The Clocks Have Run Out

D finished shackling the vampyre against the wall of the storeroom. The Hunter stabbed backwards as Emile stared at him curiously, one of his eyes shut from the blood dripping down his face as his body looked broken and beaten down thanks to Derrick's welcoming fists. The fight wasn't long, it was bloody and Emile's death was upon him until Vanessa had thrown herself over the dying vampyre with a sudden cry. It was only a split second, but Emile's hands carress her face before her was dragged away by the two men. Now he stood here, shackled to the wall with a weakened body and, like a sitting duck, with expectations of his imminent death no longer terrifying him as much as it once did.

"Hunter, may we speak…civilly?"

He managed out, causing D to stop in his tracks.

"You wish to exchange words at this late hour?"

"I wish to explain my dying wish, so to speak."

D found it somewhat amusing, a voice in his head urging him to continue the conversation but a sudden, foreign urge pleaded with him to stop his inquiries. Something was in the air, and D could no longer ignore all the signs. Emile waited in the deafening silence until the hunter finally turned to face him, not as a guard, but as a listener.

"What is it, you have to say?"

D listened to the same story Emile had presented to Christine, D listened without interjection and the world began to shift in a strange sickening slowness. Emile finally finished his story with a lamenting expression, his eyes painted with sadness and his body leaned over with a defeated thud as the chains shook with his weight falling entirely against them.

"That girl, that beautiful girl, how could I have forgotten her face…"

He mumbled, tears almost falling from him.

"What are you saying?"

"The love of my pathetic life, the very reason I am trapped in this solitary hell."

He looked up to the sky, as if he couldn't believe he would say her name once again.


D narrowed his eyes, unable to fully put all the pieces together.

"That woman claims to be Vanessa, no one has stated otherwise."

"My heart does not lie... despite losing a rhythm centuries ago."

Emile shot back angrily, a bark of a dog with nothing left to give except its life to the sky.

"But that thing… that thing is not my Sister," Emile finally managed out, through all the pain and the emotions, " I had thought killing her would free me from this."

He gritted his eyes closed.

"But she is alive, she is well… AND NOTHING."

D paused for a moment, a simple question leaving his lips.

"Could you be wrong? Could you merely be mad?"

"If I am mad, it is only because that bitch made me so."

Emile's gaze went cold.

"Countess... Bathory."

D slammed the door on the final phrase, yet the shiver continued up his spine until he felt ill to his stomach. His hand chuckled for a moment, the moment turned into a minute and it wasn't until D caught himself he realized he had emptied everything he had ever consumed into the rose bush.

It had been a long time since he heard his mother's name.

Emile heard the door creak open.

Adelaide stared at her brother with disgust; her expression donned a straight face mixed with a sick desire to watch the chained man against the wall for a moment longer. The dark haired girl lifted her hand, a loud sniff came from the darkness before what sounded like the cracking of bones emerged from the darkest corner of the room and nestled itself against the dark haired nun.

The grotesque creature gurgled with an appetite of a thousand crushed spirits, starving for affection and salvation. It arched it's back grossly, the sound of its spine cracking to accommodate the frightening pose caused Emile to turn his lips up in disgust. The beast shrieked quietly, opening its lips to review salivating teeth with a whiff of desire.

"Sister… no…I was wrong," Emile smiled wryly at his fate, knowing the seal of his life remained on the lips of the beast, "You're time is up, wretch."

Adelaide giggled before releasing the breast from her caresses.

"I'm glad you understand now..," Adelaide whispered to him, "Adelaide will never wake up now that I got you quiet."

"You can't outrun what is going to happen to you," Emile spat, venom dripping on every word, "Your reign is ending."

Emile lowered his gaze, Adelaide merely looked at him while lowering her hand.

The beast struck.

Emile barely had a chance to even cry out.

"That'll teach you. Peasant boy."

Adelaide went cold, still and silent.

The door swung open, her crime was apparently. The Shadow Eater peered at the guests curiously, its claws crawling into the wooden floor as Adelaide stared at her hunter, wide-eyed and guilty. It was trap- Emile had lured her into a trap. The woman scowled angrily at the pair, Sister Christine had her gun pointed and Derrick stood behind D in awe at the carnage of the scene.

"You've become unhinged… Scared?"

Adelaide gritted her teeth before facing the pair. She held her chest, her eyes softened before she shook her head and tried to cover her ears from hearing the words coming from the hunter's lips.

"Monsieur please… Don't speak anymore."

She pleaded, but D was no longer fooled.

"Why have you been lying to me? Everything that has come out of your mouth since I've arrived here… has been a lie."

Adelaide backed up against the wall, her scowl returned. Christine's voice became caught in her throat as the woman she had grown to admire and love lowered her gaze from the pair. Derrick whistled at the scene before him, his knives ready for any fast movements she could think of. The Shadow Eater crouched down, growling like an animal backed into a corner- much like it's owner.

"It was all a lie, wasn't it Adelaide…. Or should I say, Countess."

Adelaide smirked coyly, wrinkles appearing on the sides of her lips with her voice lowered to a more womanly sound.

"Took you long enough, boy."