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Hidden in Plain Sight
Arc 00 – The Annual Meet



"You did not come… I've been waiting…"

The wind carried the softly spoken words over to a pair of sensitive furry ears.

Inuyasha looked up to see a flash of white hidden in the shadows of the forest.

"I did not think we needed to see each other this year. You have been around. You know of everything that has happened to me since I have awakened." He murmured just as softly.

There was a short contemplative silence before he heard his half-brother reply.

"Not quite everything, little brother. We have much to discuss. Be there by sunset."

Inuyasha sensed Sesshomaru speed away without waiting for a reply.

"Cocky bastard. What if I don't want to come?"

Inuyasha snorted softly.

The daiyoukai's holier-than-thou attitude was a constant source of amusement to him. His thoughts drifted to a certain child that accompanied his stuck-up brother.

A ningen child. He sighed softly.

"But you are right. We do have a lot to talk about."

Inuyasha looked down to see Kirara staring up at him curiously. He chuckled softly and petted the cat behind her ears, earning him a purr.

The nekomata was a lot smarter than many gave her credit for. She had sensed no danger from Sesshomaru, and hence had not alerted the misshapen pack of his presence.

He looked up to see a certain fox kit happily munching away at some grilled fish, and his expression soured.

The little kitsune's tracking and sensing abilities were abhorrent, and near non existent. Alone in the wild, the kit would never have survived, and even now is dependent on ningen for his nourishment. The unfledged miko's constant pampering did not help any.

Inuyasha sighed for the second time that day and went to inform the group of his temporary absence.

"Lets see… I could tell them that I will be scouting around for the next little while and to not panic. I should be back within three days. That presumptuous little bitch will probably try to maim me with that damned necklace."


Inuyasha made it to the clearing in good time. The sun had only just begun setting. He took sat down near a boulder and watched the disk slip away below the horizon. He smiled when he felt a familiar presence settle down beside him. He could feel the golden eyes study his feature thoughtfully.

"Why did you not come, Inuyasha?" said Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha felt a bitter smile cross his face, before it smoothed away into a quiet smile. He looked pointedly towards the youkai's missing limb.

"I did not think you would want to see me after that."

He lifted his gaze and was surprised to see the smirk on the usually impassive face.

"Feeling guilty little brother?" Sesshomaru teased.

"Feh" was all the puppy-eared hanyou had to say, tossing his head, looking away to hide his blush.

"You can't have it Sesshomaru. You can't have the Tetsaiga" He breathed, still looking away from those metallic eyes.

The chill that accompanied those words could not be attributed entirely to the oncoming nightfall.

Sesshomaru made a noncommittal "Hn" sound.

"We will discuss that later, Inuyasha. There are other more pressing matters that require our immediate attention."

"Such as?" asked Inuyasha, already knowing the answer.

"Damn He didn't take the bait!"

"Do not pretend ignorance little brother." said Sesshomaru sternly. "It does not become you. You are required to attend the Gathering this year. You are now two hundred years old, an adult by youkai tradition. You will be now introduced to the other royal clans as a potential mate."

"Youkai traditions?" Inuyasha scoffed. Inuyasha turned to look at his brother and batted his lashes and wiggled his ears, smiling, eyes brimming with mirth. "But, Sesshomaru, I am not a youkai, as you like to point out oh so frequently."

The smile leeched off his face as he took in Sesshomaru's smug countenance.

"What am I missing?" he hissed harshly.

"It seems, our father anticipated this little obstacle, and before his demise made a significant change to the tradition. One, that this Sesshomaru is unable to overrule, little brother."

"What is it? Spit it out already. Bastard."

Inuyasha couldn't help but add that last little barb. He hated it when Sesshomaru called him his 'brother' more than every other insult that he had had to endure in his life.

Sesshomaru smiled serenely chilling Inuyasha to the bone, telling him that his brother too understood perfectly.

"You will attend 'little brother'. You have no choice in the matter." said Sesshomaru handing him a scroll tied with silver ribbon that until now Inuyasha had failed to notice.

Blood drained from his face as Inuyasha read the simple words that promised to overturn his life once again.


