By Ayume Nekochan

Okay, Here it is, the conclusion of Mimic. Warning: this part is longer than the other three chapters and there is some major Angel bashing here. I don't like her. I don't own Big O and Fox owns Anastasia

Chapter 4: Broken Doll

One week later (New Years Eve)

Heart don't fail me now
Courage don't desert me
Don't turn back now that I'm here

"Master Roger?" Norman called as he entered the sitting room. "You have a visitor."

Roger looked up from the newspaper at Norman. "Who is it?" he asked as he rose to his feet.

"Angel," Norman said casually as he unwillingly ushered the blonde inside.

Angel marched up to Roger and held out a check. "This is all for you if you hand over the girl to my boss," she said waiving the check in front of his nose.

Dorothy hugged Celeste closer to her protectively not knowing what would happen. She could feel the girl shivering in her arms as she watched Angel try to make a deal with Roger.

"I said it once," Roger began as he glanced over at Dorothy holding on to Celeste. He could clearly see the anger on Dorothy's face as well as the terror on Celeste's. "If your boss wants to deal with me, then he has to call me personally."

"Have it your way," Angel sighed not caring. "Either way, he will get his hands on the girl. And I'll get my hands on her memories." She said adding the latter silently then left the mansion not bothering to look back.

People often say
Life is full of choices
No one ever mentions fear

After his rather unsettling meeting with Angel, Roger went to his office to try and get his mind off the unmentioned threat she made. "What is she up to?" he said to himself as he reviewed the information he had gathered from this strange case. He read over some of the printed data he received and noticed that Manning had more than just Miles for finical backing. "…Charles Richmond."

"Either way, my boss will get his hands on the girl," He thought over and over trying to piece together the puzzle.

"Could her boss be his Richmond character?" Roger asked himself. He turned over one of the many hourglasses on his desk and leaned back in his chair.

Or how the road can seem so long
Oh how the world can seem so vast


"…Home. Love. Family. There was a time I must've had them too. Home. Love. Family. I'll never be complete till I find you," Celeste sang softly to herself as she sat out on the ledge of the terrace looking out at the snow covered city.

"That was pretty," Dorothy said softly as she walked up behind the little girl. "Where did you learn that song?"

"I remember my mommie singing it to me. It was one of the first songs she taught me to sing and play." Celeste said softly then continued to sing.

Dorothy stood beside Celeste looking out at the city when she suddenly heard someone approaching from behind. Before she could warn Celeste to run, Dorothy felt a sharp blow to the back of her neck. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't bother her, but now that she is a full bio android her body wasn't as strong as before and the blow succeeded in it's purpose and Dorothy fell to the ground unperceiving of the grave situation.

"Dorothy!" Celeste cried when she saw her slump down to the ground. She gasped as a feeling of uncontrollable fear washed over her when she saw a tall man with blonde hair standing behind her.

"Hello Dolly," the man said from behind Celeste. She opened her mouth to scream her loudest, but the stranger behind her clamped a gloved hand over her mouth muffling the cry.

Unwilling to go peacefully, Celeste bit the man's hand causing him to yelp. "HELP ME! HELP ME HELP ME!" she screamed as many times as she could before the man wrapped his hand over her mouth again.

The stranger wrapped his other arm around Celeste's waist and pulled her off the ledge dragging her to a waiting rope ladder. As he ran he failed to notice that Celeste's hair ribbon was snagged on one of the potted plants.

The stranger grabbed on to the rope ladder and the helicopter above began flying higher as the rope ladder was retracted raising captor and hostage to the door. Celeste gasped as she saw who was awaiting her in the helicopter. "I told Roger Smith that my boss would have you no matter what." Angel smirked.


Roger's tore his attention from the papers and photos in front of him when he heard Celeste scream for help. He quickly ran to the terrace only to see a helicopter flying off towards the largest dome of Paradigm City. "Dorothy, Celeste?" he called as he looked around. He wandered further out onto the terrace when he saw Dorothy laying in the snow unconscious. He ran over to her and carefully scooped her up surprising himself at how light she was now. Roger carried Dorothy all the way to her room and laid her down on her bed then sat down next to her. He brushed his fingers against her cheek marvling at the warmth he felt there.

"Celeste!" Dorothy cried out as she sat up on the bed looking around the room for the little girl. "Roger, where's Celeste?" she asked.

