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It was a Sunday morning when she woke up and realized something was different.

Gracie had gone back to school yesterday after spending spring break at home, much to her chagrin. Despite the lack of alcohol they had a wonderful time as a family celebrating hers and Jack's twentieth anniversary on Friday.

After she left, they had spent the evening together having their own celebration. The entire night there was something in the air she couldn't name, but it made the encounter intense, as if it was etching itself directly into her memory, never to be forgotten.

She woke up in Jack's arms, loose now in sleep when they had possessively attached her body to his the night before. She just let herself lay there for a minute enjoying his embrace, breathing in his scent.

She realized something was wrong when she started to pull away. Everyday for the last twenty years when she had pulled away from him he had reflexively pulled her back towards him. Everyday. No matter what.

Today he didn't. His arms drifted off her, landing together on the spot of the bed she'd just vacated. That's when she started to notice how still he was. Even in sleep he was never this still, always moving in some small way or another. But he was still.

Tears welled up in her eyes at the realization. She climbed onto the bed and scrambled on top of him and started CPR as her training so long ago had taught her. It was five minutes later she stopped, laid herself on top of him and wept.

Pulling herself together she picked up the phone and called Daniel. She wasn't sure who else to call, but behind Daniel came a team from the mountain to take care of his body and prepare for his military burial.

He was supposed to be buried in Arlington, as all Generals are, but had written into his will that he wanted to be buried next to Charlie and Sara, who'd passed away a few years before. She knew this was no slight on her as she and her daughter already had plots on the other side of him.

Receiving his flag, while Taps played in the background and her daughter wept openly beside her, was the second hardest thing she'd ever had to do.

The first, had been that morning, when she and her daughter had been handed a letter from the family lawyer addressed to them, from Jack. He'd known somehow, he'd known it was time for him to go. And his words echoed through her head as she walked towards the limo.

Live Sam, love again if you can, I will be waiting with open arms for you—but I want you to live your life for me. Always know that you are what made my world go 'round, what made my life worth living, and you gave me Maggie—the most precious thing in the universe to me. You ARE my everything, Sam. I will always love you. Always.

Settling beside her daughter in the limo, she looked back at the place where her husband was resting—knowing that it would become familiar in the years to come. Knowing she'd visit him on Sundays so that today wouldn't hurt so much…knowing that that wouldn't make a difference.

Knowing that she had truly been loved.

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