The youkai belonging to the Royal, Warrior and Noble clans are to be presented to the annual gathering during mating season during their 200th year. This presentation will mark said youkai as a legal adult, hence entitled to all rights and properties as per their position, marking them as mate worthy for potential suitors.

The above stated law is hereby annulled and revised.

I, Inu no Taisho, hereby decree that those of youkai blood of the Royals, Warriors and Nobles are to be presented to the annual gathering during mating season during their 200th year. This presentation will mark said individual as a legal adult, hence entitled to all rights and properties as befitting their position, marking them as mate worthy for potential suitors.

Henceforth, this law is absolute and cannot be subjected to further revision.

Signed and witnessed (seals): Lord of the North, Lord of the South, Lord of the East and Lord of the West.


Inuyasha studied the animal seals representing the four Royal Clans; the fire phoenix, the snow phoenix, the golden tiger and the silver dog, hoping they were a sham, but no such luck. The seals were made in blood. And the paper used for the scroll was imbued with magic so that only blood from the royal clans may stain it.

Inuyasha, with trembling hands returned the scroll to his brother.

His brother looked at him impassively, letting the silence stretch out before them.

"They are expecting me then, huh?"

Inuyasha looked up at his brother to see disgust staining his aristocratic face as he said, "You may bring that pathetic miko wench if you wish. By youkai tradition, it takes a full year to finalize a mating. You will have to start now if you wish to have the mortal by next year."

Inuyasha stared at his brother and a tender smile blossomed on his face. The smile then turned into a maniacal grin that threatened to split his face. And suddenly without warning, he fell on his back and began laughing uproariously, clutching at his belly. The look on the youkai lord's face was priceless as he watched his little brother's antics.

"Brother…" Inuyasha gasped, between laughs. "We… need… to… talk.".


Character profiles - Canon

Lord Inuyasha (dog forest spirit)
Species: Royalty - Silver dog half demon
Allegiance: Western Lands
Status: Heir apparent of the Western Lands
Age Group: Adult - 200

Lord Sesshoumaru (killing perfection)
Species: Royalty - Silver Dog Demon
Allegiance: Western Lands
Status: Lord of the Western Lands; Alpha male of the Silver dog clan
Age Group: Adult - 535

Kagome (children's rhyme)
Species: Human
Allegiance: Inuyasha's shard-hunter group; Higurashi shrine
Status: Untrained priestess
Age Group: 15

Sango (coral)
Species: Human - Nobility
Allegiance: Inuyasha's shard-hunter group; Western Lands; Demon slayer clan
Status: Heiress of Demon slayer clan
Age Group: 19

Miroku (I have no clue)
Species: Human
Allegiance: Inuyasha's shard-hunter group; Moushin's Shrine
Status: Heir to the Monastery
Age Group: 22

Shippou (seven jewels)
Species: Lower Caste - Red fox demon
Allegiance: Inuyasha's shard-hunter group
Status: Not Applicable
Age Group: Child - 50

Kirara (cloud mother)
Species: Familiar - Two tailed Cat
Allegiance: Inuyasha's shard-hunter group; Demon slayer clan
Status: Not Applicable
Age Group: Ancient - ???


Japanese Words / English Translations

Daiyoukai/Big Demon (Towering Beast Form)
Hanyou/ Half Demon
Tennyo/Celestial Maiden
Tenjin/Celestial Being

Nekomata/Cat Demon (Familiar)
Koi/A kind of Fish
Dokusou/Poison Plant
Kappa / Imp

Youki/Demon Instinct
Saigen - means limit literarily/Demon Powers
Reiryoku/Spiritual Power

Taijiya/Demon Slayer
Aniki/Big Brother
Otouto/Little Brother
Samurai/Japanese style of Swordplay
Inu no Taisho – Lord of the Dogs

Ohayo/Good Morning
Shikon no Tama/Sacred Jewel of the Four Souls
Kazaana/Wind Tunnel
Doukasou/Poison Claw

Kiri no Shouheki/Mist Barrier
Koukyo/Imperial Palace
Setsuna/Moment – Izayoi's father's holdings

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