Her eyes slowly opened to the sight of her ceiling, its chunky pattern shaded and and shadowed. She looked around to see the blinds closed, streaks where the sunlight was trying to shine through running down them. Her hands came up to touch her head and her cheek, which made her flinch when a sharp pain struck it when she touched it. It was obviously bruised.

That's when the spinning and the raining flashed back into her mind. It all flooded back to her and took her breath away as she recalled the sensation of being thrown around and waiting to hit the ground. Before she could question why she didn't, she caught a figure at the corner of her eye. She instantly sat up as her mother gave her a gaze of concern.

"You alright?"

Bra just nodded, not sure how many days she had been in that state.

"You slept straight for four days," Her mother answered as if on cue, "Some of us were starting to wonder if it was sleep or not."

"I'm okay, mother," Bra assured her in a clear voice as she looked at her arms to see cuts and scrapes.

"Videl brought you home. She said that there was an accident. She didn't specify it, but she was pretty shaken up. So was ChiChi, on the phone."

Bra just looked at her mother in confusion,"Where did this happen?"

"Videl said you had come over to visit, and then you went outiside during the storm."

This made Bra's eyes narrow slightly, but then she recalled where she was, resisting the urge to say aloud the truth. She knew then that Videl had brought her home for a reason. If her father had known that she was at Goku and ChiChi's place, he would have gone ballistic.

"Are you hungry?"

Bra shook her head, the thought of food making her stomach churn. Her mother walked toward her, a glaze of compassion running over her features, which looked tired and stressed. Bulma wrapped her arms around her, catching Bra by surprise.

"I thought I had lost you. I never want to, Bra, ever."

Bra knew why she was saying this. She was around the age Pan was when she had left. Had that tornado engulfed her, she would have repeated a history that everyone would want to forget rather than relive.

Her mother backed away slightly, looking down into Bra's eyes as she swept away a stray bang of her daughter's amethyst hair. A small smile graced Bulma's lips.

"You know, you look so much like me when I was your age. I feel like I'm looking in the mirror from all those years ago. So much was bound to happen back then yet I had no idea. I...had no idea that I would have such a precious daughter, either."

Words of reciprocated affection bunched up in a collision in Bra's throat and they echoed in her mind and she saw herself say them to her mother, but she just couldn't bring herself to release them in that moment. She didn't know exactly what she was afraid of, but she just didn't find it a comfortable position to show emotion like that. So she kept it inside, both regretting it and feeling helplessly trapped in guilt and suffocation.

Her mother just stroked her hair, with no expectation in her eyes. It relieved Bra, but only a little. Bulma ended the moment with a soft kiss to Bra's hair before she walked out of the room. The girl shut her eyes and sat there, wishing she could give everyone a reason to be grateful for her presence.

"No, I do not want it to be a ki-detector because not everyone in the world has it. And some who have it may be concealing it. So it would be a waste of time and energy to add it onto the machine.Yes, I want profiles, and images for every profile onto the database-...No, this is everyone in the world we are talking. You, me, everyone. Do you know how many kidnappings, missing persons files, and murders we can prevent and possibly solve with this thing?"

A soft rap on the door prevented Trunks from hearing the person's answer as he looked at the door before returning to the phone,"Alright. I mailed you the blueprint and the advertising for it. Yes, it is your job and your problem. Solve it and call me back," And with that, he gave the phone to the bot, who zoomed back to its quarters.

"Come in."

The door opened and in came a blonde with a clipboard. Trunks couldn't make out her face much because of her sunglasses, but he noticed plenty of other things. She came down the small set of steps and went over to Trunks and his desk.


"Dr.Briefs...Hello. I am Mrs.Nijam. I am here to apply for a job."

Trunks chuckled,"That would be downstairs in the Main Lo-"

"No. I specifically wanted to request a job from you."

Trunks' eyebrows pushed down slightly,"Um. You know, I would love to, but I am fairly busy with our new project and-"

"You have until he calls you back. Which I am sure is sufficient time. You won't regret it, Dr.Briefs..."

He sat back, giving her an intrigued look,"Alright. You have my attention. But first, I would like to know exactly why you needed to get it from me personally."

"I would like to request a high position job, which I am sure is taken."

"Oh? And what job is this...?"

"Your secretary," The blonde answered firmly, her dark red lips curving slightly.

Trunks laughed in surprise,"Well, well, well. That isn't a position, Mrs.Nijam, that is a privilege."

She shrugged,"Whatever you want to call it, I want it. Now what do I have to do to fill the requirements?"

"Mrs.Nijam, I don't even have a secretary. I'm the President, I don't handle everything but I dictate them, which means I don't need extra help."

She leaned forward, the exception not phasing her,"I will be highly beneficial to your job, Mr.Briefs. Yes, you are the big President, but you have to admit that you are not the most organized in the field. I can change that. So many important meetings these days and then interviews these days...You are in the spinning world of business that will scoop you up and throw you back down into the ground if you are not careful and neat."

