Summary: He lost everything in a single night, and having nowhere else to go he went with them, the murders of his family. They taught him all he needed to know, as well as teaching him how to use the powers they had given him. Eight years after the events he meets a pink haired woman who interests him greatly. He seems to know her from somewhere but he can't figure out where. What happens when he decides to take her as his own? Especially when his master forbids it? Will he keep her or will she die in the hands of his master?

Chapter 1: Gone

Everything was gone, destroyed by them. His family laid on the cold wooden floor surrounded by thick red liquid that seemed to be pouring out of their bodies. He had no idea as to why this had happen and he only faintly remembered what happened to them.

His head was throbbing in pain at the blow to the back of the head he had received. He had only just awaked. It was pitch black out signifying that it had to be in the middle in the night. The attack had been at night as well.

He knew nothing about the murders, only that they weren't normal and that was it. All he knew was that he was now alone in this cruel world. Nobody was here, nobody would help him or take care of him now unless…unless he was to go with them.

The murders. The ones that had killed his family had asked him to come to them. The ones who had killed his whole life wanted him.

They asked him to be with them. They said that they'd teach him how to survive in this world but at a price. The price was unknown as of right now since he had yet to make his choice. He took a glance at his motionless family.

His brother, his dad, and his mom, his family, his whole life had been killed. They were all gone, taken from him. He was not naïve at all, he knew people died eventually, he just never though he would have to witness it at such a young age.

He always though he'd be married and have kids of his own before they died but he was wrong. They were dead. His life was now purposeless.

He had no reason to live unless… unless he wanted to live for revenge but what would he truly know about revenge, death, pain and suffering? He knew absolutely nothing about the extent of it. He was but a boy after all. No more than ten year old kid who had lost everything.

He should have been dead with them but they refused to kill him saying he could be of some use to them in the future. What they would use him for he was not sure. He did know that it had to be important though right?

Why else would they have left him as the only survivor? He had two chooses either to go with them or fend for himself in this world. He really had no choice in reality. It was a life or death situation and as much as he loved his family he didn't want to join them yet.

He was selfish and he knew it. He would betray them just to live. He would go to their killers just to live. His family would kill him if they knew what he was about to do he knew they would. But he wasn't ready to die, not at all.

He still had some sort of life ahead of him after all. He was still young, he may not have a real good reason to live but at least he was still alive. He knew what he was going to choose.

He knew he would choose life over death, bad over good and he would choose his families murders over them. He should die for this, he should be tortured for even thinking about this but in the end he didn't care as long as he was alive.

He wanted to live not die. Nobody wants to die, nobody. He was human after all he was suppose to make some mistakes in his life. The only thing he didn't know was what was ahead of him for choosing this. He would change to be like them.

To please them he would turn like them. He knew he would probably regret it in the future but would it matter? His life was his own business nobody else's. The boy had been left alone in his house with his dead family members.

If he wished to join the murders he had to find them. He had to leave his home, well it wasn't his home anymore but anyway he had to go where the murders gathered. A place called the bloody bar located about twenty miles to the north of his house.

That's really all he remembered them telling him before he was knocked out. He didn't know what they did to him but they must have done something to him because his neck was pulsing in pain and his mouth was utterly dry.

No matter how much water he drank it still did not quench his thirst and he also was starting to hate the taste of it, which was weird to him. It left a bad after taste in his mouth after he drank it. He thought he was hallucinating but it also seemed his upper two canine teeth were longer and sharper than before.

Just to check he went into a blue bathroom on the second floor of his house since the first floor was ruined and smelled really bad.

When he got in there he went to flicker on the lights but it seemed he didn't need to because he was perfectly as if the lights were already on. It freaked him out a bit but he didn't investigate it any further.

Instead he looked in the mirror taking a good look at himself. His appearance seemed to have changed. He was five foot before and now it seemed he was a good five foot seven.

He also had a lot more muscle than before and all his baby fat was gone. In fact all the fat on his body was gone, replaced by muscle. He was a normal weight before but now he was slim and lean.

Instead of his once dark onyx eyes he had onyx eyes with blood red pupils, instead of his nice tan skin he had milky white skin and his hair that was once a light black was now a jet black and instead of it being a normal length like it used to be it was all spiked up and a bit shorter.

He opened his mouth to see that he wasn't hallucinating; his two upper canine teeth were longer and sharper than before. 'Weird.' He thought and looked at his clothes. They had also changed. Instead of his pajamas he had regular clothes on.

Well at least they were suppose to be regular. He had rather loose dungarees on that had a silver sword with blood dripping down from where the blade met the gold hilt to the ground where there was a pool of blood on the left side of his dungarees.

On the right side there was a silver v with an outline of gold. The v had a gold crown over it with blood splattered on it.

He had a tight black silk t-shirt on that fangs with blood dripping down them on each sleeve and on the back of it there was a bloody silver cross. He also had a black belt with silver fangs as the buckle clasped around his waist.

He took a closer look at his pulsing neck and saw two small holes in it. He placed his hand over it gently, tracing the mark, and in response he received a painful pulse they made him drop to his knees as he screamed in pain from it.

After a few minutes it subsided and he took long deep, ragged breaths. After he caught his breath, he slowly stood up, wobbling as if he were drunk. He gripped the edge of the bathroom sink for support.

He looked back in the mirror, and once again looked at his neck where the two holes were. They were still there, but there was also something else, a little a bit behind his neck. There were three black things that looked like commas.

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