The story begins on a cloudy day, twenty years after Mulan saved China. Mulan is only a legend now, though searches are still being held for her disappearance four years after she married Li Shang. But an attack took all of China by surprise, and most of all, the emperor has grown so old he can no longer do much about it.. It surprised even the older generals. A young man who claimed to be the "New Shan Yu" led the attack. It was an attack held by the Huns. However, these Huns were from a different Germanic tribe, meaning China was facing a new type of enemy altogether. Desperate for soldiers, China offered that anybody could join if a male and 17 or older. Thanks to the Legend of Fa Mulan, however, afew amount of women could join.Almost no background was necessary; just a few extra years of boot camp to make sure you were trust-worthy. In this, the search for the answer of the brave heroine's past begins.


Mai looked out of the horizon as she grabbed the armor. She was going to do it. She gulped as she reached for the shield. She had planned this day ever since she learned about the Huns. She just had never thought that the Huns would return. Nobody did. These were the same Huns who had fought Fa Mulan. Their leaders were swift, and masters of sneaky tricks. Shan Yu was gone, long gone, but a young man who used Shan Yu's name led the new army. There were thousands of them, all heading towards the Great Wall of China. She still couldn't believe it. She swallowed hard. Women were allowed to become nurses and medics in battle, but Mai didn't want that, she wanted to fight. And now she was going to try and pull the same trick as Fa Mulan. A single tear ran down her cheek. She looked up at the sky. She was going to fulfill her promise to Grandpa.

Grandpa had been the only person to ever show Mai any kindness. He had raised her as his own since she was a baby. However, he died a bloody death when Mai was only five years old. He had been murdered. She always remembered his last words. He had made her promise him that she would one day fight as bravely as Fa Mulan, and that when she did, she would finally understand all the secrets that swirled through her head daily. Where was her mother? Her father? Who were they? What did they look like? Were they warriors, traitors? And most of all, were they alive?

Grandpa had always told her of how she wasn't really his granddaughter, how he had found her lost and alone, barely a day old. He told her as he took her to his home, how she didn't cry at all. He said he had only found her with a broken locket tied around her neck.

Mai touched the locket that still was tied around her neck. Strangely, though it was broken, it was still sealed shut, and it wouldn't budge. It never did. It was water and fire proof, so Mai never took it off. On it, were the engraved words Lei. She had always been puzzled, because it meant flower bud. But, never the less, it was the only thing she owned that was a link to her past. Mai kissed the locket before walking over to her grandfather's temple.

She sighed heavily as she saw the temple's horrifying condition. She hadn't been here in years, and the cracked inscriptions and crumbling stone didn't console the growing feeling of guiltiness. She bowed down and started.

"Ancestor's, I know you are not my true family, but your all I have left. The truth of who my own family is still escapes my grasps. I know you're not truly mine, but I ask you to help me fulfill Grandfather's wish. I wish I could tell you his name, to be more specific, but he never told me. My life is filled with questions, and with me trying to try out Fa Mulan's strategy, I need somebody to guide…" Mai screamed and jumped up as she felt something slithering up to the top of her shoulder. She saw a small lizard scrambling on her shirt desperately to hold on.

"HEY! Mulan! WhaT ARe yOU doING!" the talking thing clinging on to Mai's shirt voice went up and down as Mai tried to shake him off. Finally, after a few moments of struggle, the lizard with an attitude went flying into an old gong. Mai stared at the thing for a moment, as it rubbed it's head and murmured,

"That is majorly areplay." He turned and looked at Mai.

"Hey…your not Mulan. You're smaller then she is, and you're definitely younger. Hah! Imposter!" Mai gulped and stuttered,

" know Fa Mulan?" The creature looked at Mai up and down.

"Well of course I know her! Hasn't anybody told you about the brave and incredibly handsome dragon that helped her throughout her journeys?" Mai looked at the red dragon strangely.

"You look more like a lizard to me." The dragon rolled his eyes and said sarcastically,

"Now where have I heard that one before? But back to the point, you never heard my name?" Mai gulped.

"I'm still not sure what you are, how should I know who you are?" The dragon started muttering to himself and them grabbed a gong and banged it, making a racket. Then in a singsong voice, he declared,

"Lady and... nobody else. I am proud to introduce the most handsome, bravest, smartest, funniest, and everything good put togetherest dragon, Mushu!"