Can You Feel It, Too?

Summary: Takao x Kai Mentions of other gay pairs From fear of being labelled 'gay' to supernatural creatures intent on destroying their lives… life isn't all normal and happy for Kai and Takao. But it is only the difficulties which teach that when things are bleak, rely on your heart – and you will know what you ought to do.


I have no rights whatsoever to the copyrights of Beyblade/Beyblade V-Force/Beyblade G-Revolution. The characters recognized from the anime were created by Aoki Takao-san. No infringement is intended by this story.

Can You Feel It, Too?

Chapter One

A World Centred Around You

"Hiya, Kai!"

Kai groaned as Takao grinned widely at him.

"It's you again," he said, the exasperation and annoyance evident in his voice.

Takao nodded as he closed the door behind him. "How're you doing?"

"Just as I was an hour ago, Kinomiya. Honestly, if you were going to come back here, you shouldn't have asked me to take you to the dojo from school. You are so irritating."

"Hey, I had to get my homework done, right? I have a History test tomorrow," replied Takao, as he followed Kai into the kitchen. "Mmmm… lasagne! Wow! I didn't know you could cook Italian food. Mmmm… I might just move in here – ha, ha, ha… Oooh… isn't this the white wine from last week… ouch! Owww… Kai!"

"Don't touch anything! PUT DOWN THE CHEESE! How many times have I told you not to mess with the stuff in my kitchen?"

"Hey, I just wanted to taste that wine again."

"It is for the dinner," said Kai, as he adjusted the oven settings.

"Lasagne and wine? I'm staying for dinner!"

"No, you are going back before nine so that I don't have to drop you off."

"We can dine before nine."


"Awww… come on, Kai."

Kai took off his apron and the head band he used to push back his bangs while cooking. "No."

"Don't be harsh to the guy, Kai. The brat probably needs all the extra food to build up his muscles."

Takao was slightly startled as he hadn't noticed Yuriy in the sitting-room when he had followed Kai to the kitchen.

"Hey, Yuriy! When did you get here?"

"Well, as soon as I got to know about…"

"Shut up."

Kai picked up a couple of magazines from the coffee-table and went into his room. A moment later there was the unmistakable click of the door being locked.

Takao stared perplexedly at the closed door of his bedroom for a few moments before turning to Yuriy.

"What's up with him? What did you get to know?"

Yuriy switched on the television and fixed his eyes on the screen. "I think you'd better ask him."

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"If he hasn't told you already, Takao… yes, it's best if he tells it to you himself."

"Tells me what?" demanded Takao, standing in front of the TV.

"Aren't you listening? Go and ask Kai. Stop bothering me."

Takao was torn between wringing the whole thing out of the redhead and barging into Kai's bedroom. He knew how Kai got when someone broke into his bedroom when the door was locked. A locked door, Kai had said, strictly means don't you fucking disturb me.

"Would you mind moving, Takao?"

His mind made up, Takao complied and went towards Kai's bedroom. He chewed on his lower lip, wondering if he just won't make Kai madder by doing this… oh well… it could not be helped.

"Hey Kai!" he yelled as loud as he could (which wasn't a very loveable decibel), "I want to talk to you!"

Knockknock, knock, knock, knock, Bang, Bang. Bang, BANG, BANG, BANG


It wasn't a very good idea, thought Takao as Kai glowered down at him. It was times like these Takao really, really hated the fact that Kai had grown up to be a good four inches taller than him.

"Get lost, Kinomiya… it hasn't been the best day of my life and I don't need you pestering me on top of everything else."

"But, Kai…"


Takao clenched his fists as he looked up at the older guy. "I am worried, you know… about you. What's going on? Something's bothering you… and I… I can't see you troubled like this. Kai, I…"

His shoulders slumped in defeat but he kept gazing into Kai's crimson eyes. He wished he could tell Kai how much he meant to him, especially after Rei had moved back to China and Max had gone to America. Kai had remained behind in the Bay City. They attended the same high school. Kyouju and Hiromi were there, too, but ever since they had started dating, Takao had distanced himself from them because he had increasingly felt like a third wheel. Daichi was there but… while he was fun to hang out with he just wasn't the same as Kai, more so because Takao had to constantly look out for him. No one could be the same as Kai, though. No one… Kai had remained behind – with him. No, Kai had stayed behind for him. Takao clearly remembered that evening…


"I'll miss you guys so much!" said the Beyblade World Champion, hugging himself as he finally gave vent to his tears. "It's not fair… not fair… not fair…"

He sat leaning against a tree in the empty park, the darkness of the no moon night providing him with the required cover.

