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Chapter 1

Booth flipped his phone shut; his expression was a look of terror, shock and concern. Brennan, his partner and friend was shot and currently in a coma. On normal day it would have taken him 20 minutes to get to the hospital from FBI headquarters, but he made it there in 10.

He burst through the doors, frantic thoughts rushing through his head What if she won't wake up? What if I'm too late and she is already dead? At this he quickened his stride almost screaming and the woman behind the counter, "Temperance Brennan, where is she?"

"Are you family?" the woman asked chewing her gum loudly, as if she were a grazing cow.

"Um, no, yes. I'm her boyfriend! Please I have to see her!" the agent shouted this time, not realizing what he had just said. His goal right now was to see her and no one would get in the way of that.

"Fine, room 237. It's at the end of the hall to your left," she said slightly agitated at the fact that this unknown man was yelling at her.

Without even saying thank you he ran down the hallway to room 237 and opened it to see her in bed, eyes shut, three familiar figures standing around her bedside wearing a mourning look. Booth feared the worst and went to the forensic anthropologist. She was pale and looking more delicate then usual.

"She's been in a coma for," Angela looked at her watch," 1 hour. The doctors said they weren't sure if she would wake up again. The bullet just missed her spine but the pain was supposedly unbearable and she was automatically in a state of shock," she explained sadly, looking at the once fiercely temperamental FBI agent breaking down into tears. She walked to him and put a gentle hand on his back. Never had she seen him like this. He must really love her. Not even I was crying this hard, she thought and now spoke kind words, "She'll be fine. She's tough and not the first to give up on life."

Hodgins stepped in as well, "yeah man. No worries. She will wake up!" but none of the words seamed to have effect on the agent. Drops were now freely flowing onto Tempe's bedspread, while he sat himself down into the uncomfortable plastic backed chair nearest her head. He covered her hand with his own and just stroked it gently.

3 day later, the squints come to visit once or twice but only briefly before rushing out once more. The nurse had told him visiting hours were over every night at 7, but he never left her bedside and the persuasion of his boss to come back to work didn't stop him from staying with his shot partner. He decided to use his sick days. He never let go of her hand, even as he slept, he held her hand in silence. On the 4th day the doctor came in to view her charts and the progress she was making. "I'm sorry, sir. But it is looking grim. But sometimes talking to the patient with a familiar voice helps them reawake. Give it a try," he advised grabbing her charts and leaving the two once more. Booth still was holding her hand and thought what would he have to lose? Everything, he thought but decided to give it a shot.

"Hey Bones. It's me Booth. The doctor said you might reawaken faster if a familiar voice spoke to you. But what am I to say? I mean, you might not even hear me right now, but you know me, babbling idiot so…oh god Bones," his voice started to crack," don't die on me. I could never live without you. I would be lost, broken. And I didn't realize the reason why until about a month ago, when Kenton almost killed you. The day I almost lost you at hand of a so-called trusted friend! If something had happened… but now I truly realize, I think, I think I love you Temperance," more tears were rolling off his cheek but suddenly he felt her hand hold his, entwining their fingers together. He just froze when a faint smile was visible on her lips. And slowly her eyes fluttered open.

"Hey," she murmured faintly so that Booth could barely hear her. He noticed, that she hadn't withdrawn her hand from his gripped but instead tightened it so firmly, that Seely thought his circulation was about to be cut off. He stared in wonder at her. It was a miracle, she came back to him," I think I should go get the doctor."

"Stay here. I'm so tiered," her eyelids began drooping and now the panic grew within once more. He hurriedly called the doctor in who came rushing in to see his patient still somewhat awake.

"Will she slip back into a coma?" he asked worriedly.

"No, she is just exhausted. The shock has taken its toll on her body and she will need to rest for now. The wound has started to heal days previous as I have mentioned, which will now also take more energy of your poor girlfriend."

"But she will be ok, right?" Booth pressed on.

"Yes, most likely, but even when she is released she should try to refrain from stressing activities for another week or so."

"So, she will be aloud to leave when exactly?" he asked, relieved that his love would be fine.

"Well as long a she doesn't fall into her previous state a good 4 days with a good rate of progress"….

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