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Stay Alone
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Hollow garnet eyes that see,
The shadows all around her
Spritis of the past and present
Spirits of the future
They dance a neverending dance,
Their figures writhing in pain,
In distress,
In fear as they die
For they all die in the end,
All of them condemned to death:
But not her
Never her
The guradian is eternal
The spirits are not
The sprits are mortal
All of them condemned to death
But her fate is much worse
The peace of death would come
Nothing less than a blessing
But it never will
She is immortal
The solitary Guardian of Time
The Garnet Guardian with
Her orb of life
Her orb of souls
Her hollow garnet eyes
Just like the orb
Just as pained as the spirits it she
But no release will come for her
Release will never come
For such is the fate of the guardian
To live a life of pain and solitude
To eternally stay alone