Do not underestimate your worth by

comparing yoursel with others

It's cause we're different that

each of us is special.

Prologue: Our Situation

It was snowing again. I guess you could call it a mini snow storm, since it's been snowing for days now. We haven't had school in a week because of it. I sighed and sat sullenly back down on the bench. I was waiting at a bus stop, groceries in hand. Not many people were out because of the snow, but here I was. I checked my watch again, It was late again.

Then a sudden pain hit my chest, making me almost double over. My breaths came out in short pants as I tried to straighten myself up. I dropped the bags and crouched over. Then that was when I heard the noise of a car slow down.

"Miss Honda?" The voice was calm, and steady. I looked up and there was Hatori Sohma, that doctor of the Sohma family. I straightened myself despite the beating pain in my chest, and burning in my arms. I couldn't let anyone know.

"Hi Hatori!" I said, smiling, I was always glad to see any Sohma.

"Tohru-chan!" the back window rolled down and sure enough there was Momiji. He was such a cutie, and it was almost hard to believe that he was only a year younger. I walked slowly to the car, the pains worsening as I moved, but hey, I had a show to put on.

"Hihi!Are you heading home? You know the buses are out today dontcha?" He started. And I must of looked dubious, cause Momiji started laughing.

"We can take you home Tohru." Hatori said, and Momiji opened the door.

"Oh my! Thank you so so so much! I could've sworn Shigure told me something about the buses, but I was in such a rush because I needed to make dinner!" I started blabbing and bowing in respect at the same time.

"Just get in." Hatori said and just looked back straight into the road. Momiji scooched over into the next seat and let me in.

"Thank you so much again!" I said one more time.

"So Yuki or Kyou didn't come?" Momiji stated. He was kind of like me you could say. He never showed when he was sad. He kept it mostly all in, and never burdened anyone. I smiled softly.

"Nope! They got into a fight again, so I decided to leave and get the groceries, I didn't think they'd notice." I said, then I guess I kind of zoned out for a bit.

Most of you know me as Tohru, nice, respectful, and healthy Tohru. Well, scratch out the healthy part at least. Not many people at all know this. And I don't plan on telling anyone else that needs to know than necessary. I didn't even tell Yuki, Kyou, or Shigure. How could I? Maybe it's wrong not to tell them what's wrong with me, but I don't want to be babied. So you want to know what the big fuss is right? Well, I guess telling only one more person couldn't hurt.

I have a Coronary Artery Disease, better known as Angina. I've always made fun of the name, to make it easier on my family. It never worked. My mother was always worried about me. Constantly, but she always said things to encourage me. Angina is a heart disease which the symptoms you could sort of relate to Asthma. Short of breath, pain in chest, weak in the knees, and forth most important fainting. As a child I never thought of it as much as a bad thing, I always dismissed it. But now, It's starting up again. I've only ever gone to one doctor about this. One my family trusted. But ever since Mom died I haven't seen her since.

"Tohru? Tohru? What's the matter? Are you hurt somewhere?" I heard the worried and frantic voice of Momiji. I hadn't noticed, but I was crouched over again, hand to my chest and panting. I caught myself and straightened almost immediately.

"ohmygosh! I'm so sorry! I'm fine though!" I said hastily, it was semi-true, the pain was lessening, and I got my breath back.

"Are you sure Miss Honda?" Hatori suddenly spoke, his eyes were narrowed as if in concentration and maybe a tint of worry. I was nervous, he was doctor, if he tried really hard or had some sort of suspicion, he would be the first person to figure it out.

"Yes, I'm really sorry, I kind of lost myself for a moment." I said sheepishly. I always felt bad about lying. This was the first day in a couple weeks when the pains starting affecting me again. I looked out the window, we were already in front of Shigure's house.

"Awe! Don't worry bout it Tohru, we all have those moments." There was Momiji's smile again.

"Thanks for the ride home again!" I said, while opening the door.

"Bye Momiji! Hatori!" I said while bowing, I closed the door and took two steps back. Then Hatori spoke up one last time.

"If you ever need anything, we're just a phone call away. Remember I'm a doctor." He said, then took off, Momiji's face smiling and waving through the window. I waved back as they went away. The pain was gone, and I could breath properly again, although my arms were a little sore.

So that's what's been happening. I've been a little edgy now. I haven't had any problem with this heart thing for a while, but now...I heard you could die from it. But I'd never ask anyone, it would cause too many problems. And I didn't want to search online, because...well...I guess you could say, I didn't want to know either.

I sighed again, ready to go into the house, Smile plastered on face, and steadily and surely walked into my home.

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