Summary: In the middle of a stake out, Charlie comes with new information, risking his life and the secrecy of the hideout in the process. This is like an Outsiders/Numb3rs crossover. It's based off of when Darry hit Pony in The Outsiders. I own no characters.

Charlie's POV

I peddled as hard as I could to get to the FBI's stakeout point. They were zeroing in on a meth lab and they thought they had found out where it was. At the last minute, I had found out that it was a decoy, a set up. I should have seen the signs. They must have known we were watching them. That's why they made it so easy.

I hoped I was undetected. I tried to be quick and quiet. The real meth lab, by my calculations, still wasn't far from here, but it wasn't where they were planning on invading.

I laid my bike down quietly behind the house they were using, while the owner slept in safety at the FBI offices until they could give it back.

I slowly, cautiously, made my way to the back door and knocked.

Don's POV

We were keeping the lights on, just to not look suspicious. But no one was in the light. We were all in the back of the house, waiting to make our move when a drug deal was to take place, when we would strike.

"All right, Colby, I want your team to-" We were interrupted by a knock at the back door.

I motioned for David to get it, and keep a gun on him. We were all silent, holding are weapons at ready.

I moved slowly to another room, in case we'd need the element of surprise.

Soon Megan came over to me.

"It's Charlie." She said.

Charlie's POV

I knew Don would be mad, but I had to let them know before they got the wrong house.

David pulled me inside the house, and soon I saw Megan coming from a separate room with an irate Don following her.

Don came right up to me, eyes flaring with rage. He reached out and grabbed me by the wrist and hauled me down the steps.

"Don. Ow. You're hurting me. Let go, Don." I said quietly, so not to make a scene. His grip was deathly tight and I began to wince in pain.

Don ignored my pleading until we got to a finished room downstairs with no windows at all.

Finally, he released me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He barked, but keeping it to a softer note.

"Don, I found out that where you were wanting to go was not where the meth lab is at-"

"Charlie, I don't care! You know how much danger you just put yourself in? Put us in? Damn it, Charlie, if they had seen you and they figured out what was going on, who knows what would have happened."

"But they wouldn't! Don, by my calculations, they're not in that house across the street. That was their decoy house. They're a few blocks away, right next to the children's park..."

"No! We have all the evidence that shows that they are in that house across the street. We just saw someone coming into the house carrying something hidden underneath his jacket. It's there, Charlie, and you just put us all in danger for nothing."

"But, the equations-"

"I don't care about some stupid equations! Do you know what would have happened to you if they had caught you? They would have held you hostage and used you as bait for us. They would have gotten away because we wouldn't be able to risk getting you killed to proceed. Damn it, Charlie, for someone so smart you are an idiot!"

"Don, I'm not wrong on this!" I pleaded, getting angry and hurt.

"No, Charlie. You're wrong. I want you to stay down here until we come back for you once this bust is finished. You hear me?"

"No, Don. You have to go over there. It's a set up! They knew you were watching them. Please, believe me."

"I can't believe you. And why should I? After that stupid stunt you just pulled, you clearly haven't been thinking much anyway."

"Don, please, my calculations-"

"Shut up about those equations!"

I stepped back away from him.

"Don, listen to me!" I said in an angry, demanding voice.

"No!" He screamed as he stepped forward and punched me hard across the face.

I stumbled backwards, crashing against the wall. My cheek stung with pain from where he had hit me, but something else was hurting worse.

I saw the look in Don's eyes. He was as shocked as I was. He had never hit me like that before. I mean, we'd had our fights, but not like this.

"Charlie, I-" He started, but I rushed past him and ran up the steps.

"Charlie, wait!" He risked screaming.

But I didn't wait. I ran past the other agents, and went back into the dark night. I found my bike and peddled away as fast as I could.

Don's POV

I felt so guilty. But even though I felt bad about hitting Charlie, I was still mad at him for coming, and I was getting just as mad knowing that he left. When emotions get in the way, your thoughts don't seem right. Who knows what trouble he'll get himself into?

"All right, guys." I said as I got up the steps. "Colby, I want your group to head across the street. David, your team is to go, by car, to search the surrounding area for a different meth lab. Try within the three block radius and near the park. Megan, your team is coming with me to find Charlie. He's out there, and who knows who may be keeping watch over the labs. Let's move."

Charlie's POV

I sped away blindly, tears blurring my vision. I kept going, but I didn't know where. Home was another way. I finally blinked hard a few times and saw that I was passing the park.

Suddenly, out of no where, something caught in my bike tire, sending me flying over the handle bars and scraping my hands and cheek.

I lay there, stunned for a few seconds, when someone grabbed me from behind.

"Where you think you're going?" A sinister voice breathed. I looked into the eyes of a villain, and was truly scared for the first time in my life.

He punched me hard in the face, and stomach. He dragged me along as I tried to fight him. He threw me hard to one side and I fell into a water fountain. My side ached with the impact of him tossing me, and I crumpled to the ground as I couldn't breathe.

Taking advantage of my situation, he reached over and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, and lifted my head, and brought it crashing hard to the cement outer edge of the water fountain. I was momentarily stunned. I couldn't see, but I didn't lose consciousness. I could feel the blood start to spill.

My back to the fountain, the man kicked me hard in the chest and ribs. I ached with pain. He punched me in the face and tears came into my vision once more.

Then, without warning, he grabbed me and lifted me up. I kicked and punched, trying to make contact, but I was overpowered by the much larger man.

He dunked my head into the water. I reached out, trying to find something to hold onto, to bring myself out of the water. Soon my lungs were emptied of all oxygen and I tried to fight harder. Just when I thought I couldn't last another second, he pulled me out of the water.