Pained by the look on Dorothy's face, Roger couldn't bring himself to tell a lie. "She's been kidnapped."

"We have to find her Roger!" Dorothy pleaded. "Please, let me go find her!"

(AN: YES I KNOW DOROTHY IS SOMEWHAT EMOTIONAL ahem pardon my yelling. You have to remember, Dorothy is now a bio android (aritifical human i.e. Armitage III type bio droid.) This included emotions so g on you who think my story stinks. Back to the fic. * I really need to start acting my age…….NAH evil cackle * )

Roger was about to say no and forget about her, but when he looked deep into Dorothy's soulful black eyes he didn't have it in him to refuse.

Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
On this journey to the past

"You've done well Melanie," Alex Rosewater said as he looked at Celeste standing there trembling afraid. "You don't have to be afraid of me little girl." Rosewater purred softly in a soothing tone. "Did you know that your daddy wanted you to come stay with me?" he lied.

"Nuh uh, you're a bad man. Daddy told me not to go near you." Celeste stammered. She stared at Rosewater with large shimmering violet, tear-filled eyes. She took steps backwards to try and avoid his grasp but eventually Celeste found herself backed against a wall with no where to run. Rosewater touched a spot on Celeste's neck causing her to fall asleep then carried her off to one of his labs.


Dorothy and Roger headed for the main dome where he saw the helicopter fly off to. "Do you think it was Angel?" Dorothy asked finally breaking the silence that built up.

"Yes," he replied simply as he pressed down on the gas. "Dorothy, tell me something."

"What?" She asked turning her dark eyes towards Roger.

"Why do you care so much about that girl?"

Dorothy scowled and looked down at her slender hands that had curled into fists clenching them a little tighter. "Because I care about her as if she were my own child. I feel the need to protect her…the way you protect me."

"Dr. Manning indeed gave you a noble heart," Roger smiled softly glancing sidelong at Dorothy.


Upon their arrival to the central dome, Roger and Dorothy both headed towards the elevator but stopped in their tracks when the doors opened. They jumped behind a pillar and watched as Rosewater as well as a couple of other people step off the elevator.

"What do you plan to do with the girl?" Melanie, asked her boss as she glanced at the workman carrying the little girl. She really didn't care what happened to her either way because she knew that she wasn't a real girl. All she wanted were her memories.

The three continued on to their destination unaware that they were being followed. "Mr. Rosewater, may I ask you something?" Melanie asked as they continued down the corridor

Rosewater stopped in front of a large metal door marked Private and entered a code on a keypad by the door. "Of course," he said as he entered the room

Roger and Dorothy both darted into the darken room behind the three and listened carefully still being careful to remain undecteted.

"Why were you dead set on having this particular girl? From my understanding, she'd be better off in a grave next to her parents." Melanie said as she watched the other man rest the unconscious girl on a steel table.

"True, but her father was a genius when it came to making artificial humans, or as you and the rest of society knows them as Bio androids."

Melanie raised an eyebrow. "Okay, but I still don't understand why you need the girl. I could have just extracted her memories and brought them to you."

"I am going to use the data to create a suitable wife for myself. I am getting on in years and I have no heir"

"But still the girl?"

"Destroy her for all I care." Rosewater said nonchalantly

Somewhere down this road
I know someone's waiting
Years of dreams just can't be wrong…


"I'm scared mommie," Celeste whimpered as she shivered. "He wants to kill me."

"I know sweetie," Caroline cooed. "But you have to try and be brave my little one."

Celeste wrapped her arms around her mother's waist and hugged her tightly holding on as if her very life depended on it. "Why are people always trying to hurt me?"

"I don't know little one, but I know you have to be brave and stand up to them," Caroline said as she ran her fingers through Celeste's ponytail.

"I want to stay with you mommie. Please, let me stay with you," Celeste pleaded clinging on to Caroline's skirt with her tiny hands.

"I'm sorry little one, you can't come with me this time, but I am always here no matter what," Caroline said softly as she pointed her finger to Celeste touching her just above her heart. "Remember, I love you from now till the end of eternity.

"I love you too…mommie." Celeste murmured aloud as Melanie began the thought extraction process. "MOMMIE!" she shrieked and convulsed violently on the table.

"You," Rosewater snapped at the man who carried the little girl down. "Restrain her now!"

