.A Little Ridiculous.

"Okay guys, come clean."

"Squaawk! Come clean, come clean."

"Stupid talking bird."

"It was also your brilliant idea to buy the parrot, nimrod."

"Well you were the one to-"


"You see Sora-" "It happened like this-"

"Uhm..one at a time. Yamato, you go first."

"Why Yamato?"

"Because I'm cute."

"And I'm going to hurl."


"Well, the problem began when Taichi decided that-"

"Why do you say it like it's all my fault?"

"Because it is. It always is."

"So anyway, Taichi had this ridiculous plan to-"

"You realize you're the one following my "ridiculous plan" so what does that make you?"

"A loyal friend."


"Ugh, fine. Taichi, you go."

"Right, so Yamato had no clue what to do for your-"

"Pardon? No clue? You would have forgotten if it weren't for me."

"But you had no idea-"

"But at least I didn't have a stupid one!"

"Guys! Please, just what is this all about?!"

"...Your birthday, Sora."


"We uhm...thought you might be lonely since you can't see Piyomon anymore..."

"So Taichi thought we should buy you a bird as a present..."

"A parrot. So it could...you know, talk to you..."

"And well...they only had this green one so..."

"She's laughing..."

"Do you think it's safe?"

"My God she's gone insane! Run for your life Ishida- wait...what am I saying??"

"Ow Taichi! What the hell did you push me for?"

"Better you than me buddy."

"You guys...Thank you, really."

"She's smiling..."

"And she's all teary like."

"So what...do we like...hug her or something?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Okay...you go first."

"Bearer of Courage my ass."

"Stuff it, friendship boy."

"I love you guys...but really, can you clean off the pink paint from the bird now? It's a little ridiculous."

"Squaaawk! Ridiculous. Squaaawk!"


A/N: Was a contest entry for the digimondrabbles livejournal entry, topic: clean, which actually won!

The Digimon ship has long since sailed for me and this was the last drabble I wrote so I figured I'd post it here. Probably won't be posting anything else here since I'm not in the Digimon craze so, for the few reading this, hope you enjoyed it!