Cataracta's Notes: Okay, another drabble. I was listening to a song called 'Rise', which has lyrics similar (and sometimes the same) as some of the sentences in this drabble. It's a weird one, implied Ryuhou X Mimori, comparing the two's outlook on certain ideas. Oh, and check out my profile, guys, I have a favor to ask of all of you!

Born to Stand

"Because he is a soldier, born to stand, and she…is something else altogether."

She confuses him, because he's a soldier, born to stand, and she's…something else altogether. He doesn't know what. Isn't sure he wants to, because that might ruin the effect. But he needs to know, needs to know why she acts the way she does, needs to put her in a category so that he can know how to respond to her without stumbling. Because when Ryuhou talks to Mimori, he never knows what to say.

Because Ryuhou's a soldier, stand or die, whose entire life has been dedicated to tracking down a murderer. Mimori's…not. She's someone who blindly follows her heart, who hardly ever listens to her brilliant mind, except when she's in a lab.

Ryuhou's someone who trusts only when overwhelmed with evidence of credibility, because the easiest way to be misled is to believe without proof. Mimori opens her heart and soul to everyone, bar none, without asking questions, without observing, without thinking, without…anything.

Ryuhou follows orders because he's afraid that without them, order and justice would be lost, and then how many little boys would lose their mothers on rainy days? Mimori obeys no one, because she's a free spirit, and because the easiest way to lose yourself is to blindly follow orders and leaders.

Ryuhou knows that the only way to maintain order is through force, because there are some people who just won't listen. Mimori recognizes that the only way to maintain justice is through peace and second chances, because people won't obey someone who threatens them, not really.

Ryuhou believes in nothing but the organization he follows, because everyone and everything has the potential to lie, even if it hasn't yet. Mimori believes in everything around her, because that is the best way to understand, because if you don't believe in something, then really, it doesn't exist.

Ryuhou thinks that he will never understand Mimori, because he's a soldier, born to stand, and she's something else altogether. Mimori thinks that she will never understand Ryuhou, because he's a soldier, stand or die, and she's…not. But both think that if they try, they can make it work.

Ryuhou's always believed that the only way to determine if you can is to try. Mimori's always believed that the only way to see if you are able is to give it a shot. And if the first shot misses, there's always more ammo to try again.

"Men are born to succeed, not fail". - Henry David Thoreau

.:Because, in the end, the only way to fail is to never try at all:.

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