Magic and King Arthur

Hey everyone I like cross-overs pretty well so I decided to write one and I haven't seen one yet, but I thought it would be an interesting combination to mixed Charmed (tv) and King Arthur (film).


The two women sat down on the couch and Phoebe handed Paige the remote, "Your turn to pick the movie."

"Yea, now you know what it's going to be!" said Paige.

"Oh no not again." Groaned Phoebe.

"Yes again. I don't see how you can get tired of seeing them they are drop dead gorgeous!" said Paige.

"Before or after they decapitate the blue guys?" asked Phoebe.

"Both but you can act like you haven't spilled some bad guy guts in your life, you've been killing demons the last six years of your life." Said Paige, "Besides they are just acting."

"Yea but do you forget the incident where Wyatt had 'inherited' Excalibur?" asked Phoebe.

"So there is some truth to the legend big deal, it's pretty cool actually. Hey why isn't Piper here again?" asked Paige.

"Darrel and his wife wanted to go out on a double date thing and they took the kids to some dare care place down town." Said Phoebe.

"Ok. Ready for the total sexiness of King Arthur and his knights?"

"Yea I guess." Sighed Phoebe.

"Oh don't sound so excited you know you think Lancelot is a babe." Teased Paige.

"Yes I do have to admit that he is pretty sexy." Said Phoebe. "Ok then sit back and enjoy." Said Paige.

Paige pressed 'play' and the TV came on in a blinding white light. "What they heck is going on?" asked Phoebe covering her eyes.

"I don't know." Said Paige. The light stopped and when they uncovered their eyes there were two men in the living room. One man was mid height brown shaggy hair he was dirty and had blue tattoos and was wearing brown cloths and animal furs. The second man was taller wearing a white robe, was bald and was very clean cut.

"Ok…" said Paige staring at them.

Both men started chanting, "Phoebe…" started Paige.

The light flashed again brighter this time and it took the girls longer to recover. They found themselves in field with pockets of woods. More importantly though they found themselves surrounded.

"We sure aren't in San Francisco any more." Said Phoebe.

"Who are these guys?" asked Paige as the several blue men surrounded them.

"I don't know but I don't like the personal bubble invasion." Said Phoebe. The men walked closer to them and tried two reach out and touch them. Phoebe kicked the man's chest and held her fist by her face in a defensive stance. They tried to jump on the two women but Paige and Phoebe fought them with kicks and punches. Everyone that they seemed to knock down one or two seemed to come from the woods to help.

"Phoebe can we please use our powers now?" whispered Paige as they were surrounded again by the blue men again.

"We shouldn't show them unless we know where we are." Said Phoebe as they stood back to back.

"It won't matter where we are if we get killed." Said Paige as they started attacking them again. Paige and Phoebe were doing very well when seven men in armor ran out of the woods. Soon almost all of the blue men were dead or had run away. They all turned though when they saw a blue man holding a dagger to Phoebe's neck.

"Put away your weapons." Ordered the blue man.

"You don't have to." Said Phoebe.

"Quiet woman."

"I have a name." said Phoebe.

"I said quiet!" yelled the man pressing the dagger to her throat.

"Let the lady free and you can go." Said the armored man with a red cape.

"I'm not a damsel in distress here." Said Phoebe.

One of the men snorted, "Open your eyes then."

"You shouldn't have said that." Said Paige. Phoebe looked annoyed; she grabbed the dagger arm of the man who had her.

Phoebe flipped him over her, she stepped on the man's chest as she walked up to the man who snorted, "I am a big girl and…"

"Um Phoebe." said Paige trying to get her attention.

"I can take…"

"Um Phoebe…"

"…care of myself." Phoebe poked the man in the chest a couple of times as she finished with, "So you can just take back that little snort of yours you…holy cow your Lancelot…"

"I tried to tell you." Said Paige, "And there's Dagonate, Bors, Galahad, Gawain, Tristan and their leader Arthur."

"How?" asked Phoebe looking at the men.

"The elders and that creepy blue guy." Said Paige with a shrug.

"Oh man when we get home they are in for it." Said Phoebe standing next to Paige.

"Who are you?" asked Arthur.

"Phoebe and this is my sister Paige." Said Phoebe.

"I am sorry that we did not arrive sooner to help you." Said Arthur.

"They seem to be doing fine on their own." Said Gawain.

Arthur gave a small smile, "Where is your home perhaps we can take you there."

"Not really our home is too far away." Said Phoebe.

"Then we can take you to the fort." Said Arthur.

"Can you give us a minute." Said Paige pulling Phoebe.

"How long until we need to use our powers?" asked Paige.

"I don't know but I think we will be safe." Said Phoebe, "Come on they probably think we're crazy enough."

The two women walked back to the knights, "Ok we will come with you but we don't have a horse or anything." Said Paige.

"That's alright you can ride with Lancelot and Gawain." Said Arthur.

"Works for us." Said Phoebe.

Tristan and Bors came out of the woods with the horses. "You can ride with Lancelot." Whispered Paige.

"Fine with me." Said Phoebe hiding a grin.

Phoebe walked up to Lancelot and he held out an arm she took it and he pulled her into the saddle, "Comfortable?" he asked sliding an arm around her waist.

"Very." Smiled Phoebe, "But your arm goes any high or lower than where it is and you won't be."

Lancelot gave a small chuckle, "Alright." Gawain hadn't gotten on yet and he was patiently waiting for Paige to get on.

"Put one foot in the stirrup and one hand on the pommel and pull yourself up." Said Gawain.

"If I fall on my ass I'm blaming you." Said Paige following the instructions.

"I won't let you fall." Said Gawain with a grin.

"You better not." Muttered Paige pulling herself up. Gawain smiled and got in the saddle behind Paige, "See it's not so bad."

"Don't get cocky." Said Paige as Gawain turned the horse to the others. The group rode off in the direction of the wall.