However, the one who had been looking for him found him easily enough. In Kai's opinion, Takao was very predictable. To save himself the embarrassment if someone walked into the room while he sat crying, he had come here, to the park – where not just Gramps, Daichi or Kai but anyone could notice him crying. Stupid, really.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this! I had never thought of it like this!"


Startled out of his crying, Takao looked up. He was relieved to find that it was only Kai. Even now, when he was over sixteen, he felt no embarrassment in giving way to his emotions in front of Kai. Kai was comfortable… the guys would probably think he was bonkers for feeling like this… Kai? Comfortable? But there was no denying the fact that Takao felt that way.

"I thought… I thought that Bladebreakers would be together… I was so happy…"

"You know what your problem is?" asked Kai, sitting down near him. "You are always lost in your happy little world… so much so that you have grown pretty selfish."

"Selfish!" Takao's misery slowly melted into fury. "What do you mean 'selfish', you… you… you cold-hearted oaf!"

Kai rolled his eyes. Trust the boy to insult like a nine-year-old. "You always think that the world should go the way you want it to – no matter what others feel like," he said, leaning against the trunk of the tree and looking up at the starry sky.

"NO, I DON'T!"

"Then why are you crying?"

Takao glared at the indifferent visage of his training partner. Sometime later, he looked down, mumbling incoherently.

"What was that?" asked Kai, hints of a smirk playing around his thin lips.

"I said… sorry. Maybe you're right."

Kai turned and moved closer to Takao. However, the younger boy was so lost in guilt over the newfound revelation that he did not notice the somewhat uncharacteristic role of 'comforter' Kai was beginning to play.

Not that it was easy for Kai. "It's okay, you know… to be selfish… to want things to be perfect… it's not your fault. But… but sometimes, you just have to let go – trust things to work out on their own…"

"I'm so selfish."


"I… I didn't mean to…"

Kai brought a glove-covered hand to rest on the nape of Takao's neck, gently pushing away the thick ponytail. The latter turned up weary brown eyes towards him.

"Forget it. I didn't mean it all that seriously. Just let go. It isn't as if you are never going to meet them again."

Takao gave him a weak smile. "You're right."

"Moreover…," Kai removed his hand and looked away. "It's not much but… I'm here… I'm going to buy my own apartment and… I'll… I'll be here…"

Tingly sparks went up his fingers and down his spine as Takao caught his hand in his own. "That's a lot, Kai. I can never thank you enough for being here with me. I just… didn't want to be separated from my friends so soon, you know."


"And I think… and I think I could have gone on without anyone by my side, actually… except… well, if only you were there, you know… you are my important friend, Kai. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have you here."

A slight pressure of hand was his only reply, but Takao was satisfied. He lay down with his head on Kai's lap. The 'ice prince' had grown surprisingly accepting of his little gestures. It was almost as if he relished them as much as Takao did. But Takao felt that it was only his imagination. Of course, he was Kai's best friend – or so he was determined to think – and after all that they had been through together, it was hard for Kai to remain cold towards him. Kai now let the seemingly perpetual ice around him thaw out little by little. Takao liked to think that he had a role in it.

"What about everything back in Russia?"

Kai looked down at Takao's face. His eyes were closed and his face looked considerably calmer. Kai knew that he'd soon fall asleep. He hadn't slept well the past few days and had been competing to break Kai's record in grouchiness.

"I don't know, to be honest. But it can wait. I'd much prefer to remain here." Kai glanced at his palm for a moment before placing it on Takao's forehead. "For you."

A small smile was his only response and soon, as he had thought, Takao's light snores were the only sound to ward off the silence in the park.


"I'm sorry," said Takao.

"Doesn't matter," said Kai, running impatient fingers through his hair. "Let's eat."

"Hey, it's hardly seven-thirty. Don't you like dining real late?" asked Takao, glad that things were back to being comfortable between them.

"And then have you pester me to cook you lasagne tomorrow? No way!"

Takao grinned. "You're so mean!"

"Why do you have to leave at nine, anyway?" asked Yuriy, as he helped Takao lay the table. "I mean it's not as if you are a toddler now, are you? If he can allow you underage drinking…"

"And driving," put in Takao, immediately regretting it as Kai shot him a nasty glare.

