Hey Everyone! This is my new story. It's a Rogan like I've mention before.

Background Information: Lorelai and Chris are still together, they got married when they had Rory. They live in Hartford but Lorelai still has the Dragonfly. Colin, Steph, Logan and Finn's parents are all best friends with Lorelai and Chris. Logan, Colin and Finn are two years older then Rory and Steph. There is no Dean, Jess or Tristan. I think that's everything…. Just ask if you have any questions.

Oh! The Title of this story is from the song Here's to the Night by Eve 6... it's very old but it's still one of my favorite songs : )

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"Your leaving?" Rory asked. "Yeah, to Zugerberg." Logan clarified. "For all four years of high school?" Steph asked trying to contain her tears.

"Yeah, But we'll call, e-mail and come for visits all the time." Finn reassured them. "We got you these." Colin said producing two Tiffany's boxes.

He handed them to the girls who opened them and found anklets with all of there names engraved on them with a heart charm.

"Thanks." the girls said simultaneously trying to sound happy but it wasn't working.

Rory and Steph both began to cry as they hugged each of the guys goodbye, knowing that they wouldn't have three of their best friends with them anymore.

"You guys, Don't cry. It'll be like we were never gone. Promise." Logan said hugging Rory tightly. "I'm going to miss you so much." Rory sobbed into his chest.

Rory was closer to Logan than she was with Colin or Finn, even though she was going to miss them all.

"I'm gonna miss you to Ace, Promise while I'm gone you'll continue to write because you're a great writer." Logan told her.

"I promise." Rory sniffled as she heard the limo honk it's horn to pick the guys up. They all hugged each other before the three teenagers departed to go to boarding school for high school in a different continent.

The girls watched their best friends leave. "We should have seen this coming." Steph sniffled. "We're in 7th grade and they are in 9th. It should have been expected."

"Yeah, Expected." Rory agreed starring at the anklet she had just received. "Nothings going to be the same anymore." she stated sadly. Steph just nodded as the two cried.

End Flashback

"Tomorrow we start Yale, Meaning tonight we must party!" Steph screamed excitedly. "We haven't even unpacked yet and you want to go clubbing!" Rory asked.

"Um, Yeah." Steph responded looking at Rory as if she were crazy. "Just checking lets get changed." Rory turned on her heel and walked into her room to go out for the night.

Both girls emerged with short skirts, tight shirts, high heels and there hair up. "So where do we start?" Steph asked as they exited their dorm.

"I heard about this club called Havana. It's supposed to be amazing." Rory suggested. "Alright! Lets go find some boys!" Steph shouted as the two girls linked arms.

"Finn! That's your third drink and we've been here a half hour." Colin said shaking his head. "I know but classes start tomorrow and that depresses me and when I am depressed I drink."

"Finn, You drink regardless of what mood your in." Logan commented. "Yes, True. Alcohol is a universal drink!"

The three guys had congregated in a booth in the back of the club that over looked everything. It was there second year at College. They had transferred to Yale from a College overseas.

"You guys see those girls dancing on the bar? I think we should go introduce ourselves!" Finn said excitedly.

"I agree." Logan said standing up.

The three guys made there way to the bar to see the girls on the bar that had drawn most of the clubs male population's attention to themselves.

Finn, Colin and Logan got up close to the front of the bar and were enjoying seeing the girls dance in short skirts on the bar, but there joy was short lived.

"Um…Logan look." Colin said pointing to the ankles of the two girls. Logan stared carefully at the jewelry on the girls ankles, trying to remember where he had seen it before, then yelled "OH MY GOD!" he looked up to see two girls that he could barely recognize as Rory Hayden and Steph Vanderbilt.

"RORY! STEPH!"Finnyelled getting the girls attention. "Shit!" Steph exclaimed as the two girls climbed off the bar much to the dismay of every other guy in the club.

"What the hell do you two think your doing!" Colin asked. Steph and Rory looked at Finn for a little help knowing that he was the least mad.

"Loves, Why don't you go to the bathroom to clean up your make up and everything and we'll be waiting for you to talk." Finn suggested as the two girls sped off in the direction of the bathroom with the guys tailing them close behind.

"I cannot believe this!" Colin practically screamed. "They're definitely not the innocent girls we left." Logan stated.

Finn couldn't believe the way his friends were reacting did he expect them to still have the looks and mentalities of the seventh graders they left six years ago?

"Did you honestly expect them to live like nuns!" Finn questioned. He had known that the girls had grown up.

