TITLE: Harry Cottontail
DISCLAIMER: Belongs to J.K. Rowling, etc. etc.
WARNINGS: You can read it as touching on a religious theme, although I don't.
SUMMARY: A drabble for yanks02; Snape keeps Harry after class to brew potions.

Harry Cottontail

"For detention, you'll be making several potions. Follow the directions on the blackboard."

Harry read them aloud. "Mix vinegar and water, add coloured tablet. What the—? Is that it?"

"Yes, Potter; ridiculously simple. Even a cretin of your calibre couldn't screw up."

Harry shrugged, baffled. He followed the instructions carefully. The first cauldron's liquid turned red. Yellow, then green, blue, orange and purple followed. "What next?"

"You put the eggs in, idiot."

"Oh. Whoops!"

"What now?"

"…I have a bunny tail."

"Good Lord. It's…almost…cute."

"I knew you wanted my tail!"

Snape sighed. "This could only happen to you, Potter."