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Chapter One: Meeting Her

Sam and Dean needed help. Their dad wasn't around and wouldn't answer his phone. They were traveling to Los Angeles, California in the 1967 black Impala, which John Winchester had given to Dean on his 16th birthday. They had no idea what the female hunter would be like. After all, she wasn't well known.

After 15 hours of steady driving, only stopping for bathroom breaks, drive-thru meals, and gas stops, they finally pulled up to the huge mansion of Ms. Melanie Turner. Dean pulled the Impala up to the camera and "buzz in" area. After stating what their purpose was and their names, they were allowed in.

Melanie Turner greeted them at the door.

"Hey yall. My name's Mel Turner. You called and said it was about hunting. I got a couple of questions to ask about that but let's wait until we get inside, and get some beers."

"Well, that's good enough for me," said the almost cheering Dean.

They were shown to their rooms and then taken by the butler to the billiard room, where they would be playing pool and discussing the various things they needed to discuss.

"Okay. So what's the deal with you boys hunting? Most people don't hunt unless theirs a story behind it," Mel said.

Dean started off, "When I was 4 and Sam was exactly 6 months old, this demon came in our house, stuck our mom up on the ceiling, and killed her, also setting the house on fire. We got out and ever since then our dad's been hunting and when we were old enough, so did we."

"Then about 18 months ago, my girlfriend, Jess, had the same thing happen. Only, not above a crib of a 6 month year old," stated Sam.

"Thanks for summing it all up for me. Okay, so why do you need my help?"

"We heard something bad happened to you and you were a hunter too."

"You heard about that, huh?" asked Mel hopefully.

Sam replied, "We heard something bad happened to you. We didn't hear what had exactly happened to you. Can you please tell us? It's better to get things out in the open."

"Thanks Dr. Phil. Okay I'll tell you but don't go awww, how sad. Cause that's the thing that gets on my nerves a lot."

"We won't we promise," Dean assured.

"Okay here's the story. I never knew my real parents. Well, I did for like... a day. I was in the hospital. Nothin had happened to me. I was just, born. I was in, like, the nursing area. Where all the babies are when they arent with the mother or father. Some creep demon took me and put me on the streets. Why would the demon take me and put me on the streets, you ask. Why didn't it just kill me? I don't know, but--"

"Wait a minute, how do you know it was a demon?" Dean interuptted.

"I know because--"

"Dean... It's not nice to interupt. she was about to tell us." Sam interrupted without meaning to.

"Okay, guys. Shut up so i can tell you. Anyway, I don't know why it didn't just kill me. But when i was 14 years old, social services told me where my family lived. I went there the next day and it was a wreck. You could soooo tell there had been a fire. The front door was unlocked so i went in. no body was there. Then i went back to the orphanage after i had looked around a little bit. When i was back in the orphanage lying on the bed... I had a sort of premonition. I saw this little boy in a crib and who i'm guessing was the mother on the ceiling caught onfire.

"Then, who i'm guessing was the father burst in there and took the baby out of the crib. He gave him to his brother and i dont know whether they made it out alive. All i know is that the house had kind of an explosion and since then i've been a hunter."


What do the boys say? Find out tomorrow.