Yuriy smiled and briefly glanced at Kai, raising a thin brow. "And driving… surely the guy must trust you to find your way home."

"The bus to his place leaves off at nine and the next one isn't until three hours later. I couldn't possibly suffer his presence until then."

"No?" said Takao, pretending to be deeply hurt and putting his hand on his chest, "And here I was thinking you loved me so much, oh-ever-so-generous-one."

Kai froze for only a moment before throwing the bunch of napkins at Takao's head, who was laughing. "You're impossible."

Yuriy had retired to the guestroom with a book as Takao said he'd help Kai with the dishes. Kai had built up an impressive collection of books and it now lined the major part of the sitting-room along with a large collection of CDs. Curiously enough, the continuous arrangement of the CDs broke in places for some peculiar oddity which was most unlike the suave ivory and peach of the room – like the glaring yellow and red vase of flowers (right now, the flowers were dry), a fuchsia teddy-bear photo frame with a picture of Bladebreakers planted in the heart-shaped stomach of the bear, something red and gold which could have been a bell, a fish or a panda and so on.

It was because some sections of the stack were almost always missing as Takao usually borrowed them – in the beginning, he used to ask Kai before touching any of them but a few weeks later, Kai's apartment had become his second home and irritated by the constant questions of "Can I borrow this? And what about this? And this? And this? And this?", Kai had told him to take whatever he wanted as long as he spared his ears – and yeah, returned it in a week. Once, when Kai had complained as to how Takao disrupted the symmetry of things, the latter had started spending all his pocket-money on getting curios to make it look 'symmetrical'. It hadn't helped at all – it had a rather contrary effect, actually – but Kai treasured them and although the décor was rather… unattractive, for Kai, it was simply beautiful.

"I almost forgot," said Takao, suddenly stopping in the middle of washing the dishes. Flinging off his wet gloves – Kai huffed in exasperation as he picked them up – Takao ran to the small room before the sitting room which had the shoe rack and stand for coats.

"Here," he said, as he returned, a tiny maroon box in his hand, "I got something for you."

"Thanks," replied Kai, "but next time, remember that you can wait until after you finish doing the dishes to run off. You almost broke that dish and the floor is all wet now. The least…"

"Oh, Kai! Just open the box! Go on!" encouraged Takao eagerly, tapping the box which Kai now held in his hand.

"Wait a minute… I'll take off the gloves or I'll spoil whatever there is in it."

"You're taking so long!" said Takao impatiently, as he hastily wiped his moist hands on his jeans, took back the box and opened it.

"I thought I'd get something for the coffee table as I broke that statuette last week. But I saw this thing and since there was only one of it because its pair had been stolen, I got it at a lucky price. Go on… put it on."

Kai dried his hands and gently picked up the ear-stud – an intricately designed gold dragon in profile with the tiniest of rubies for its eye and a bit larger sapphire at the end of its tail. It was no larger than his thumb nail but the details were truly admirable.

"It's got red eyes so it reminded me of you… Plus, you've had that blue stud on for ages and I thought it would be a cool change… And if you miss the blue of your old one, then there's this sapphire… And the dragon looks as if it's breathing fire… And if you look from this angle, it could almost pass for Dragoon… I wondered if they had a phoenix but they didn't. But hey, this just shows team-spirit or something, right? And look… the tail…"


Kai caught Takao's hand which hovered over the ear-stud his palm.

"Thanks and yeah, I like it. And no, I don't mind that it is a dragon and not a phoenix – as if I'd ever! And even if it didn't pass for being Dragoon, I'd love it."

Takao smiled sheepishly. "I was just so worried you won't like it."

"You didn't have to be – you never have to be," said Kai, more to himself than Takao.


"Never mind."

"Oh well. Here, let me get that for you."

Takao stepped closer to Kai and leaned over to unfasten the blue stud from his left ear. Kai closed his eyes, relishing the proximity. Takao's warm breath tickled his neck. He just had to turn a bit and bend his head a little and…

"Okay, give that to me now!"

Kai opened his eyes and gave the tiny Dragoon-look-alike (at least from one angle) to Takao. This time Takao moved to Kai's side to get a better view of his ear. His soft fingers impatiently pushed away the dual-coloured strands. Kai bit his lip as Takao missed aim while pushing the sharp needle of the stud and his ears stung with pain. It wasn't hard to resist his first impulse of hitting the careless boy as Takao's fingers touched his reddened skin soothingly.