The man hastily proceeded to strap Celeste down to the metal table, but it did nothing to stop her convulsions, in fact they grew worse.. Celeste screamed and cried trashing and convulsing violently causing the leather restraints on her wrists to bite into her skin

"Let her go," Dorothy said stepping from her hiding place unable to just sit by and watch.

"Ah Miss Waynewritht. So good to see you again," Rosewater said. "I take it Mr. Smith is here as well?"

Roger was about to step up from his hiding place, but Dorothy responded before he had the chance. "No, he is not here. He refused to help Celeste," she lied. Roger felt a sharp pang of guilt at the scorn behind Dorothy's words and silently made his way around to the table. He watched as Angel worked at a computer by the table and Celeste continued to convulse violently and scream in agony.

"I think it would be in your best interest to stop what you are doing and release the girl," Roger simply said as he stepped out of the shadows.

Angel raised an eyebrow and looked at the man she secretly lusted after and smirked. "Why should I? She is nothing but an artificial human child. She won't grow and no one really wants her." She turned her attention back to the monitor. "Why do you care?"

"I asked that before," Roger began. "At first I didn't, I couldn't wait for something to happen to the girl to get her out of my house. But Dorothy on the other hand has grown close to her and I just can't sit by and watch her suffer."

Angel snorted and continued with the extraction not caring that she was slowly killing the girl. "I really don't care, I just want her memories."

"MOMMIE!" Celeste shrieked again as an extremely violent muscle spasm caused her to jerk violently breaking one of the leather restraints. In a fit of uncontrolled rage, Celeste grabbed Angel by her arm and flung her across the room. Angel collided with the wall across the room and slid to the floor.

The other man in the room picked up a gun and aimed at Roger. Celeste weakly came to her senses and saw the gun. She snapped her other arm free of the restraint as well as her legs and as the man fired the gun, she leapt in front of Roger taking the full brunt of the shot

"Celeste!" Roger gasped as he caught the little girl. Dorothy pulled her attention from Rosewater after knocking him out and ran to Roger's side.

"What happened?" she gasped as she reached out to touch the trembling girl.

"She…saved me," Roger said shocked as he brushed a stray strand of ebony from the little girl's face.

Dorothy fell to her knees and gently pulled the dying girl from Roger's grasp. "Don't die Celeste, please don't die," Dorothy murmured.

"…mama?" Celeste asked, her voice sounding really weak.

"Shhhh," Dorothy said softly as she applied pressure to the wound in the little girl's chest. "I won't let you go."

"Come on Dorothy, I think there is a way to save her," Roger said as he recalled something he ran across earlier.

Arms will open wide
I'll be safe and wanted
Finally home where I belong.

The griffon sped down the street away from the main dome towards the fourth dome of Paradigm City. "Where are we going?" Dorothy asked cradling Celeste in her arms.

"To see a friend of Manning's." Roger simply said as he made a sharp right entering the dome. He flew down the streets of the city arriving at a modestly sized office building. Dorothy and Roger bypassed the reception desk on the main floor and headed up to the office of Manning's colleague. Roger flung open the office door of Charles Richmond and marched in his office.

Startled, Richmond looked up from what he was doing and gasped at the side before him. "Celeste!" he gasped. "What happened to her?"

"A lot on top of being shot in the chest. Can you save her?" Roger asked.

Richmond walked over to Dorothy and examined the wound, felt for a pulse and sighed slightly with relief when he felt a weak pulse. "Come with me," he said as he headed out of the office and to his office.

"Can you save her?" Dorothy asked as she rested Celeste on the table.

"Richmond quickly leapt to work trying to stabilize the little girl removing her blood-soaked clothes. He looked over his shoulder at Dorothy and Roger, "Could you two please wait outside while I work?"

Roger solemnly nodded and guided Dorothy outside.

Well starting here my life begins
Starting now I'm learning fast
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
On this journey to the past.


Dorothy sat there unmoving, shivering feeling a waive of nausea creeping up on her. Even though you couldn't see it, she was covered in blood. Unable to hold on to her composure any longer, Dorothy collapsed against Roger and softly cried against him.

Home. Love. Family.
There was a time I must've had them too.
Home. Love. Family. I'll never be complete till I find you…

"Mr. Smith, Miss Waynewright," Dr. Richmond called to the two who absently dozed off.

Dorothy sat up straight turning her full attention to the doctor. "How is she?"