I breathed in the air, which felt like heaven, but before I could get a full breath, he dunk me back in. I swallowed water as I thought I was still above. I tried to spit it out, but water was everywhere.

This time, he didn't let me up for breath. Before he could, I lost all consciousness.

Don's POV

Megan's team and I hurried to find Charlie. David had said he was heading toward the park. We went as fast as we could, keeping our guns ready for whatever was to come.

We got to the park and looked around. Megan was the first to spot as he was being dunked into a fountain.

We rushed over.

"FBI! Let him go!" I screamed.

The guy turned, holding a gun on Charlie. Damn it. This is what I was worried about.

"I don't think so, Mr. Important." The guy said, pointing the gun to Charlie's head while he held him under water with the other.

I could see Charlie trying to fight him off. We'd have to act quick or he'd be dead before we could get to him.

"Drop your weapon in the next ten seconds or I'll put a bullet through you."

I saw the fear flash through the man's eyes.


"All right!" The man exclaimed, dropping the gun.

I kept my gun on him while Megan went around and got Charlie out of the fountain.

"All right, back off slowly." I commanded.

Two of the guys with Megan came over and handcuffed him and started taking him to the house we were at and to send help for Charlie.

I rushed over to Megan and Charlie. Charlie must not have been breathing because Megan was administering mouth-to-mouth.

Colby's team came over, and I had to leave them.

"What'd you find?" I asked Colby.

"They weren't there. I guess Charlie was right." He said.

I got out my walkie-talkie.

"David? Find anything?" I asked.

"Not yet. We're heading toward the park now."

"We've got a guy here. I guess he was the look-out."

"We're on our way."

I moved back to Charlie and Megan.

Megan had moved away from Charlie. She was talking to Colby about what happened. Charlie sat on the edge of the fountain, shivering.

I headed over to him.

Charlie's POV

After spitting out some more water, I heard someone say my name.

I stood at the sound of my name.

Don was heading toward me, and he didn't look happy. I noted the way his fist was clenched, preparing to strike out again. Out of fear o f being hurt anymore, I stepped back, only to fall completely in the fountain.

"Charlie!" I heard Don call my name.

I reached for something to hold onto to pull myself out. Soon, Don's hand reached out to grab my hand and he pulled me out.

"You okay?" He asked as I stepped out of the fountain.

I shook my head no. I sat back down on the edge and hugged myself, trying to keep warm.

Don must have noticed, because I saw him walk over to the now-arriving van to get a blanket for me.

He came back over carrying one. He threw it in my lap.

"Here." He said, not sounding quite as sympathetic as before.

I took it and wrapped it around myself, clutching it tightly as I tried to calm my shivering body.

"Look, bud, I know that you were upset back there, but I cannot condone the fact that you put yourself and us at risk twice tonight."

"You? How did I put the FBI in danger? I didn't ask you to follow me." I argued.

"Oh, yeah? What did you think? We were just going to let an unarmed civilian go out there unprotected? Damn it, Charlie, why can't you think?"

"I thought I'd be safe over there, considering they were only across the street." I threw at him.

Don made a grunting noise, but was interrupted by his walkie-talkie.

"We got 'em!" David's voice called.

"Where are you?"

"We're across the street from the park. I can see you from where we are."

"Need any backup?"

"Negative. We're just fine."

"No injuries?"


"Good job."

Don turned back to me.

"God, Charlie, I don't know how you manage to make me so frustrated. What were you thinking running out there by yourself anyway? You could have been killed, Charlie!"

I stood up, angry and upset. My blanket fell to the ground, but I didn't care.

"You just don't get it, do you?" I asked as calmly as I could before I walked off, after I had found where my bike was.

"Charlie, come back. You can't keep running off when you get mad at me!" Don screamed from behind me, sounding just as mad as I was.

"Watch me!" I called back, getting on my bike and peddling toward home.

Don's POV

I watched as Charlie sped away. Images of how beat up and shaky he was flashed in my mind. The scrape on his cheek, the gash in his forehead, the bruise under his eye...I had put that one there.

I felt the guilt in waves once more, but I didn't give in to them this time. Charlie had done something stupid once more and I couldn't take it. I knew I upset him, but he had no right to run off like that.

Charlie's POV

The cold wind cut through my damp clothing like a knife. I shook as I peddled home. My hands ached from where I had scraped them on the cement and I had to take my hands off the handles to keep the pain away. But no pain could erase the pain inside me.

I finally got home at four o'clock in the morning. I pulled up to the front of the house and got out. I opened up the front door quietly, only to find Dad walking groggily to the stairs. He was clearly surprised by my walking in.

"Charlie! Where have you been?" He asked, obviously not knowing that I had been out before then.

"Nowhere." I said, walking past him. As my face hit the light, I heard Dad's intake of breath.

"Charlie! My God, what happened?" He asked, reaching out to touch me.

"It's nothing, Dad. I'm going to bed." I said, as I walked hurriedly up the steps.

I laid down in bed, not bothering to take off the damp clothes or even to cover up with the blanket. The chill from the wet clothing was nothing compared to the cold feeling in my heart.

I let the tears come then, and I was taking over by sleep.

The next morning, I felt horrible. I got up at eight o'clock and took a shower, finally getting out of the wet clothing.

My hands were scraped and covered with dried blood. My head had a deep gash that started bleeding again after I cleaned it off.

But when I looked at the bruise on my face, I stopped dead in my tracks. Don had put it there. My older brother, who I had looked up to for years had hit me.