Hey everybody! I'm back and I have a new story idea. I know I haven't updated 'Second Chance II: Life Goes On', but don't worry I will, I just had writers block. lol So I'm going to go ahead and post this fanfic that I was writing while I was writing 'Second Chance'. So hope you like this one as well as 'Second Chance'. Read on!

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Life as he Lives It

Chapter One- 'Unshared Dreams'

(This is in Zack's point of view by the way. Like ALL of it. If something's in italics, then that's someone's thoughts, most likely Zack's.)

Bare with me here, the first couple of chapters is just Zack explaining some stuff. Don't worry it'll get better, but you have to read to know why Zack is acting like he is.

Do you ever feel like you're treated differently from other people? Whether you're the youngest of the family, oldest, middle child, new kid at school, girl, boy, short, too tall, too fat, geeky or whatever it may be? Well that's how I feel. I'm Zack and I'm treated differently from other people, especially my brother, Cody.

Cody and I are twins, but we're different. He's always looked at as the smart, caring, sensitive one and I have to be the athletic, talented, dumb one. Everyone expects me to be that. When I get a B on something everybody praises me, I don't like that. I like just getting a good grade and that's it. So I just get lower grades so everybody can just ignore it.

Doing sports is just something I do to get my mind off of everything else. It helps to get away from the hardest thing, life. It takes away some time at home.

Home, another thing. It's different now; it's an actual house, one with 2 stories at that. After two and a half years at the Tipton and mom finally got some money to buy an actual house, not a cheap apartment, a hotel room, Grandma's or the Tipton, a house, a home. But it feels more like a house than a home sometimes. Mom has a new boyfriend, Greg Booker. It's been about 2 months since they met and started dating and I'm tired of him already.

Another thing is my new room, it's all mine, Cody's next door. It's a huge change. I guess I'm just used to sharing a room with Cody. Even though I've had my own room for 3 months, I'm not used to not having Cody wake me up sometimes because of his bad dreams. I liked it when we talked at night, just us, even though Cody doesn't know it. I sleep all through the night most of the times now, I don't get those feelings that something's wrong anymore because those feelings came from Cody. And now he's in his room, away from me.

So basically, I get treated for who I'm supposed to be, not who I could and want to be, I want to be like Cody. I want people to expect me to get good grades, I want to be able to cry, to let everything out, to have friends that actually care about you more. I want to be more like Cody, my brother, my twin, my other half.

There you go! I'll post the second chapter TODAY! lol R&R And again don't forget it'll get better. More surprises and more friends. ALL IN ZACK'S POV

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