Summary: He's a prince, she's a princess, he's cold, she's warm, he's bad, and she's good. Their basically complete opposites but what happens if they meet and fall in love? Especially when their families have been feuding for the past 100 years? Can they over come the obstacles placed in front of them or will they fail and fall apart?


Sasuke/Sakura Inner Self

Chapter One: Midnight Visit

She sat there, in the dark, as cold as ever. You could see her figure clearly shivering. Her breathe could easily be seen when she in and ex haled. Her life was falling at such a fast rate. So many things had happen before and now this. How could this happen to her? How? She was supposedly one of the strongest there was but here she was in a jail cell, in her enemies' castle.

Her and her friends had been captured the moment they had stepped foot into their land, yes she knew that her family had been feuding with theirs for over a hundred years but she didn't think they would immediately put her in jail for just walking into their land? What kind of people were they? A sudden creak drew her attention back to reality as she looked at the door to the dungeon that had creaked open and she looked at who had come.

She squinted her eyes, looking for the person, but it was of no use, it was too dark to see anything. She sighed and gave up trying to see them and rested her head against the hard stonewall behind her. The chains around her ankles and wrists were starting to annoy her to no end, not to mention they were tight and hurt like hell.

Yeah, she was chained to a wall, her enemy took no chance, they obviously didn't want her to escape. She heard silent footsteps against the floor and knew the person was near her although she still saw nothing.

That is until she felt the chains around her ankles and wrist loosen. She looked up and saw dark red eyes with black swirls staring at her. She gasped as she looked into them. "Come with me." She heard a rough male voice tell her, as she felt a hand wrap itself against her wrist.

She didn't dare try to struggle for she knew she was in no position to. She followed the stranger up the cold, stone steps to the dungeon door. The stranger opened it, quietly making his way out of the dungeon, with her following closely behind for he had yet to let go of her wrist.

They must have made millions of turns, climbed hundreds of steps and snuck passed thousand of guards before finally making it to their destination. The stranger stopped and pushed open the door, revealing a huge master bedroom. There was a king sized bed, a dresser with a mirror that held all kinds of men's cologne brushes and things like that.

There were also two doors, one on each side of the room. Weapons hung all around the walls, decorating them. There was a fireplace on each side of the room, next to the bed after the doors. They were all made of black stone, fresh wood was piled up in a stand next to them. Torches lit some of the room up, as did a candle lamp on the dresser.

The stranger pulled her to the bed, as he walked over to the lamp. He made it brighter but it was not bright enough to see the man's face. He than went with one of the lit torches and lit all the other ones up as well as started a fire in each of the fireplaces.

His back was facing her so she had yet to see the man's face. All she knew was that he had raven-hair in spikes and had a nice built from the way the shirt was clinging to his body. The stranger finally turned to her, a smirk upon his face.

She recognized it instantly. "Prince Sasuke." She mumbled as she saw his face. His smirk widened as he sat down next to her on the bed.

"Yes? And if I am correct you are Princess Sakura Haruno?" He asked her, as he stared into her jade eyes.

"Yes, I am. What do you want? Why am I here?" She asked him shifting uncomfortable as he gazed at her.

"Do you wish to still be back in the dungeon?" She shook her head immediacy she hated that place.

"Than don't complain." He told her coldly.

She looked at him and sighed. She wouldn't have been in this mess if not for the fact that their families have been feuding for over the past 100 years and she just happened to walk into their territory with her friends not thinking they would do anything.

But she was in their castle probably ready to be hung. Her life was so messed up that it wasn't even funny. First her parents tell her the one thing she never wanted to hear and now the enemy captures her and her friends. Can anything else go wrong?

"Why did you come here?" Sasuke asked her all of a sudden. She looked at him with confusion. Why did she come here? Why would he care?

"Why do you care?" She asked him, it wasn't in a cold tone or anything, and it sounded more of curious tone.

Sasuke was a bit shocked at first but didn't show it. No one ever dared to talk back to him. It was a first. He smirked at her. This girl was different than the ones he had met. It didn't matter that she was a princess either, for he had met plenty of other princesses and they hadn't talked back to him.

Not to mention she didn't fall at his feet like the others. He was very interested about her now. Not to mention he was starting to like her. He had been watching her for some time now, for she had been in the castle for about a month now.

"I don't know. Just answer the question." Sasuke told her, his voice no longer cold, just normal and she stared at him.

"Umm…well I came here to get stronger." Sakura answered him.

"Why? Aren't you strong already? Why don't you train in your own country?" Sasuke asked her, and she looked away her eyes starting to fill with tears. Sasuke saw this and became confused, why was she crying?

"I left my country two years ago and haven't been there since. And no I'm not strong enough, not yet." Sakura told him, wiping away the falling tears.

"Why did you leave your country?"

"Why are you asking me so many questions?" She asked him, becoming annoyed. She didn't like answering all these question.

Sasuke shrugged, not really knowing why. "Because I wanted to." He replied.

"Why did you bring me here? I'm a prisoner, I'm not suppose to leave the dungeon." Sakura asked him. Why did he help her? She was confused about that. Their parents were mortal enemies and here he is talking to her, as if they were friends.

"I don't care. I'm the Prince. I do as I please. And if I want to take you to my room than I sure as hell am. Nothing can stop me from getting what I want." Sasuke answered her, moving closer to her on the bed.

Sakura was surprise by his answer. She never expected an actual answer, she expected him to just say shut up or it's none of your business. She eyed him as he shifted closer to her, it wasn't bothering her for some reason, actually it was the complete opposite. It was as if she wanted him closer to him. This feeling confused her but she shrugged it off, not caring right now.

"Oh, and why would you want me here in your room?" She asked him quietly and he smirked once again.

His mouth moved to her ear and he softly replied, "Because you interest me to no end."

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