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Watching you Sleep

He had to be somewhere.

Where ever that somewhere was, he would be staying there. Atobe knew that much. Because no matter where he was, Jiroh was asleep.

Sure it was annoying. That's why he sent Kabaji to go find him and wake him up. Why should Jiroh be allowed to escape the world when everyone else- especially Ore-Sama- is forced to live in it? Not that he wanted to escape the world..He was such a grand part of it, after all.

Atobe found himself in a park not to far from Hyotei School, and sure enough- there was Jiroh, asleep under a tree. He made his way over to him and was going to wake him when he made a face. A face that probably reflected whatever dream he may be having.

Atobe realized he was smiling. Oh well, no harm to it for now… So instead of waking him up, he sat down next to him and brushed a few strands of hair out of his face.

"Go ahead and sleep Jiroh. For now, I will protect you from the world."

Jiroh rolled over, as if he were snuggling closer to Atobe and muttered "Thank you, Keigo."

Though he was surprised, Atobe found he was smiling again.

"You're welcome."