Two Worlds Together

Epilogue 6 Years Later

"Mama!" the dark haired girl called and ran to her mother. Lancelot smiled and slowly walked after his daughter through the field.

"How's my princess?" smiled Sharon hugging the six year old.

"Mama, when is the baby coming?" Sharon laughed and while she had a hand on her round stomach she kissed her daughter's forehead, "It could be anytime now."

"Is that why daddy said a bad word when you decided to come out here?"

"Oh dear what bad word did daddy say this time?" asked Sharon.

"The one Aunt Vanora kept calling Uncle Bors when she had her baby." Said the little girl smirking with her brown eyes glowing.

"Come on Ella, we need to get back to the fort." Said Lancelot picking up his daughter and putting her on his shoulders.


"What princess?" Lancelot asked helping Sharon to her feet.

"What does it mean if a boy thinks I'm pretty?"

"What who said that? What is his name? Where does he live? Whoever it is stay away from him, little boys like that are no good." Sharon started laughing.

"You're being silly Daddy I won't ever like any boy but you!" Ella hugged her father's head and kissed the side of his forehead.

"Don't ever forget it." Grumbled Lancelot trying to hide his smile.

Galahad came tearing over the fields running at full speed yelling, "Lancelot! Sharon!"

"Galahad what's wrong?" asked Sharon getting worried.

"Belle…having…baby…knocked….Tristan…out." panted Galahad. Sharon started waddling as fast as she could with her round stomach and they all headed to the fort. When they got to the room where Belle was having the baby Dag was sitting a passed out Tristan up in a chair and Belle was breathing heavily.

"The idiot should have ducked." Panted Belle.

"He didn't think you'd really throw the bowl at him though." Said Gawain.

"He has fast reflexes he should have ducked." Panted Belle.

"How is it going Belle?" asked Galahad smiling.

"How the HELL do you think?" screamed Belle.

"Well I think I should go tell Kelley what's going on." Said Galahad backing out of the room.


Galahad smiled at Kelley sleeping in their bed and went and stood over his son's cradle. He bent over and carefully cradled his three day old son and he started to talk to him, "You are going to grow up free and happy and loved. I'm going to be there for you whenever you need me and I'm going to teach you everything."

"Just remember that when he needs to learn to go potty." Said Kelley from the bed. Galahad smiled and came to lie down on the bed next to Kelley.

"How's Belle doing?"

"She's having the baby as we speak but she knocked Tristan out with a bowl." Kelley smiled, "It figures that she would. I just wish I could be there for her."

"I know that but you've just had a baby yourself you still need rest." Said Galahad.

"I still wish I could be there." Sighed Kelley. She looked down at her son smiling and played with his slight curls, "Christopher's going to have brown curly hair like his father."

"And he's going to be as sweet as his mother." Smiled Galahad kissing Kelley's forehead.

"He better be." Smiled Kelley. Christopher opened his eyes and looked up at his father. He studied Galahad for a few moments and then his cheeks and nose wrinkled up into a toothless smile.

Galahad looked at his son in utter shock then he looked over to Kelley, "He smiled at me."

Kelley laughed, "Most babies like to smile."

"But he smiled at me." Repeated Galahad in shock. Kelley could only smile and kiss Galahad and lay back in bed smiling at the two loving every second of it until she fell asleep smiling.


"Daddy!" a three year old girl with long blond hair ran and jumped into Gawain's arms.

"What's wrong Elizabeth?"

"Luke was chasing me." Pouted the little girl.

"Did you ask him to stop?" questioned Gawain.

"Yes and he was very mean."

"I'll talk to him if that makes you feel better." Sighed Gawain.

"Ok!" Elizabeth kissed her father's cheek and climbed down to skip around the palace.


A few hours passed and Belle had a bouncing baby girl and Tristan had just woken up. The other knights minus Galahad came through and came to say congratulations and see the new baby. Vanora finally ushered everyone out, "I'm proud of you lass." She kissed Belle's forehead and left the room.

Tristan came and stood next to the bed and looked down at the baby, "You can come closer she's not going to hurt you." Belle looked at Tristan who was studying every feature of the baby she held and Belle saw something in his eyes she'd never thought she would see, fear. Tristan shook himself out of his trance and left the room. A little later Vanora came back in and put the baby in her cradle so that Belle could get rest.

Belle didn't know how long she'd been asleep but she woke to a familiar accented voice whispering, "I will love you forever and always. I will never let anything or anyone harm you. You are my daughter and I love you."

"Make sure you have some love left over for me." Said Belle smiling weakly. Tristan walked to the bed with his daughter in his arms and sat by Belle on the edge of the bed.

"What do you want to name her? We could only agree on boy names, she's going to be difficult like her father she just had to be a girl." Smiled Belle.


"I like that name." said Belle.

"She's going to be as beautiful as her mother." Said Tristan as Karli closed her eyes.

"So she'll have plenty of men chasing after her."

"No." Belle laughed, "You can't hide her forever."

"I can try." Belle could only smile and kiss Tristan's cheek.


11 Years Later

Tristan & Belle Karli (11)

Lancelot & Sharon Ella (17) and Hannah (10)

Galahad & Kelley Christopher (11)

Gawain & Scarlett Elizabeth (14)

Arthur & Gwenivere Luke (15)

The new generation had saddled up their horses and rode out of the fort laughing together. The kids had their usual races and like almost every other time Karli and Luke won most of them. Karli and Luke were about to have a tie breaking race when Hannah pointed something out on the distant hill. "What is it?" asked Christopher.

"It's a woman." Said Ella watching the woman.

"I like that blue dress she's wearing." Said Elizabeth.

"It's more like midnight blue you just can't tell as well because of her blond hair." Said Hannah. Ella and Luke put their horses in front of the others being the oldest and putting themselves in charge keeping the younger ones behind them. The woman seemed to study them for a moment then descended the hill towards them.


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