About two years ago, during his first year of Yale he had gotten a picture of his parents Christmas party and had noticed Rory and Steph in it not looking exactly innocent. So he decided he was going to go visit them but didn't mention it to Logan or Colin because he knew they would be extremely upset about the new behavior of the girls they grew up with.

Logan and Colin were just standing there considering what Finn had said when they realized it had been a half hour and the girls had still not reappeared from the bathroom.

"Screw this!" Colin mumbled before barging into the ladies restroom to see that Rory and Steph had disappeared out of the window.

He walked back out to a awaiting Logan and Finn. "They left, Snuck out the window." he told them. Finn smirked "I knew teaching them escape routes would someday come back to haunt me."

"Wait, You knew?" Logan questioned. "Of course I knew. Well I knew they went clubbing and that they didn't look like junior high students anymore but I didn't know about the bar dancing, that I frown upon."

His friends just starred at him in shock. "How do you think I knew so much about Hartford?" Finn asked.

"Your mother, e-mails, phone calls. I didn't think you actually went to see them!" Logan said angrily. "Are you two mad at me or yourselves?" Finn questioned.

The two stood there again letting something Finn of all people sink in. He was right, They were mad at themselves. Steph and Rory especially were the only people they had really missed in Hartford.

They knew they were getting older and living up their teenage years while they were at Zugerberg but it never occurred to them that Rory and Steph were doing the same thing. They figured the girls would still be the innocent little bookworms whose clothes were two sizes to big and blushed at the suggestive comments they would make.

Logan realized Rory wasn't his Ace, she probably never wrote or read anymore. That thought alone killed him, knowing she had changed so much into a person he couldn't recognize.

"You knew they did that stuff and it didn't bother you? I thought you liked Steph." Colin said dragging Logan out of his thoughts.

"I do like Steph. She's always been a little on the crazy side which attracted me to her. She's still a little on the crazy side and now it does a lot more than make me want to hold her hand." Finn smirked suggestively.

He noticed the looks on his friends faces, they were shocked and confused. Things were probably just beginning to sink in.

"They haven't changed. Rory's still Logan's Ace and Steph's still our Blondie." Finn explained.

They all had nicknames for each other. Ace for Rory because even when Rory was little she was constantly writing and Steph's was Blondie because she obviously had blonde hair.

As much as Colin and Logan wanted to believe Finn they couldn't the girls they left were not the same two they saw tonight.

Rory and Steph walked into their dorm room after sneaking out of the club. They both threw themselves onto the couch still in shock from the nights events.

"I cannot believe we saw them." Steph muttered. "I cannot believe we climbed out a bathroom window to avoid them." Rory commented.

"They were going to lecture us about what we are doing is bad. Which I think would be hypocritical. We know what went on at Zugerberg and at Cambridge. They were drinking, partying and sleeping around. They have no right to judge us." Steph ranted.

"I think we just shocked them. I mean when they left we hadn't even hit puberty and when they came back.." Rory tried to reason.

"When they came back we were shaking what our mamas gave us?" Steph suggested trying to lighten to the mood, and had been successful because they both busted out laughing.

"At least Finn knows. I mean I don't think I could deal if all three of them hated us." Rory said quietly.

"They don't hate us. They're just surprised at us. And YES I got to see my Finny!" Steph said jumping up and down excitedly.

"Steph and Finn sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n…" Rory chanted but Steph hit her in the head with a pillow. "We're not exclusive. He still goes out with other girls and I still go out with other guys." Steph told her.

"I know, But ever since he came to see us Senior year. He's been your favorite boy toy." Rory retorted knowingly.

"Your are correct." Steph blushed. She had always had a crush on Finn, and when he came to visit them they had hooked up. Though it was meant to be nothing but fun, neither of them viewed as meaningless.

Rory was about to say something when her cell went off. "Hello?" She asked distractedly still trying to carry on her conversation with Stephanie.

"Hey Ac--Rory. It's Logan." The voice on the line said.

Ok Ok, I know that there are other stories that have the same basic concept of the guys going away and then seeing the girls. But I am putting my own little spin on it (Laughs evilly).

I also must comment on the fact that they are going to Zugerberg (which was mentioned in Jews and Chinese Food) , Normally stories say they are going to Andover. But Zugerberg is a much funnier word.

I also will explain why in the last six years they haven't seen each other. In Time!

This story will have flash backs like my first one, because I like writing flashbacks.

Tell me if I should quit this and come up with something different or possibly a sequel for 'You're Faking a smile with the coffee to go' I'd LOVE feed back.