"Oops… sorry there. But I've got it now. Ummm… yeah, is it okay?"

Kai tentatively touched his new jewellery, checking if it was properly fastened in place.

"You look better in this one!" declared Takao.

"It makes no difference," said Kai, turning back to his work.

"Yes, it does."

"My hair is falling over it, you idiot. It's probably invisible."

"It's shining," insisted Takao as he put on his gloves. "You're just being ungrateful and mean!"

"Hn. Just get on with the dishes, will you? And if you break any this time… God help you!"

Kai worked part-time at a restaurant (and so his improved culinary skills) and at the local library. Not that he really required all the money as he practically owned Bio-Volt and his 'allowance' had been enough to allow him to buy a car the day he turned eighteen. He'd been planning it for some time. Once he had the car, he regularly drove to the dojo early morning. Most days began with him pulling the late sleeper out of the futon and dragging him to Beyblade until it was time for breakfast. Then he drove both of them to school. He was one of the few twelfth graders who drove to school.

Takao had begged, pleaded, annoyed and generally pestered him until he taught him to drive. It was still a year and few months before Takao would be officially able to obtain a driving license. Kai, despite his continuous disapproving remarks when Takao sat behind the wheel, had found him to be a pretty good driver. A few times, he'd even let him drive in the city after making him swear on Dragoon and food that he would lay off his loudmouth tendencies so that he won't end up in jail.

"Thanks again for the dinner, Kai! It was really, really great!" yelled Takao as he put on his coat. Kai had gone to Yuriy's room and since it was just five minutes to nine, Takao decided he couldn't wait any longer.

He had opened the door and was about to go out when he heard Kai call out, "Takao! Wait!"

"Yeah?" he asked, adjusting his cap.

"You could come with me," said Kai, not meeting his eye. "I was going out anyway," he added, just a moment too late to not be a lie.

"You wanna talk?" asked Takao immediately. He'd learnt to read Kai better than most. He was sure that this was about… well, whatever he wasn't going to tell him before.

Kai put on his shades. "You forgot your gloves on the dining table. Make it quick."


Takao could never understand why Kai always wanted to drive with his shades on. Takao himself found shades pretty uncomfortable and most of the time he kept wondering if he was ever able to see anything on the road with those things on. Actually, it always made him nervous when he couldn't see Kai's eyes. Kai's body language was always so stiff, yelling 'keep-the-hell-away-from-me' that Takao could never tell what he was thinking or what sort of mood he was in unless he looked at him – into his eyes. Just one glance at those shiny crimson eyes was enough to reveal Kai to him. But with the shades on… It definitely put Takao at a disadvantage when he was with Kai and he didn't like it one bit. There had to be some sort of law against this!

Kai hadn't denied that he wanted to talk so he probably did want to talk. But until now, he had shown no signs of exercising his vocal cords for even a sigh. Takao had waited for some time before turning on the CD player to break the tense silence. Kai never allowed rock songs while driving, claiming that they were way too distracting. And the slow melodies made Takao sleepy. He had almost fallen asleep against the window screen when the car came to a halt. He woke up instinctively and yawned widely.

"Home already?" he said, rubbing his eyes, and reflexively reaching out for his backpack. Those two words had almost become sine qua non before he got out. Kai rarely replied to his loud "Goodbye – see you soon!" But he did answer that question every late afternoon with a dry "Obviously". Takao took it as Kai's particular way of saying "Goodbye".

However, soon the darkness outside reminded him that he hadn't just returned from school.

Plus, the dojo was nowhere in sight.

Kai took off his shades and slid them on the button-lining of his half-unbuttoned shirt. Takao followed the movement and until Kai turned to get out of the car, his eyes were fixed on the tank-top he wore underneath. Since when did Kai start wearing shiny tank-tops? No wonder he almost always wore long-sleeved shirts over them now. Weird, thought Takao, how come I missed the glaze until now? I swear I've seen him wear that tank top before.

"So – up for a round of Beyblading, Kinomiya?"

Takao's hand closed around his Beyblade which was his constant companion residing in the pocket of his coat as he looked at the neon blue sign of "Beyblade Training Block 4" on the building which definitely had the 'newly-built' look about it.

He grinned. "Anytime. Anywhere."


