Title: Meltdown at Vierna Four

Title: Meltdown at Vierna Four

Author: Smenzer

Rating: PG

Pairing: None. Classic Star Trek


DISCLAIMER: The characters are not mine. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the others belong to Paramount Studios or whoever owns the Rights to Star Trek. This is just for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.


Captain's Log, Stardate 3860.1. We are in orbit around Vierna Four, a small Class M world. Our mission: to discover if this planet is suitable for colonization. So far our landing parties have only reported small mammals, birds, fish and insects. I find it extremely odd that there's nothing larger than a rabbit on this world. I hope it does not forebode ill winds for our mission here. Landing parties also report no signs of carnivores that would pose a threat to colonist or of native intelligent life. I still have high hopes that we can end this mission on a positive note.

"End log recording." Captain James T. Kirk rose from his central command chair and headed for the turbo lift. "Mr. Spock, Mr. Chekov, let's go take a look at Vierna Four. Sulu, you have the comm."

"Aye, Sir." Sulu said as he moved from the helm to the empty command chair. Other crewmembers quickly filled in the vacant spots of those leaving. 

"I have heard that Vierna Four is very beautiful, although I vonder why it has no large animals. Vhy do you think it is that way, Mr. Spock?" Chekov asked as he entered the turbo lift.

"Each planet is different, Ensign." Mr. Spock explained, his hands folded behind his blue uniform tunic. "Each planet evolves differently in its own unique way."

The turbo lift stopped and the doors hissed open. The three men walked down the hallway towards the transporter room. They were just about to enter the transporter room when they heard someone shout.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Dr. McCoy yelled as he hurried over to join them. The doctor checked his tricorder as he followed them into the room. "I want to get some readings. Oh, whom am I kidding? I heard the place is a virtual paradise and I want to see it. Maybe we can even schedule shore leave."

"That's an excellent idea, Bones." Captain Kirk said as he joined the others on the transporter pads. "If the planet checks out in the last couple of reports, then we can all have shore leave. This crew has certainly earned it. We pulled off some really hard and dangerous missions lately. A break would do us all some good."

"Going down, Sir?" Asked Transporter Chief Kyle with a smile.

Just as Kirk opened his mouth to reply, the comm. link whistled. Kirk stepped off the pad and walked over to take the call.

"Captain? This is Lt. Gomez. I think you better come down here. I just found something very strange."

"We were just going to beam down." Kirk replied. "I'll be there in a second."

Kirk rejoined the others on the transporter pad and they vanished in a sparkle of golden lights. As Kirk materialized on the planet's surface, he automatically checked to see if the others were with him. Satisfied they were, he scanned the area for the light blue of Lt. Gomez's uniform. The blue was easy to spot among all the red rocks. Kirk briefly wondered why Bones had called this place a paradise. It appeared to be a desert world like Vulcan and Kirk didn't consider that a paradise. Spotting it, he headed in that direction and motioned for the others to follow him. The Lt. Stared down at the bare rock under her feet, a confused expression on her face. "Report, Lt."

Lt. Gomez ran a hand through her short curly black hair and glanced up at the Captain in disbelief. "I don't understand, Sir. Yesterday when I beamed down here there were trees, a whole orchard! There was a field of grasses with wild flowers. But now there's nothing here but bare rock. It's all gone! But where did it go? I know these are the correct quad ordinates. I couldn't have imagined it all, did I?" She looked up at Kirk for an answer.

Captain Kirk slowly turned around in a circle. Everywhere he looked he saw only red rocks. They stretched all the way to the distant horizon. And to the east mountains rose up towards the pale green sky. Glancing down, he scuffed the planet's surface with his boot. Nothing but rock. He turned to his First Officer. "Spock, any ideas? What could make an entire orchard disappear over night? "

Spock and Chekov scanned the area with their tricorders. The tricorders hummed as they pulled information inside them. "Scanning." Spock replied.

"How about bugs?" Dr. McCoy asked. "On Earth there's those insects that can eat entire fields of crops in minutes. Or was it hours? I remember reading they travel in these big swarms and eat everything in their paths."

"Locusts." Kirk answered.

"Yeah, that's what they're called." McCoy agreed. "Do you think this world could have a bug like that?"

"I do not believe this was caused by an insect." Mr. Spock said. "If you will notice, all of the top soil is gone. Insects would eat the plants but leave the soil alone. Also, I can find no organic materials at all in this area except for the stone under our feet. Whatever has destroyed the vegetation did a very thorough job and has left no miniscule particles behind."

"Keptin! Mr. Spock!" Chekov called from behind a large boulder. "I found something!"