Lovers Tangle – Chapter 5

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Jade woke up to the sound of her laptop ringing. She quickly opened it and clicked on the button that looked like a camera,

and a window popped up.

"Hey Jade! You're back in this time! Good to see ya!" A pink haired, emerald eyed girl shouted at her. Jade smiled seeing the girl. "Hey Sakura, how's it going in your world?" She asked, and Sakura leaned in. "Sasuke-kun came back! I'll tell you all about it!" And so she did.

(They are all about 15-16 years old now, Sakura is a medic ninja and part of ANBU, as is Naruto. They went on a recovery mission with Neji and found Sasuke badly wounded. Sasuke's curse seal was gone since he killed Orochimaru and he also killed Itachi. I never met him because he was gone during the year I stayed at the Naruto world, but I saw a (hawt) picture of him

in Sakura's room.)

So now, their relationship grew a little awkward ever since he came back. "Sorry I missed it! You still like him, eh?"

Sakura sighed. "Yes, but I don't know how he feels."

Jade glanced at the calendar. "Let me ask Karuna if she knows a way to get you guys there, and I can see him in real life, instead of looking at his picture on your bedside table. Ja!"

Sakura smiled and wave goodbye. "Ja ne."

Jade ran to Karuna's room and started pounding the door. "Karuna! Get your lazy self up! I need to ask you something!" Karuna opened the door and Jade stepped aside. Her hair was all messed up and she had bags under her eyes. She also looked really pale and her eyes were red. This was no surprise for Jade, once Karuna got into the shower, she would look like her

old beautiful self!

After both girls got themselves fixed up, they drove to the café. Karuna turned to Jade. "What was it you needed to ask me?"

Jade thought for a while, her memory was failing her. "Oh yeah! Do you know a way to get someone from another world here?"

Karuna thought for a while. "The only way I know is if you talked with Yuuko, and we need Mokona to do that, or strong magic." Jade sighed.

(Little note here: Jade and Karuna only met around a year ago. Before then, they had to pass a solo mission as a mew. Jade was sent to the world of Naruto, and Karuna was sent to Piffle World where she met the Tsubasa Gang. You get the idea now?)

When they got to the café, they saw Kish and Ryou running around like little girls screaming their heads off. They also saw a white blur jumping back on forth on their heads. Karuna looked past the two screaming guys to see four familiar people, and ran to glomp them. (Ahem, I mean glomp Sakura-hime.)

"SAKURA-HIME!" Was all you heard before you saw Sakura having the air squeezed out of her.

Mokona –who was the white thing on Ryou and Kish's head if you didn't already realize— decided to stop jumping and hug Karuna. While that was happening, everyone else (but Jade) was looking at them like they were crazy.

When Karuna finally released Sakura, she greeted Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai. Jade decided to pull Mokona away, downstairs and asked Mokona to contact Yuuko.

"Hm? Who are you?"

Jade bowed before speaking. "I'm Jade, Karuna's partner."—Yuuko nodded—"I was wondering, if you could transport a few of my friends here and back for a party."

Yuuko looked at her. "It will require something of equal value to be paid to me."

Jade nodded, expecting this, and held out her Katana. (This is the one I use that's not made from my mew powers.) "It's a special one I've had since I was five, I think this should do." Mokona swallowed the thing and Yuuko accepted it.

"I know which friends you are talking about, Mokona will receive them right where you are in a few seconds." Yuuko vanished, and Mokona started glowing again.

"Mokona says that they need another hour or so." Jade nodded, and waited. An hour later, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Gaara, Iruka, Kakashi, Tenten, Akamaru and Kiba, Ino, and Neji appeared before Jade with their bags beside them. Sakura was the first to move, by crushing Jade in a hug.

Every greeted Jade, even Neji and Gaara. Jade led them upstairs where Karuna was happily talking to Sakura. Seeing that everyone calmed down, Jade and Karuna introduced everyone and explained how they got there.

After the LONG introductions, the Mews started working again. Ryou started to tell Jade and Karuna to start working too, but Jade used her (oh so powerful and cool) abilities at got both her and Karuna a day off to catch up with friends, this is how she did it:

"Ryou-KUN, can we PLEASE have the day off?" She looked at him, and he turned, trying to ignore the cute face she had on. "PWEEZE?" Too late, he looked and she made her eyes all watery. He sighed, and let them go.

Jade ran out and high-fived Karuna, the two then went separate ways.

With Jade

"Okay, here are your groups. Naruto and Hinata, Sakura and Sasuke, Tenten and Neji, Kiba and Gaara, Ino and Iruka, and Kakashi can do whatever he likes. Meet back at the café at six and I'll treat you all to dinner! I'll be going from group to group and stuff, and I've gotten some jutsus of my own down, so I'll show you some!" (Finally… those hurt! Not really. I'll pretty much be following Sakura and Sasuke, since I don't really emit a strong Chakra, I'll be harder to detect.")

With Karuna



"Ok, first things first. Fai, can you and Syaoran please stand infront of me?" Karuna asked.

After they stood infront of Karuna they looked at her and gingerly asked "Ummm, exactly why are we standing here?"

"O," Karuna said. "I need a little protection for the next minute or so. Anyways. It has come to my attention that I don't have a super cool nickname like all of you. Neither does Mokona so I shall be Big Mousey and Mokona shall be Little Mousey!"

Mokona started to jump up and down while screaming "Yay! Mokona like! Mokona like"

Sakura looked at Karuna "but why did you need protection?"

Karuna smiled. "Do you really think Kurogane likes being reminded he was called Big Puppy?"

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ArtYume/JadeLily: I really wanted to write more, but it's 1:07 AM and I'd like to get some sleep!

Pay Backs a Bitch/Karuna: hehe, sorry for the Big Puppy Little Puppy mentioning. But that's the part I'm at in the manga. (Number 6) a.k.a. the Country Of Oto. And sorry for the long chapter wait. I've been stalling because my (short) friend Laura has been reading this story and she's in England right now.

Bye until next time.