Chapter 1: New Kids

It was a normal Saturday at Hogwarts. People lounged around the grounds, enjoying the sun. Some dedicated students actually studied. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, unless you count the Dungbombs at breakfast, which nobody did. In fact, many would consider it out of the ordinary if Dungbombs didn't go off. This is because of a certain group of boys and one girl, who call themselves the Marauders.

The Marauders consist of a black-, untidy-haired boy, his equally black-, yet longer-haired counterpart, a mousy-faced boy, and a peaky-looking boy with his fiery-haired girlfriend. She had warmed up to the group only this year, their seventh year, and had started tagging along with them occasionally. These kids are James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans, respectively. Their goal? To prank the hell out of everyone in sight. But little did they know that, as they walked back to the common room at the end of the day, they were about to be at the receiving end of the ultimate prank.

Another group of mischief makers arrived that day. Don't ask them how they got there; I doubt they could tell you. It was this group that Professor McGonagall ushered into the Gryffindor Common Room that evening.

"Students, may I have a moment of your attention? We have some transfer students who have decided to join us for the remainder of their Seventh Year. I hope you will all welcome them warmly. They are Hermione Granger," a girl with nice teeth and bushy, brown hair, "Ronald Weasley," a tall boy with flaming-red hair not unlike Lily's, though still different, and next to him a bespectacled boy with untidy, black hair and a lightning bolt shaped scar.

"Blimey, that kid looks just like James!"

"Thank you, Mr. Black. I am well aware of the fact," said Professor McGonagall, irritated, "However, while Mr. James Potter and Mr. Harry Potter," this caused murmurs among the students, "look alike and share surnames, I have been told that they are not long lost twins or anything of the sort."

She left then, leaving the three standing awkwardly. The one named Harry scanned the room quickly, lingering for a moment on James-understandable, since they looked almost exactly the same-but to James' surprise, he lingered on Lily as well. With a quick jerk of his head, James beckoned them over.

"Well this is strange," said Harry awkwardly.

"You're telling me," replied James, "Are you sure we can't be related in some way?"

"Well, I know we're not twins. I guess it's possible that we're related, though." He said this as if there was more he wanted to say, but was restraining himself. The other two shifted a bit uneasily.

"Introductions, then? You guys were already introduced..."

"Except I like to be called Ron," he interrupted.

"Ron, then. Well I'm James, that bloke there is Sirius Black, that's Peter Pettigrew," something flashed in Harry's eyes and his hand clenched momentarily, "and this is Remus Lupin and his girlfriend Lily Evans." This seemed to startle all three of them for some reason. They went on with the conversation afterward, but they seemed reserved, shying away from questions involving where they came from.

They were hiding something. And James resolved to figure out what.