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Midnight Cursing...

A cold sweat slid down his neck and his body jerked off the bed, awoken from his torment suddenly by a distant sound.

He scanned the room quickly, slowly sliding his claws out to prevent the noise from alerting anyone. Then yanking his black sheets to the side he slid off the bed while stretching out his senses to detect any disturbances.

The only sounds that greeted him were faint snores and light mummers along with the occasional ticking of hallway clock. There wasn't anything strange about the smells either; his room smelled like sweat and dirty laundry with the faint smell of soap coming from his open bathroom door. Outside his room the last person to pass was hours prior, so his military barring for responding to the faintest displacement seemed like it was mistaken but he wasn't about to dismiss a possible threat so easily.

After running a hand through his untamed hair, he pulled some jeans on over his boxers before making his rounds. Even with his 300 and something pound skeleton he barely made a sound, stalking slowly through the halls picking locks as he went to check in on the occupants and sniff out the faintest sent of an intruder.

"Somethin's fucked up…I can feel it…but where" he mumbled to himself as he finished his rounds in the second floor and stared at the old mahogany staircase.

He'd secured the sleepin quarters of all the rugrats and most of the instructors and came up with nothing from either of his senses. Worst still, he couldn't alert anyone since ol' one eye would ridicule him, hell he could hear that prick already

'Look Logan it's great you're concerned but don't you think it's likely that your nightmare could have been why you "heard" the disturbance? Let's all get back to bed, the school's security system will alert us of any real problems come up'

That fucker would be milkin this mistake for weeks. No way in hell am I gona give him the satisfaction of knowin I could be wrong. I've neva before asked for backup so why fuck with a good thing? If I don't find shit then I'll just stand guard, no harm done, and most importantly my pride a'int kicked around.

Stepping toward the stairs he paused looking down the landing to the main foyer before sliding his gaze up toward the third floor staircase. The stairs were fairly well lit with a plant in each window and a redish brown carpet going down the center. Nothing was wrong with the scene and yet he started to climb the stairs against his military barring and strategic teachings for securing the lower levels.

At the top of the stairs a victorian etched mahogany door awaiting him. He used his senses to make sure this wasn't a trap and quickly picked the lock open, emitting a small 'click' for his efforts.

Looking around the room nothing seemed out of place, though it did look excessively clean for his taste.

White linen dressers and satin curtains just seem a bit too luxurious but he pushed those thoughts away as he creped further into the room.

The wind was howling outside the balcony doors but other then that there wasn't anything wrong here either. He stalked toward the bathroom door, pushing it open, ready to gut someone but found only a moist towel and aroma filled room. His nose twitched a bit at the overexposure and quickly backed out of the bathroom.

He gave Ororo's room one more scan before deciding that he'd fucked up and quickly headed toward the door.

If anyone saw me do this shit, I'd neva be able to live this down, acting like a paranoid ass, spendin half the night huntin my shadow.

He was almost at the doorway when he heard it again… this time clearer from the close proximity.


The word was spoken softly almost like a prayer but he heard it, all the same. His head snapped toward Ro' watching her for a moment, unsure of himself suddenly.

My senses are hightened but theres no way they could of picked up on her wispering from my "soundproof" room...even from here it's not easy to catch her whispers...

Yet knowing the consequences he didn't budge, rooted to his spot watching the figure she granted, snuggled within her large cream comforter. He didn't even know why he stood there till she said it again.


It was strange, given she spoke it in such an…odd way. Hell he'd enjoy it if she'd been hot and bothered and called out his name but that wasn't it… it was almost like she was drowning and that was the only word she could voice.

Throwing caution into the bucket, he approached the bed and his muscles tightening as he caught a clearer view.

The peaceful image she'd displayed was ruined now that he could actually distinguish her face. Her features were covered somewhat by her wild hair but he could see she was trying not to cry. Her eyes were sealed tight, her mouth was set, and yet her breathing was fairly even.

Fuck, I'd been focusing on finding any sign of someone else not any odd sign from her. What the fuck am I suppose to do if she's just having a bad dream… I cant exactly gut the shit…

Her head suddenly wiped back and forth making the pain seem all the more prominent. He looked around the room one more time before he made his way to the front of the bed.

Carefully he touched her check ready for something to attack the second he made contact. However, nothing happened. Her room was still ...and though Ro stopped thrashing she began to murmur gibberish.

He heard her whimper as tears slowly began to escape her tight defenses and he just stood there dumbstruck. After watching her cry in her sleep for endless minutes he pulled his hand away slowly, preferring her thrashing to the tears that now lingered on his fingers.