Two Worlds Together

This chapter is just meant for talking about the characters and some background information of the story. This is an OC and I guess Mary Sue since all OCs sort of already classify as such even if people don't want to admit it.

The main girls are out at a costume party and come back to their friends house to find it destroyed, that is where the first chapter is going to pick up at is them coming home to a messy house.

Here are the major characters I have so far:

Belle: 18 years old. Dark brown hair resting on her shoulders. Emerald green eyes. She is gentle, kindly, optimistic, original, loyal and devoted, controlled, and diplomatic.

She isn't assertive or aggressive unless pushed to an extreme, she isn't one that enjoys the center of attention either and she isn't a very big risk taker either. Best friends with Scarlett and Kelley and younger sister of Sharon.

Scarlett: 19 years old. Black hair past her shoulders. Light brown eyes. She is stubborn, unyielding, bold, daring, pessimistic, confident, strong willed, gutsy, and outspoken.

She isn't very patient, cordial, conventional, talkative or cautious. Best friends with Kelley and Belle.

Kelley: 18 years old. Light brown hair mid back. Soft brown eyes. She is outgoing, jovial, persuasive, lighthearted and carefree, restless, high-spirited, and optimistic.

She isn't argumentative or confronting, shy, quiet, humble, or reserved. Best friends with Scarlett and Belle.

Sharron: 22 years old. Brownish blond hair to her shoulders. Light green eyes. She is playful, flirtatious, flexible, nonchalant, tolerant, convincing, and good natured.

She isn't usually fear-full, soft-spoken, pessimistic, or conventional. Older sister of Belle presently is on summer vacation from college up north but doesn't usually come home for the holidays.

Belle, Scarlett and Kelley are all dress up for a costume party. Belle is dressed up just like Belle is in the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' in the yellow ball gown, Scarlett is dressed as a pirate with an eye patch, and Kelley is wearing a white dress and white wings to be an angle.

I hope that this will help with any confusion that someone might have about the beginning and I hope that you all enjoy the story!