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Thoughts and attacks

Albus Dumbledore, the Leader of the Light, most acknowledged wizard in the world, Supreme Mugwump of the Wizangamot, and Harry Potter's number 2 on his list of people to torture.

Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, rubbing his temples and pondering to himself.

It seemed like the Potter boy had done enough to ruin his plans, but no, no he wasn't content just stopping there.

He looked down at the list Lupin had given him. Potter, a prodigy, famous in almost all countries but the UK, in both magical and muggle areas.

He sighed wearily, his thoughts drifting back to his meeting with the one who had caused all his problems so far.


Dumbledore paced in his office. It was unbeleivable. His plan, like all others so far, had backfired horribly. The students could have been injured or killed, all because of him. He felt guilty. Sure he was a few cogs short in the head but he was Headmaster damn it! He never even took into consideration what may have happened to his students.

He sat down and waved his wand, conjuring a cup of hot tea. He took a sip and sighed. Where could he go from here? What were his options?

"You have none Dumbledore" A voice answered his thought.

He sat up quickly, gripping his wand "Who is there? Come out, I am armed!" He called.

The voice chuckled, before a cloaked figure stepped out, Dumbledore paled.

"Kami?" He whispered fearfully.

'Kami' chuckled "No, I am not Kami" He spoke. Dumbledore sagged in releif "I am his successor" He flinched.

"What do you want with me?" Dumbledore asked.

The young Guardian scowled "I want you to keep out of Harry Potters life"

Dumbledore sagged. Another problem concerning Potter.

"You do know what the boys destiny is? What has been told by the fates?" He asked Dende.

Dende scowled "I do, and I know how powerful he is, and you, Albus Dumbledore, are sailing into uncharted territory"

Dumbledore glared "He must be trained by me! How else will he survive Voldemort? Sure he's slightly powerful but it's nothing compared to Voldemort!"

Dende gave a barking laugh "You foolish man, not powerful enough? He's ten times more powerful than you and Voldemort combined!"

Dumbledore shot to his feet "What nonsense! He can't even match me! What makes you so damn sure?"

Dende marched up to the desk and glared at Dumbledore "Because he was my apprentice!" he hissed.

There was a long silence, before Dumbledore dropped back into his seat, pale and in shock.

"You trained the boy?" He whispered fearfully.

Dende nodded "In magic only, he received muggle education from his Aunt and her friend, and physical training from his father and his friend"

Dumbledore looke up "The child is a saiyan, who could possibly have taught him?"

Dende smirked "His uncle, Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, and his foster uncle, Goku, the most powerful saiyan to ever exist"

Dumbledore felt like he was about to throw up, there was no chance in hell he had a chance controlling him, if he had the Guardian of the Earth as a mentor, and a Saiyan family.

Dende cleared his throat "Anyway, the reason I am here is for one reason, you will not tell anyone of his heritage, or you will face grave consiquences, this is ordered directly from the Kai's themselves, and King Yemma says he is very close to sending you down with all the other assholes who became cocky with power"

Dumbledore held his head in his hands, but nodded wearily. An order from the Kia's? if he refused he would forever be tortured in hell by them and Yemma.

"To ensure this, I envoke Kame's debt. You owe him Dumbledore, consider this a life debt being activated"

With that, Dende turned to leave "Oh by the way, you are very VERY lucky to be alive right now, if it wasn't for myself and the Kai's involvment, I can assure you, you would be dead right now. A sayain is very protective of their family, and you have pissed off everyone Harry holds dear"

With that, he disappeared


Dumbledore took another sip of his tea. The Apprentince of the most powerful being on earth, blessed with the Kai's favour. One of the Royal blooded saiyans. Was there no end to this boys power?

He scowled, under Kame's debt he could not do much to publicly slander him. But he did have a few idea's on how to get the boy to become more...open to his suggestions

Dumbledore grinned, yes there was many things he could do, but he'd have to bide his time, the boy would have to be left alone this year.

Unknown to all but Fawkes, Dumbledore's eyes flashed a steel gray. Fawkes chirped sadly, not knowing how to help his master.

Harry gave a small sigh of content. It was Halloween and Hogwarts had definatly live up to it's expectations, there were THOUSANDS of sweets!! Buu would be green with envy if he knew!

"So Harry" Blaise started, getting his attention "I've been thinking, for sometime during the year, how about we set up a band night? we could have it in the 'you-know-where'"

Harry looked thoughtful "Yea that could work, we tell the students only, and have a big party, we can get drink from the room no problem, and I'm sure I could keep the teachers away for a little while, Peeves'll help no doubt, and I can get Chris here no prob. So for us it'll be me on lead guitar and vocals, Pan on bass, you on drums Blaise, and Chris on second guitar, hows that sound?"

"What about keyboard? Children of bodom and Sonata Arctica songs will need them" She pointed out.

Harry shrugged "I dunno, we'll work on it closer to that time, it'll probably be for end of term, so we got a while yet"

Blaise shrugged and the feast went on as normal. Harry and Pan had gotten into another argument/flirting moment which made Blaise and Hermione grin knowingly at the two friends, who both scowled at them in return.

Later on Harry was sitting had just sat down to a soft chair when their Head of House came running in.

"Attention pupils, there has been a situation and we need to get to the great hall now. Quickly now" Called Professor Flitwick called, his voice magnified.

Harry and Pan shared a worried glance, but followed the rest of the student down to the great hall. Inside they were immediatly confronted by Hermione and Blaise,

"Harry did you here?" Hermione gasped "They say Sirius Black tried to get into the Gryffindr common room!"

Harry frowned "Do they know how he got in?" He questioned them.

Blaise shook her head "Nah, no idea. Theres a rumour going around he's after you though. At least that's what the gryff's are saying"

Harry frowned "I recognise his name but that's it, I just can't seem to remember where though"

Pan suddenly had a troubled look in her eyes, although Harry never saw it, both Blaise and Hermione did. Both sent her a questioning glance but she subtly shook her head.

"Come on" Pan called "Lets get some of those sleepin bags, it's getting late"

"Alright Pan what's so wrong that you can't tell Harry about Sirius Black?" Hermione asked, Blaise standing next to her also curious

Pan sighed "Well I'll put it this way, you remember the omega comet that just barely missed the earth a few years ago?"

Both girls nodded, it had been a muggle and magical catastrophe when it had been discovered, but thankfully it wasn't on a collison course with earth, they had been very lucky indeed.

"What's that got to do with anything though?" Blaise frowned

Pan seemed to swallow before she spoke shakily "That was when Dende told Harry about Black, that meteor was all that was left of a deserted planet that was almost triple the size of the planet Jupiter after Harry lost control"

Hermione and Blaise both turned paper white and their jaws slumped to the floor

"Three time larger than Jupiter?" Hermione whispered in awe and fear

"He's really that powerful when angry?" Blaise whimpered slightly

Pan nodded her head "Yes, Dende and King Kai had to seal of the memory, he became so unstable. If Black was anywhere nearby, none of his molocules would be left"

Both girls shook their heads "Wow that boy is one hell of a wizard, saiyan and man" Blaise grinned saucily, earning a glare from Pan

Both Hermione and Blaise laughed as they followed a grumping Pan, however, none of the girls noticed a young red headed girl hiding behind a corner.

Ginny Weasley grinned, hearts dancing in her eyes, before she turned and walked away.

She had to tell Dumbledore...

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