

Remus stepped into the room looking from Albus to Snape.

"Remus. I noticed Harry was here…" Remus ignored Dumbledore and walked up to McGonagall.

"Minerva. Harry just dropped by for his Owl results, he also noted down the classes he wishes to take this year." He handed her a note.

"I think he had…time [Remus threw a look at Dumbledore] to write them down."

"Yes they're here."

"And what would Potter be taking this year. I don't fail to believe to that he would attain marks sufficient to attend my class."

"He is Severus."

Snape looked disgusted.

"So Albus what made you come here? I don't believe it is a social call. That was after all an extravagant entrance…" Remus was leaning against a wall, his wand in his hand behind his back.

"No reason Remus, I just found out that Harry had received his owl results and thought to come and congratulate him…" Albus starred smiling calmly at Remus.

"Really. And how…" Remus pulled the envelope out of his robes.

"Revealo." A set of wavy lines emanated from the envelope.

"Very low of you Albus. Intercepting his mail, then putting an alert charm on it. I'm surprised you didn't make it a port key."

"Remus I must insist you tell me where Harry is…important to the war, it is imperative to all, myself and everyone that he be…kept in a secure and safe location. He is helpless against Voldemort's forces."

"Dumbledore. Harry didn't say anything about anything, he came got his OWL results. Assured me he's been safe. And left. And might I mention, stopped you and froze the room. I think that proves a point that he is not helpless."

"Simple parlour tricks. Potter getting above himself. Obviously been stealing other people's tricks to impress you."

"Good Day headmaster, Minerva, Snape, if there isn't anything else, I'll lead you to what's left of the door." Remus still with a fixed grin on his face motioned the door, Minerva and Snape turned to go, Albus did not.

"Remus I must insist you allow me to use Grimmauld Place…"

"Insist? Don't know what Mrs Black would have to say about you insisting."

"It is still the safest place away given the situation at hand."

"And what would you do once you had him here? Stand by his side, protect him from everything. Train Him?"

"Of course Remus, why not?" The headmaster said honestly.

"Because you didn't for the first four years? Perhaps you kept returning him to his relatives, despite my continued offers to take Harry. I wonder Albus what was in Lilly and James' will that was so important not even their best friends could see it. Please leave."

"Remus, that information…"

"Mrs Black." Remus said in a low growl reminiscent of a wolf howl.

"Wo-Mr Lupin."

"Get Phinease and Peeves please, it seems we need get some infestation out of the house."

Mrs Black just cackled and disappeared.

"I didn't think it would come to this, infestation?" Albus was still twinkling.

"I was only talking about Snape. If there is nothing else, I'm sure Peeves will be here in a moment."

Snape and Minivera had already walked out at the mention of Peeves.

"There is one other…consideration Remus."


"Despite your…care for Harry and the animosity that has grown between us, I would like to offer you a position at Hogwarts. Your old post." Dumbledore muttered quickly.

"Really?" Remus was elated, however he didn't show it.

"Many of the parents were some what displeased with Professor Umbridge ands it was decided that you were the only Professor who hasn't tried to harm any of the student body."

"So the board have admitted they want me back. Gracious of them. I think I'll accept Albus."

Albus smiled grandfatherly and tried to walk back further into Grimmauld Place. Remus stood his ground.

"No Albus, I won't forget any of in that happened in each of our meetings. Trying to take Grimmauld for example."

Albus looked down sadly.

"There was something…"

"Something else?"

"I would like to make a request of you Remus, to hold a full order meeting here, as many of our operatives would not know of the change in circumstances…" Remus considered this, yes on one hand he didn't want to put anyone in danger, and yes the information might prevent him from ending up on a silver pike, but then Dumbledore did seem bent on controlling Harry, interfering chucking his weight around.

But then there was the question of how come Dumbledore knew about Sirius's will…It would be better to keep an eye on Dumbledore's machinations.

"As long as you tell me one thing…" He looked at the headmaster, there wasn't even an attempt as twinkling.

"Why did Harry not receive notice of Sirius's will?"

"Remus I hardly need to explain that dangerousness of owl post at this time."

"That's not an answer, and according to Phineas's sources the owl reached his house." Cornered. Now either Albus could admit it or say Harry's relatives house was known by Death Eaters.

Dumbledore sighed his shoulders slumping down.

"It did and Harry did not receive the letter. I was protecting him, Harry would have gone straight to Gringotts, it wasn't safe, given the events of the Department of Mysteries. He is viewed as a viable target for many death eaters, he is vital to m…our war."

"You keep talking about this war."

"The prophecy…"

"This prophecy must be pretty effing important to you to castrate Harry's existence."

"I did it for all of our sakes, Harry was better off at his relative's house."

"Albus, just stop talking. You can have your big meeting, when is it?"

"5 Days before the children return to Hogwarts."

"So be it. Leave now, or Phineas will set Peeves on you."

Albus nodded he regarded Phineas' painting for a moment and walked out.

Minerva smiled at him before leaving, Snape simply turned muttered something about 'All Potters and their friends are the same…' and left.

Remus sighed, swore and looked at the door.


"I trust you heard all of that Phineas?"



"From what I recall intercepting and holding a piece of official mail such as a will is a trial-able offence with at least 6 months in Azkaban." Phineas proclaimed.

Remus thought he sounded delighted.

"Something to keep on the back burner."

"Will you bring the fire down on him Lupin?"

"No, I'm sure Harry will come up with something interesting… Thank you Phineas, I respect your council." Remus had grown to grudgingly respect both the paintings, Mrs Black had almost stopped calling him wolf…

"Which reminds me…"

"Lupin?" Phineas said looking down.

"Talking to myself, just remembered I've got something to read…Good day Phineas, Mrs Black."

"Call me Ludmilla, Lupin." Came a small voice. Remus turned and gave a curt nod to the painting.