The beginning

On the night of October 31st, in the small village of Godrics Hollow, something that would have a large effect on the world began. Because of the wards surrounding a certain house, the muggles, or non-magical people, did not hear the events of what transpired in the house. They did not hear the voice of James Potter yelling to his wife to take their child and run, nor did they hear the cold laughter after the thump of something heavy, the body of James. The begging of Lily Evans-Potter was also un-heard, and the crumpling sound of her body. But there was something that would have left these simple people scarred and terrified. The screech of horror and rage, like an opening into hell itself had been breached, from one of the most damned spirits being held under most horrifying torture, came from the unseen house.

However, one being witnessed all of this, a green man, young and wearing strange robes, stood with a brown staff held in his hand at the front of the forest near the house.

Dende, the guardian of the earth, stood and walked towards the un-seen house, and quickly and stealthily moved through the ruined building, until he reached a room. He looked in and paused, in one corner of the room, there sat the robes of one of the darkest lord in the history of the wizarding world, and all that remained of his once physical self, but that did not shock him.

What shocked him, was the baby boy

'Harry', he remembered

He was lying by said robes, playing with a wand that was emitting green, silver and gold sparks, gurgling in amusement, not even bothered about the lightening shaped cut on his head. Taking a closer look, he spotted the tell-tale signs of magic surrounding the boy's backside area.

As earth's guardian Dende could obviously see magic, and knew almost everything about it. And he knew a glammer charm when he saw one. He pointed his staff at it and realised a glowing white orb of magic, which cancelled the powerful charm, and couldn't help but gasp in shock, there, what the charm had been hiding, was a tail...

'My word, this child is a Saiyan, but how can this be?' Dende thought 'well I cant leave him here, if he is not trained right then there will be very large problems indeed.'

His musings were cut short as his sensitive hearing picked up the sound of an engine approaching. Quickly and gently he lifted the child, and silently teleported back to the entrance of the woods, and watched as a VERY large man arrived and rushed into the house, only to come back out a few minutes later looking very upset and confused. He got back on the bike and set off again.

Dende looked back down at the now sleeping boy.

"Well young Harry" he murmured " I believe we should be on our way, we have an old friend of mine to meet"

And with that, he faded away.

Number 4 Privit Drive

"WHAT?" an old man demanded angrily.

"He weren' there Professor Dumbledore sir, I looked round but ther' were no sign o' 'arry" repeated the very large man.

"Very well Hagrid, I shall handle this, you best go join the celebrations" said Dumbledore. With that Hagrid got back on the bike and took off into the night.

"What do we do now Albus?" Minerva McGonagall asked her old friend.

"This is most worrying, I shall send out some of the order to look for the child, he has most likely been taken by a dark wizard" replied Albus 'Damn that boy, why couldn't he be a good little brat and be brought here? He must be my golden Gryffindor, my plans are for the good of the light!' Dumbledore thought angrily.

They both disappeared with a slight pop.

Meanwhile, a large green man, looking similar to the one who had been with Harry, was standing on a tree branch with his arms folded, and his eyes narrowed

"So the Chess Master is on the move again? Looks like Kame was right with his suspicions" He growled to himself

With a sharp turn, his white cloak billowed out behind him and he disappeared.

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