"It's not good," Richmond began. "Celeste sustained severe massive internal injuries as well as the damage done to her memory chip from the extraction. If and it is a Big if she does recover, she will forever have the mind of a child." He dabbed his forehead with a handkerchief and sighed. "I have done all I can for her, all you can do is hope."

"May I see her?" Dorothy asked rising from her seat.

"I don't think that is a good idea Dorothy," Roger said as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Sure, " Richmond said. "She's just inside the room." Roger was about to open his mouth to protest but Richmond beat him to the punch. "It's better for her to say goodbye while she can Mr. Smith."

"Celeste is dead?"

"No, not yet, but I don't think she will survive the night. There was a lot of physical and physiological damage done. May I ask you something Mr. Smith?"


"Well actually tw questions. First, did Manning say he did a full conversion on Miss Dorothy? And two in the unlikely event Celeste makes a recovery, what do you plan to do with her?" Richmond asked. "I mean a man of your status and means wouldn't have the time or patients to handle a defective unit."

Roger slipped on his shades and looked down at the doctor. "Not that it is any of your business, but Manning said he did a full conversion on Dorothy and if Celeste pulls through, I guess I'll keep her."

"Why? Celeste is defective and since Manning did a full conversion then it means that Dorothy can have children of her own." Richmond said. "Please Mr. Smith, think carefully before you make any decisions about Celeste."

Roger stuffed his hands in his pocket and walked over to a window and looked out at the city. A few minuets later, Dorothy walked over to Roger and gently brushed her fingers against the back of his hand. Wordlessly Roger wrapped his arm around Dorothy's shoulder pulling her close to his body. In return, Dorothy timidly wrapped her arm around his waist. "Let's go,"

One step at a time
One hope then another
Who knows where this road may go


March 15

Paradigm City seemed extra dreary these days with the spring rains upon the city. Things in the city have been rather quiet in the city lately. Well, no one really was in need of Roger's services. He stood by the window watching the rain pour down on the terrace.

"Very good," he heard Dorothy say attracting his attention from the rain. "You're doing very well Celeste," Dorothy praised the little girl.

To Dr. Richmond's surprise, Celeste did survive the night so he decided not to terminate her. He still thought Roger and Dorothy fools for wanting to keep a defective unit as he saw it but he complied with their wishes and repaired her the best of his ability. Just as he had predicted, Celeste's memory was permanently erased all traces of her original personality gone. Mentally Celeste had the mind of a child again. In a way Dorothy considered that a blessing because her mind matched her body. The only drawback is that the little girl she had grown to know was gone forever. Albeit, Dorothy had a backup of Celeste's memories and personality on disk she thought it would be best to not return them ever.

"Now, that's enough for tonight Celeste, time for bed," Dorothy smiled as she neatly stacked the books in a neat pile.

"Do I have to?" Celeste protested weakly.

"Yes, now get going," Dorothy smiled softly as she handed the books to Celeste. "Good night," Celeste hugged Dorothy and headed off to bed.

Dorothy listened for the sound of Celeste's bedroom door closing then stepped over to Roger who had turned his attention back to the rain storm outside. Gently she placed her hand on his arm drawing his attention. Roger wrapped his arm around Dorothy's waist pulling her close to his body and returned his gaze outside. "Are you still sure you made the right decision?" Roger asked Dorothy.

"You've asked me this every night for the past three months, and every night I respond with the same answer. Yes, I feel I made the right decision," Dorothy said as she leaned back against Roger. "I love her as if she were my own. She has no family and if I were to have left her, there is no doubt that Richmond would have terminated her."

"You truly have become compassionate Miss Waynewright." Roger said as he leaned in and kissed Dorothy on the lips.

As they kissed, Celeste giggled softly watching them from around the corner. She didn't hear any of their conversation, but she knew that they were happy with each other.

Back to who I was
On to find my Future
Things my heart still needs to know

Yes Let this be a sign
let this road be mine
Let it lead me to my past

Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
To bring me home

At last

The End

YAY!!! I finished it. And if any of you complain about Dorothy keeping Celeste, I'll say this, I was being nice by not killing her. I have a reputation of doing that you know. Any how, I hope you enjoyed this, but now My Novel Bekons. Okay okay…I may write a little sequal or something of the sorts later on but till then…read Liharanda Starwind's fics…(sincere apologies for the misspelling) They are the best in my book.

Song Credits:

Journey to the past
From the Anastasia Soundtrack
Sung By Aliyah.

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