Ok, this is just a really short story that I wrote because after reading the stories of my good friend ArtYume I decided it would be really fun if I wrote something that we could look back on. It's silly. It's major OOC and it's dedicated to my good friend Jade-Lilly.

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Chapter 1

"Yay!" Ichigo shouted to her team. "We've finally done it. We've defeated Deep Blue. But now, I have a confession to make to all of you."

"What is it Ichigo? What do you need to tell us?" Everyone asked her.

"I'm not really from this Earth. You see, I come from the future. It was my destiny to help save the Earth so my generation of people can live on. I'm so sorry everyone, but it is time I returned to my real life and my husband Hideki. Sayonara!" And with that Ichigo pulled out the locket that had been inside the bell that Masaya had given her.

She whispered into it "Take me home." A bright light appeared around her, and both the light and Ichigo slowly faded away. And with that, she was gone forever. Everyone turned their attention to Kisshu to see how he reacted. They expected screaming and shouting. They expected him to go through lots of denial and tears. His love had been taken away from him.

Instead Kisshu's mouth was open and he was looking straight ahead. Everyone turned to see what he was looking at. Ryou's mouth fell open as well.

There in front of them stood two beautiful girls. One had long brown hair that went to her mid-back. She had blue eyes and was 5'6. She was about 16 years old. The other girl had short black hair that was tied into a ponytail. She was a little shorter than her friend, only 5'4. She was about 15 years old.

Both girls stepped forward and looked at the group.

"Hey," said the first girl. "My name is Karuna, and this is my friend JadeLily, she likes being called Jade. We have come to help ensure that the Earth never gets attacked by someone like Deep Blue again. And if it is attacked we're here to help defend it in the place of Mew Ichigo." Both girls bowed.

Kisshu and Ryou both started at the girls. They were beautiful, they were gorgeous! Kisshu looked at Karuna softly. 'It's like an angel has fallen from heaven and landed here in front of me,' he thought. While Ryou looked at Jade while thinking 'Wow, she looks amazing. She's so radiant and beautiful. I just want to take her into my arms and protect her from everything.'

"Hey Jade?" Karuna spoke through there mind powers after standing up from the bow. "What do you think of the green haired guy? I think he's pretty hot."

"What! No way. It's the blonde cutie all the way," replied Jade.

"Well, it looks like there starring at us. Maybe we should leave…"

"Yeah." thought Jade. "They probably think we're kinda weird just standing here."

"Well I guess it's time to go now," said Jade.

"Yeah. We'll see you guys around I guess. Take care," said Karuna. Both of them turned to leave.

"WAIT!" called Kisshu and Ryou at the same time, and both girls turned to look at them and the rest of the Mew Mew Gang (who were in the background being ignored.)

"How will we find you?" asked Ryou.

"And when will we see you again?" added Kisshu.

"Oh don't worry. We were actually going to get settled in and then come to Café Mew Mew looking for a job so that we can easily keep in contact," Jade told the two.

"Plus we need cash," said Karuna, both girls gave a small smile. "Hehe, we left without any money from this time."

"That too," said Jade.

"Ok," said Ryou and Kisshu at the same time... again.

'At least I'll know where she is so I can visit her,' thought Kisshu.

'Yay!' Ryou thought while doing a happy dance in his head. 'I get to spend all the with the girl of my dreams!'

Ok this is just a silly story for me and Jade-Lilly. I'm really sorry if you don't like it but we just want to see how many people laugh at this. If you laughed please tell us in a review.


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