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Chapter 4 - The Blacks united

Regulus' Point of View

The thin body shivered as a blood-curdling scream rent the air. The scream sounded forced, ripped from an unyielding throat, and the man screamed with the tortured soul. He knew, had known since the first sounds were heard above him. This was his brother, this was Sirius…

As the body was thrust into the same cell as him, the shadowy, thin figure smiled once, and Nemo, the nameless, slept, with a smile on his emaciated lips, and dreamt of a time when he, Regulus Black, had been free. He and his brother stood, shoulder-to-shoulder, looking down at the small, marble cherub that marked their brothers grave. A wind stirred their hair, and just as quickly was gone again. The grave itself shone as a beacon of light in the darkness.

When he woke up, it was to lock eyes with the person he least expected. Sirius? He wondered for a split second, before an impossible realisation stole up on him. It wasn't Sirius, it couldn't have been. While all three Black Brothers had looked alike, there were slight differences in the eye colour. His own were a blue grey, and Sirius' had been a stormy grey. However, the eyes he found himself staring into were silvery. Casanova, that was the only explanation, except that, surely, he lay metres below the earth, dead, as he had been for over twenty years.

He tried to scream, to verbally deny this, whoever it was, whatever it was, access to his fragile world, even as light encompassed him for the first time in years. The woman holding the wand dropped it involuntarily, as she rushed over to the man and hugged him, before slipping something from her pocket, and placing it in Casanova's hand.

He vanished, but not before the woman had a chance to glance at him. That was all, a glance. It was clear she did not recognise him, however, as she nodded, turned on her heel and vanished, leaving Regulus in darkness once more.

The next sound he was aware of was that of explosions, seemingly coming from the other side of the cell. Moments later, and another familiar shape strode through the door, as if it wasn't there, which, indeed, he feebly realised it wasn't.

As he was gathered into a hug by the man, the woman from earlier also stole in. A few seconds later, and a pack of Deatheaters, Lucius Malfoy at the fore, burst into the room, alerted by the explosions. They were just in time to see the three vanish.