Author's Note:

At those two horrid words, a set of dread sets in.

This is Freidon.

It's been about three years since I began the 'Mai of China' story. It was one of my first fanfictions, which could be a good or a bad thing. When I began writing it, I had no clue what the term "Mary Sue" referred to. I thought myself clever to create such 'original' plot lines such as Mulan mysteriously vanishing into thin air, leaving her daughter behind.

And yes, that is a confirmation that Mai was to be Mulan's long lost daughter.

From what I can gather from my scraps of notes and memory, Mai was to have a long lost twin brother, who remarkably managed to escape with Mulan and Shang into hiding. She was raised by her grandfather, who was conveniently widowed and unable to contact Mai's parents. He later died, sacrificing himself for her, and leaving her with an odd trinket of some sorts, I believe a locket. At four or five years old, Mai managed to not only escape her grandfather's killer, but live the tragic yet fruitful life of the street rat.

Until, of course, she decided to join the army, and 'happened' to be the only female soldier in her troop. She also 'happened' to meet many of her parents' past friends and impress not only them but her peers as she proves herself to be more than just a street rat, and avenge her grandfather's murderer (who just so 'happened' to be involved with an emperor's assassination plot) while at the same time discovering her parents. After embracing them and being praised for taking after her mother, she lives happily ever after, perhaps with a fellow peer that she briefly had a romantic encounter with.

Oh yeah, did I mention how Mushu has his own little subplot with the Real Stone Dragon and conviniently remains with Mai to continue being the comic relief?

It's scary how bad this story was, now that I sit down and think about it...

I put off writing this Author's Note in hopes that I would be able to pick up where I left off, or at least rewrite this story. At last, I come to realize that I am leaving the story unfinished, as it should be. While I appreciate my many fans and reviewers, I cannot help but look at this nostalgic story as anything but horrid. It is...sniff...officially on a permanent hiatus.