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Kikumaru Hair Care

"Oishi! Was the answer that greeted him when he answered his cell phone.

"Eiji? He asked. "What is it?"

"My hair!" Eiji cried into the phone. "It's…It's…"
"What happened?" He asked calmly.

"My sister! She said she just wanted to style it! I normally say no! But I was being nice! Blonde Oishi! Blonde! I have blonde highlights!"

"She colored your hair?" His eyes grew wide.

"Nya, Oishi? Can you come over please? I don't want anyone to see it before I know what you think." He paused. "Please Oishi?"

"Of course Eiji, I'm on my way."

A few minutes later, Oishi found himself being let into the Kikumaru home by Eiji's oldest sister.

"He's really upset, Oishi-kun. Please try and cheer him up. He's in his room. Go ahead and go up, you know where it's at."

Oishi went up the stairs and knocked on Eiji's door.

"Eiji? It's me." He called.

The door opened wide enough, an arm reached out, and Oishi was pulled inside before the door clicked shut again.

Oishi blinked and looked around the room. Eiji was standing by the window, his back facing him. But even then he could make out some blonde in the boys hair.

"Eiji? Will you turn around so I can see?"

He heard him let out a sigh before he slowly turned around.

Oishi's breath got caught up somewhere inside of him as he looked at the person who stood before him.

Yes, there really was blonde in Kikumaru Eiji's red hair.

But it was not a bad thing.

The color wasn't to dark, or light. It was just perfect.

He must have been staring, because Eiji suddenly pouted.

"Nya. It looks so bad Oishi won't even say anything! I'm not cute anymore!"

Well, that was enough to get him to stop staring anyway. "No Eiji, Don't say that! Please… Don't say that."

Eiji looked up at him.

"Of…of course you're cute." He said with a light blush appearing on his cheeks.

"Hoi, really? You think so?"

"Yes…..Yes Eiji, you're cute."

The acrobatic player launched himself at him. "Good! Because Oishi is cute too!" He said, his face hidden in Oishi's neck.

"I-I am?"

Okay so, he wasn't expecting that.

"You are!" Eiji said, pulling his face away from Oishi's neck to smile at him again. And then Eiji kissed him.

…So he hadn't been expecting that either. But who cares?