His stare on her intensified as her words sank into his calculative mind. He knew she had a point and her confidence could be sensed from where he was sitting. That, and her alluring features magnetized his appeal to her. He looked at her in a moment of consideration before smirking.

"And what if I don't give you the job...?"

Her head tilted slightly,"Then I'll just have to let the whole world know why you are creating this. That, in fact, this noble act of ingenuity if really a big, fat, paycheck in exchange of selfish intentions..."

His amethyst eyes narrowed slightly,"Psh. You know nothing."

Her smirk widened,"Oh, but I do. I know one name and that's all there is to it."

"Speak it."

"Pan Son."

"Bra...," Bulma softly tapped on the door as she looked inside Bra's room to see her daughter peering around her closet as if in search of something,"Dinner's ready."

Bra's attention wasn't caught.

"Bra, dinner."

A few seconds passed and then those cerulean eyes drifted to Bulma's in a sidegaze and Bra kicked her lips up in the slightest,"Okay, Mom."

She joined the table that also seated her brother, who held a grim expression, and their father, who had his usual stoic features. Her mom sat down and glanced at Trunks.

"Everything alright, son?" She asked with concern etched in her features.

He just nodded, playing with his food. Bra felt a strange sense of familiarity when she looked at him, identifying the same evasive response.

Bulma sighed and started to eat. As did Bra while silence filled the room. At least, until Vegeta broke it.

"Did you have a dreamless sleep, Bra?"

Her head snapped up slightly at the sound of her name and surprise filled her eyes,"Um...Yeah."

He just looked at her, as if trying to give some sort of message that he didn't want to say aloud. Little did he know that she knew every word of it. Not only the words, but the feeling that he had. The understanding that he had the instinct to protect her and carry concern for her when something as brutal as the current event happens. She returned his gaze with that of pride and nodded.

"Well, good. There were no intruders then, Bra?" Bulma asked.

Bra's face grew pale as she asked,"Huh...?"

"Intruders. You know, the boogeyman or ghosts, for instance. Or maybe even harmless Saiyajin family friends who do nothing except good and STILL manage to earn your father's contempt and jealousy, as well as a restriction from ever visiting MY house again."

Vegeta growled as his eyes focused on the tabletop.

"Don't give me that. That was the most ridiculous reason to kick someone out. Extremely ludicrous. GOKU, of all people to accuse that of-"

"I know someone's intentions when I see them, Bulma. You weren't even there. Hell, you are never here. You have no place to call this your home when you hardly occupy it. At least I know enough to protect it," Vegeta retorted, glaring at her.

"Yes, Vegeta. Someone...Someone is NOT Goku. Especially when concerning such an immoral crime like that. To have that even enter your mind baffles me Vegeta."

"Oh, so you're saying that it is I with the mentality to fit the accusation-"

"Absolutely not. This isn't about you, this is about your ego getting in the way of everything."

"Getting in the way of what! A potential MOLESTATION of our daughter-"


Silence filled the room as Trunks' chest heaved up and down, his eyes full of intolerance and rage,"That topic doesn't need to reach her ears, especially when it hasn't happened, NOR WAS IT going to happen, father. Either the rest of dinner is in silence or I bring my food to my lab. I will not endure this incessant arguing anymore. Wanna talk about ridiculous..."

No one said a word as Trunks sat down. Bulma looked down at her plate, and Vegeta walked out. Bra wasn't sure what to think, or if she was involved or not. Nonetheless, she decided she was finished as well, and she walked to her room, thoughts of intruders and molestation filling her train of torturous thought.

A smile appeared at the lips of Videl Son as she pushed back the drapes of the lilac window in their bedroom. Things can lightened up since the heated reconciliation of her and her husband. Although there was an accident with Bra that might've triggered a violent and destructive reaction from Vegeta, things ended up pretty smoothly. Yes, for once, everything was okay.

It may have been denial, it may have been evasion, but Videl simply didn't torture herself with the memory of her daughter anymore. It just didn't come up. She didn't want to spoil what she had just obtained. Pointless.

She exhaled deeply, biting her lip as she peered out the window at the sunny lawn outside. Flowerless, she observed. A decision suddenly was made in her mind, and the empty space in that garden wouldn't be there for long. Her eyes drifted at the clock, an intense craving for nicotine clutching at her in waves. SHe hadn't touched a cigarette since she and Gohan had gotten back together. She intended to keep it that way as well.

Gohan was at work, so she had the house to herself. A little too empty, she thought. It made her think of getting a pet, maybe a puppy like Bee was. Reminescence filled her mind and she wondered for a brief moment where that dog had gone to, as well as where Buu's location was. It was then that she realized how many years it had been since she had talken to her father and Buu. She pushed the dark shadow of guilt away and decided that she would visit him later.

