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Who really cared what the actual number of detentions Sirius had was?

Who really cared what the Marauders were planning next?

…Well, as long as you weren't their next victim, at least…

And then who really cared that lily Evans, head girl and ideal student, the one who's never had a detention in her life, was sneaking out of her bed in the middle of the night? Even if she were to get caught, nothing would happen to her. But even then..She was never caught.

And what the teachers didn't know didn't hurt them…

As far as she school was concerned, the next morning something would be blown up at breakfast thanks to the Marauders, James would try and get Lily to go out with him, she would refuse, and everything would be normal.

She smirked as she made her way to their 'secret spot'. If only they knew.

Muttering the password and stepping inside, she looked around.

"Hello?" She whispered.


A wand lit up, and she was face to face with a smiling James Potter.

"Hey Lils." He said before he leaned down and kissed her.

…Because everyone has their secrets, right?