.Don't you Know it's Love.

At exactly 1:05 pm, she stepped off the subway train carrying a large backpack on her shoulders while dragging her rolling backpack after her. At exactly 1:05 and twenty seconds, her cell phone rang. She sighed, taking the phone out and opening it without even looking at the number blinking on its digital screen.

"No, I have not been kidnapped, raped, or drugged since the last time you called and made everyone on the subway hiss at me." She deadpanned before the other could get a word out. She scoured the bus terminal for familiar faces while half heartedly listening to him. She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I was murdered, because someone was on the phone with me when I needed to dial 911." She winced at the sudden shout on the other side.

"All right, all right, I'm alive." She assured him, hitting her palm against her forehead, "Goodness, you sound like my mom. In case you hadn't realized, I'm a big girl now and I have been riding the subway since I was like...ten."

She narrowed her eyes as she took a seat on her large rectangular bag, "Oh ho, did you conveniently forget that you too had fallen asleep with the rest of us?"

"No it was not different. No- we- damnit, if I just agree will you shut up?"

Hearing his approval, she had to roll her eye once more, though a tiny smile graced her lips.

"Yeah...all right. Oh! I see them!" She sprang up from her seat and waved to the two figures with her free hand. As the younger blond took her bag she smiled gratefully while still trying to catch the words on the other end of the phone.

"Huh? Listen, I've got to get out of here- no buts! It's hard enough to hear anyway. I'll call when I get back home, all right? Love ya."

She smiled, hearing him echo her sentiment.

"Taichi?" The older blond asked as he took the bag from her aching shoulders. She nodded and he put an arm around her, leading them through the throngs of people towards the exit.

"Tell him I love him too."

She cracked a grin, "Yamato says he loves you too!" She sang into the phone. She paused to listen before bursting out laughing.

"He says 'Tell Yamato sorry, but I don't swing that way.'"

His eyes narrowed deviously and a wicked grin planted itself on his lips, "Tell him that I still remember what he and Daisuke did when they got really plastered at Takeru's bachelor party."

Her eyes widened and her laughter was only intensified when Takeru turned and called, "And we have the pictures to prove it!"

She spluttered the message back through her laughter and doubled over as Taichi stuttered and stammered over excuses.

Wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, Sora turned back to the blond next to her, "Taichi says, 'Bite me, Ishida.'"

"Tell him I don't swing that way."


A/N: I'm aiming to make the term taiorato more commonplace, can you tell? Well, probably not since this only my second fic on them, though this was technically written first. But anyway, meant to be a friendship fic but it can probably be taken as sorato or taiora...or even taito if you try hard enough, I suppose. (Like believing they were joking about being straight...?) :shrug:

Title stolen from the Ranma ½ song line, "Don't you know, know, know it's love?"

Stay tuned for more drabbles, possibly, my Digimon writing buzz seems to have worn off for the most part. (Though I still have some drafts typed up already…) Reviews make the world go round, and intelligent/thoughtful reviews make me squee and make it worth writing more.