Magic and King Arthur

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REVIEW: Gawain put his arms around Paige and held her close half listening for her response, "I've already told you, far away."


Phoebe smiled as she watched her daughter playing with the love of her life Lancelot. It had been almost four years since she and Paige had first been 'split' as Merlin had explained it to them and she was loving every moment of it. Phoebe laughed as she saw her and Lancelot's daughter named Pru attach herself to Lancelot's leg forcing the first knight to drag his leg along behind him. Lancelot had slipped into the role of father very easily and quickly hardly ever letting little Pru out of his sight. Pru had Lancelot wrapped around her little finger just like Phoebe did, "Pru let your father go and come eat dinner."

"Mother!" whinned Pru.

Phoebe hid the smirk she had learned from Lancelot and put her hands on her hips knowing the perfect line for both of them, "Then neither of you get dessert."

"Listen to your mother Pru." Demanded Lancelot picking his daughter up.

"Alright daddy." Phoebe smiled as she kissed Lancelot's cheek as he walked into the house.

"Mother do I get to visit Uncle Arthur tonight?" asked Pru.

"If you ever finish your dinner then you can." Said Phoebe. The child immediately began piling food into her mouth and before she had even finished chewing the little girl had run outside.

Phoebe went and stood at the door laughing, "Aren't you glad that Arthur and Gwenivere offered to keep an eye on Pru for the night?"

"Very." Said Lancelot putting his arms around her waist. Lancelot kissed Phoebe's neck Phoebe smiled and tilted her head away to give Lancelot more acess.

"I bet you haven't even finished dinner yet and here you are asking for dessert." Phoebe said with a smile.

Lancelot nipped her neck, "I can finish it later."

Phoebe smirked and turned around in Lancelot's arms, "And what if I don't want to?"

"It can wait." Said Lancelot kissing Phoebe against a wall.

Phoebe stuck out her bottom lip pouting, "But it'll be cold." Lancelot smirked and gently bit Phoebe's protruding lip following up with a kiss, "It can wait."

Phoebe put her arms around Lancelot's neck smiling, "If you insist."

&&&Next Morning&&&

Paige smiled it was quiet and she could feel Gawain's arm and leg draped lazily on her. Paige sighed it was a peaceful, quiet morning if fact it was beginning to get too quiet. Just as that thought entered Paige's head a baby could be heard crying and fussing. "Gawain your daughter is awake." Moaned Paige.

"You get her I'm sleeping." Answered Gawain.

"You're closer you go get her." Said Paige.

The baby crying grew louder, "She likes you more besides I cannot feed her."

"Gawain our daughter does not like me more she likes you much better. So much more that I seriously think the little munchkin thinks you breast feed her." Said Paige.

Gawain snorted, "I doubt that."

Paige sighed and started to get up but Gawain pulled her back down, "Fiona will fall back asleep stay in bed."

"As temping as that offer is I need to feed our daughter." Said Paige getting up. Paige wrapped most of herself in a blanket to keep warm and sat in a chair next to her daughter's crib. Paige held her daughter sitting back in the chair closing her eyes. Gawain could see Paige from where he lay and smiled. Paige looked so beautiful just sitting there. Gawain was still amazed by the fact that it was four years ago that he had first seen the spunky red head with pale skin fighting the Woads and she made his breath hitch then just as she did now, just by sitting there. Paige opened her eyes looking at Gawain smiling and life felt perfect. Gawain smiled back at Paige, he knew the heaven Arthur existed. Gawain knew because he was living in it.


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