The hot summer sun shone down on her as she stepped outside. She took in a breath and memories invaded but she wouldn't let them. She was stronger than she was before.Even stronger than she was before the tragedy that shook her out of her shell.

Little did she know that her new one would soon break as well.

"Gee, thanks for telling me sooner, like how about thirteen YEARS sooner...Okay, so that's the tetnis and the physical examination. Sure...What!"

The light blue eyes of the scientist went wide as she gasped with shock. Moments later, she hung up the phone, rolling her eyes at the mental case they called the education board. She wasn't sure how Bra would react to shots and needles, since it had been a while since she'd had them, but hopefully it would be smoother than Goku's. A smile crept onto her lips at the memory of Goku's phobia to needles and hospitals. She let out a reminescent sigh and continued typing.

There were unpleasantly dissatisfied faces at the dinner table when Bulma sat down, facefaulted.

"Oh, it's LEFTOVERS. Get over it."

"Leftovers from what? A sewage leak...?" Trunks asked, earning a glare.

"I have seen gelatin toxins look more appetizing than this..." Vegeta added.

"...I'm going to bed," Bra said before standing up and heading to her bedroom.

Bulma sighed and laid her head in her hands as the other two looked after Bra.

"She's not going to like what she has to do to get into the girls' school...," Bulma said, catching the men's attention, their eyes full of question.

"Which is..." Trunks waited.

"She needs shots, which I doubt she'll have trouble with. But she also needs a physical examination."

Vegeta and Trunks exchanged glances.

"And that includes certain areas that I DO think she will have trouble with, but it's required because of what she was caught doing."

"What? She was never caught doing something that would contract-"

"Yes, we know that. That's just how the school board is, though."

"Ridiculous," Vegeta commented.

Trunks shrugged,"If it makes 'em happy, then why not?"

Bulma gave him a bewildered look,"That's not a place where someone would be comfortable being examined in, I mean, come on Trunks. She's already distant enough, and she just was bothered in that area at school, and now a professional is going to be in there and...it's just not right."

Trunks rolled his eyes,"Well, it's out of my hands. I have a project to finish."

He left for the lab then, leaving the couple in the kitchen in silence.

"Is this professional a male or female...?" Vegeta inquired.

Bulma gave him a look,"It's probably a male...Those are the only advanced gynecologists in the city."

Vegeta shook his head,"Then she indefinitely will have an issue with it."

And with that, he left her at the table, her eyebrows burrowed in confusion and fret.

The fan spun and spun and spun and spun and her eyes were dazed as they struggled to keep up with the blade. Fatigue pulled at her eyelids and she let out a yawn. Gohan would be home soon. Only a few hours left. A warmth filled her chest at the thought of him and a smile crept onto her lips, which seldom happened.

The phone's shrill ring rang through the still air of the empty house. Videl let her eyes shut as the ring faded away into a place that was distant from where she suddenly was. Her body relaxed and the phone was forgotten as the waves of slumber overtook her consciousness, leading her into an afternoon nap full of rapid, blurry frames of visualizations and dreams. She thought she had seen her father's blurred face for only a moment...

Then there were lips on her forehead, fingers through her hair. The warmth returned but it didn't chase away the wary dread that spiked through her. The last ripples of images faded away for a moment and then the lips were gone, and her recovered consciousness left her again. Next thing she heard was a soft knock on the door, a solemn Gohan at the door with the phone in his hand and a grim expression etching his features.

"Videl, it's for you..."

Her eyes opened slowly, her head cleared and solid as she took the phone, mumbling a hello.

The words slowly crept into her head, shattering the rest of the sleep in her. Shattering everything in her. Shattering every piece that had just come back together so beautifully not days ago. She didn't even hear it when she dropped the phone onto the wood florr of her and Gohan's bedroom floor, nor did she feel the cold tear running down a pale cheek from eyes that once again died inside.

"Good Kami Bra, turn that television down...," Trunks grumbled the next morning, pouring himself some cereal in the bright kitchen. The clock shone a time close to noon, which wasn't Trunks' favourite time of the day. The new reporter's firm voice boomed through his head from the living room and brought on waves of a migraine. Agitation itched through him before he stomped into the living room to the sight of Bra's back to him as she sat infront of the television, her eyes focused on the blonde reporter.

"Bra, what did I-..."

He froze, his eyes glued to the screen as his face paled.

"-no witnesses to tell any details of the gruesome event, but many friends, family members, and fans will miss him dearly. Again for this tragic reporter story, I am Ayumi Harot for WCTV."

It was the bold lettering of the headline that caught his eyes, filling them with fear. Bra looked back at him, her expression stoic and curious before she looked back at the screen. His eyes scrolled over and over the headline, its eerie message echoing in his head.

Hercule Satan Brutally Killed In Strangling.


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