Kai had led him in through an 'unofficial' entrance and straight into a training-room so that they were able to avoid the unnecessary bedlam their presence undoubtedly caused among Bladers. He informed Takao that he came down here once a while to practice alone. He'd grown pretty bored and decided to introduce Takao to his 'secret hideout'. Takao was ecstatic.

However, all his joyful thoughts dissipated once the match grew intense.

Kai's never this good in the morning… must be something to do with the fact that it's his haunt, he thought as he summoned his bit-beast. He had never done that so fast into a match in a long time.

Has Dranzer grown extra powerful? He thought confusedly as his blade was almost thrown out of the dish. Focus, Takao!

Kai was merciless. Takao had been concentrating only and only on his defence for two full minutes now. And Dranzer was just becoming faster and more unpredictable. When did Kai learn all these new moves? Why didn't he play like this in the morning today?

"Focus, Kinomiya!" he heard his former captain yell from the other side. "Come on! You can give me a better fight than this!"

For once, Takao had nothing to say. Dragoon wobbled dangerously on the edge of the dish before quickly managing to snatch its survival. But it wasn't for long as Dranzer clashed into it with frenzying intensity and Takao could only watch in desperation as his blade flew clearly out of the dish and rolled to stop just a yard away from him.

Takao didn't go to pick it up immediately. He was only staring at it with unseeing eyes, confused… angry… Only he didn't know whether he was angry at himself or Kai. Kai had obviously been doing some major secret training and had not even let on the fact. In fact, hadn't Takao defeated him thrice earlier today? He couldn't possibly have learnt new techniques in such a short space of time. Hell! Takao had been with him for almost the whole day and he knew that Kai hadn't touched his blade until now.

"You weren't any fun, Kinomiya."

Kai's voice snapped him out of his stupor. He went over to retrieve his blade.

"Let's try again. Re-match, okay?"

"Why?" Fury was boldly imprinted all over Takao's face. "So that you can show me again how crappy I've gotten at it?"

"You haven't gotten crappy, Takao. I've improved."

"Yeah, well. It's the same thing, right?"

Kai didn't say anything as Takao snatched up his coat and walked out of the room. He leaned lazily against the wall, a small smile gracing his face. He liked knowing Takao so well. It was just a matter of seconds before…

Takao was back.

Not quite meeting his eyes, Takao threw back his coat and picked up the ripcord and the launcher.

"So… re-match, huh?"

"That's what I remember saying," said Kai patronizingly, pushing away from the wall.

Takao raised his eyes, apologetic but determined. "Well, captain, bring it on!"

Takao went round to Kai's side of the dish and pushing away Kai's coat and bag, dropped on the bench beside him.

"So you gonna spill your secrets, buddy?"

Kai leaned over to get his bag and pulled out two cans. After handing the soft drink to Takao, he opened his can of beer.

"It's a pretty long story."

"Then it's probably something you should've told me before."

Kai leaned forward and rolled the red can between his hands. "I don't know. I did try to."

"Start with Beyblade," put in Takao. "Why didn't you let on that you knew so many cool moves? I was almost growing bored… without learning anything very new and all the while… you were hiding this stuff!"

"I was still working on perfecting them. I wanted things to be perfect before I showed it to you."

Takao emptied almost half his can in a single gulp. "You're way too good at keeping secrets, Kai. But I'm not angry, not now, I mean. I just want to learn it all. It's going to be fun, yeah!"

Kai was silent. Takao was about to start questioning him again when the door (through which they hadn't entered for it faced the corridor) opened and a girl came in.

"Konban wa, Hiwatari-kun, I got some… oh… ummm… Hello?"

Kai stood up and smiled at the newcomer. "Urumi-chan."

Takao, who was searching Kai's bag for another drink (maybe he's got some chocolate, too… ha! I know you love chocolate, Kai) looked up. Urumi-chan? Was she Kai's secret girlfriend? He won't be surprised… But he'd surely punch Kai once they were alone. Best friends weren't supposed to keep secrets like that from each other…

"I thought I'd practice with my friend today… Kinomiya Takao…"

"Ah! It's so nice to finally meet you, Kinomiya-san. I'm a great fan of yours," said the green-headed girl.

Takao blinked. "Eh… thanks… and you can call me Takao…"

Urumi turned to Kai. "I just came to inform you that Ogata-san would like to talk to you about the new training centre equipment plans. Yuriy-san was here earlier… in fact, he came down here as soon as he got to Bay City."

