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Petunia Dursley's Perspective

"Unknown, But Unconditional Love"

I'd sneak into his room,

whenever Vernon left home.

When I'd place Dudley in his crib,

I'd sneak into the cupboard,

and give my nephew undeniable attention.

Whenever Vernon was home,

I'd ignore Harry,

but whenever Vernon left,

I would give that innocent, little boy,

the love he deserved.

As Harry got older,

the more difficult,

my routine became.

Harry was old enough,

to understand and feel the hate,

portrayed at him.

Vernon seemed to never allow,

me to stay home alone with him,

so the less opportunities I was given,

to give my nephew the crucial attention he needed.

Eventually, as the years passed on,

my act of hatred became true hatred.

I don't know when everything changed,

but it did.

Harry's magic started developing,

and accidents began occurring.

Harry would do chores,

then be locked in the cupboard,

with no food for days on end.

Harry grew to hate us,

and I can't blame him.

I may hate my nephew,

but I love him dearly.

There are times I just want to cuddle him,

but my hatred gets the best of me,

and I end up slapping him, instead.

Sixteen years have flown right by,

and now my seventeen-year-old nephew,

is anticipating the minutes 'till his friends arrive,

to take him from this hellhole he's lived in,

throughout his entire "Un-normal and cheated" childhood.

Nine months have passed since I seen Harry,

and I received a letter by Owl from the Headmistress.

I assumed it was an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony,

but I was wrong.

Professor Minerva McGonagall wrote me,

sorrowfully announcing my nephew's death.

Tears formed in my eyes.

I hated him,

I shouldn't be crying,

but my tears are falling,

because I've always loved the boy.

He defeated the Dark Lord,

but fell doing so,

for Death Eaters had killed him.

I attend the funeral service.

I gaze down at his youthful features on his face,

and the memories play like a film without sound,

throughout my mind.

Harry's first run,

Harry's first two-word sentence,

"No, swy…"

His first sentence was "No, sorry."

What had we done to him at such a young age,

seventeen months?

He died young,

just like his parents,

but never got to experience,

the joys of marriage and parenthood,

like James and Lily had.

I stroke his pale, cold, lifeless cheek tenderly,

and I place a kiss on his forehead.

"I may have disliked you,

but I always loved you, Harry," I say tearfully.

I turn, and see the family of redheads,

and the bushy hair girl,

they're all crying or sitting there stunned.

Relief runs through me.

At least Harry was loved and appreciated here.

As I return to my seat I gaze back at the coffin.

I can't believe what I'm seeing!

I look around frantically,

no one else seems to see what I see.

Lily and James,

Harry between them,

hugging and walking away happily as a family.

I smile in relief,

The once separated family,

reunited once again for eternity.

Just remember this, Harry,

I've always loved you.

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