"He told me." Kai put down his beer. "I'll be back in a moment, Takao."

What new training centre equipment plans? Why was Kai discussing plans with people?

"Ano… Takao-san?"

The girl held a clipboard in her hand. She pulled out a blank sheet and blushing a little, turned it towards Takao along with a pen. "Can I please have your autograph?"

"Sure," said Takao, always happy to 'oblige' his fans. Moreover, he was beginning to think that she wasn't Kai's secret girlfriend. Maybe she knew that he came down here secretly to practice… after all, by the looks of that suit-dress, she did seem to secretary or something. She probably was.

"Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu!" said the girl, her eyes almost glowing with delight.

"No problem," said Takao, beginning to feel a bit awkward. Changing the topic, he asked, "Kai comes here often?"

"Oh yes, Hiwatari-kun is here almost every night. You see, we keep this block open up until midnight and he is always one of the last ones to leave." She seemed hesitant for a moment, but then added, "He's a very skilled blader, isn't he?"

"Sure thing! You've seen him blade here, right?"

Urumi nodded. "Yes… he even taught me a few things. I usually get off duty about half an hour before we close and I usually get him some beer because he finishes up all his cans by then. He told me he was developing some new techniques."

Takao's hands fisted in his pockets. Kai taught this stranger the new moves before he even told him about them? It wasn't fair!

However, curbing the bout of jealousy, he asked, "So… you blade often?"

Urumi nodded. "I would have tried for some tournaments but my father was insistent on proper education. But I never gave up on Beyblading. I… I used to watch your games over and over again to improve myself," she said, her cheeks tingeing with red again. "And I think it is going to pay off," she continued brightly. "I am going to try for Trainer's position in Hiwatari-kun's training centre. I know it is way up there in Russia, but I love Beyblading more than anything else. I really do! And I know that this will be my only chance to combine my two loves of Beyblading and teaching."

"Kai's training centre? Russia?" asked Takao feebly.

Urumi's brows drew together. "You mean he didn't tell you about it?" She was thoughtful for a moment. "Oh! He must have meant it to be a surprise! Oh kami-sama! I spoiled it!" She raised her troubled blue eyes to his. "Don't tell him I spoiled it, please?"

Takao shook his head. "I won't, I swear. I will let it be our little secret, okay?"

Urumi's grateful smile was dazzling. "Hai… arigatoo, Takao-san."

"'Takao' is fine," he repeated absently.

Kai will have a training centre in Russia. Kai needs to go back to Russia in order to take care of his training-centre. Kai needs to leave Bay City to be able to go to Russia. Kai needs to leave me. Kai… Kai is going away…

"Ano… I'll get going," he said, feeling that he couldn't face Kai right now. And the older boy would be back any time now.

"Oh, okay. Good-night (1), Takao-san!"

"Good-night (1)!"



"No, it's Yuriy."

"Hey, YURIY! It's Daichi! When did you get here? And say… okay, okay, I'm asking… no, I'll ask… Is Kai there?"


"Is Takao there?"


"He says he isn't there, Gramps. Hey, Yuriy can ya come over… NOOOOOO! GIVE ME THE PHONE! GIMMME! Takao isn't home yet and Gramps is going bonkers… Itetetetetete! Stupid kendo man! Don't you hit me with that! Itetetetetetetetetetetetete!"

"Takao's with Kai. I think they must have gone Beyblading or something."

"He's saying Takao's Beyblading with Kai… REALLY, I AM NOT LYING!... So when are ya coming over, Yuriy?"

"I'm here for some important work – and I've only got one more day – so I am not sure… but…"

"Tomorrow, right? See ya tomorrow, Yuriy!"

"Eh… Daichi…"

"Tell Takao that Gramps says he's gotta get his ass here in an hour… that'll be by two, right? Yeah… So… you got me something, Yuriy?... Okay… okay… I'm cutting off. Bye, Yuriy!"


"See ya tomorrow!"

Author's Notes:

1) "Good-night" in Japanese would be "Oyasumi nasai". However, is it used only before going to bed or would "Oyasumi nasai" be applicable in this context, too?

According to what I checked up at Kai is, by canon, younger than Takao. However, I've overlooked this fact for this story, so I apologize for that. For most part, Kai acts so much more mature than Takao that it wasn't hard to do that at all.