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Let's start with the story.


In the ninja village of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki was in trouble. Now normally a six year old doesn't get into the kind of trouble to have a mob of 30 or so civilians and ninja after them. But Naruto was no ordinary boy, because inside of Naruto's stomach was a demon who's powers were that of legend.

Inside of Naruto was the nine tailed fox Kyuubi.

Naruto ran into a side road in hopes of getting away but to his horror it was a dead end. He turned around and found the villagers all standing behind him glaring at him with hateful eyes.

One of the villagers stepped forward "We should have done this four years ago its time you die worthless demon." Cheers of agreement erupted from the crowd. "Why are you doing this to me" Naruto yelled with tears in his eyes. Another enraged villager yelled out in anger, grabbed Naruto by his shirt and started punching him repeatedly. Soon more villagers came and joined in on the beating despite Naruto's pleas for help or for them to stop.


Kyuubi was watching the scenario from within Naruto's mind with angry eyes.

"Humans" He spat out the word with distaste "And they call me a monster. Not only are they the true monsters they're also stupid how could they not see that he's nothing but a child innocent of my crimes." Kyuubi was getting angrier and angrier with each passing moment. "Well no more this is the last straw"

Kyuubi started pushing chakra but not towards Naruto.


Sarutobi sat in his office sorting through the paper work. He looked out through the balcony and sighed. He was going to move his attention back to his work again but the crystal ball at the side of his desk started glowing.

At first it was a faint white glow but it soon turned into a dreadful red and the ball started floating in mid air. Sarutobi walked over to the ball in wonder. He noticed that words engraved in the color of flames it read

'You have failed Sarutobi and I will no longer standby and watch. I'm taking the boy with me.

I am very disappointed in you Sarutobi I expected better.

And I believe that Arashi and…theywould have expected better from you as well

The ball's glow died down and Sarutobi was out the balcony looking for Naruto before it fell back into it's usual spot.


The crowd looked at the battered and broken body of thesix year old boy with satisfaction in their eyes. Naruto's right arm was bent backwards blood was coming from his mouth indicating internal bleeding. His head was bleeding from a slash from a kunai. He had other slashes in his arms, legs, abdomen, chest and back.

The crowd all started walking away in a slight hurry not wanting to be caught in the scene of the crime. But while they were walking away they all felt something that made their blood run cold.

They all turned around and found Naruto still lying on the floor red chakra swirling around him. A member of the crowd who happened to be a chuunin stepped forward kunai drawn ready for the killing blow. But before he was able to get two steps the red chakra exploded bathing every area in a two block radius with the chaotic chakra, sending fear through the entire city.


Sarutobi was jumping from rooftop to rooftop trying to find Naruto.

He then felt Kyuubi's chakra explode. He turned and found a chunk of the village masked in a deep red mist. He narrowed his eyes and started running even faster.


Kyuubi's chakra was healing Naruto at super human speeds. You could see the slash marks closing up making a small hissing sound with each one. You could also hear loud cracks and crunches moving through the air, indicating his bones were being put back into place.

Naruto opened his eyes revealing a blood red color with slits instead of his normal blue. He stood the red chakra forming around him making a single tail. He turned and glared at the villagers with his red eyes making all of them flinch. Each were frozen in fear.

Kyuubi looked up and saw the figure of Sarutobi along with several Anbu and another ninja with a mask. They were still much to far away to see him but with his enhanced eyes he could see them as if they were only a few feet away.

He gave one final glare at the villagers before turning around and bolting out towards the village gate.

The villagers were still frozen in fear when Sarutobi and the other Anbu arrived. He looked towards the crowd and then looked at the pool of blood on the floor and then at the blood on the alley walls. It didn't take long to discover what had instigated the Kyuubi into action.

He turned back to the Anbu "All of you spread out find Uzumaki Naruto and bring him back here uninjured" The Anbu nodded and left in puffs of smoke. Sarutobi then turned to the other ninja wearing a mask "Kakashi, I know that these villagers attacked Naruto gather the instigators interrogate them find out the truth. Get Ibiki on the job if you must." Sarutobi then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.


Naruto woke up not knowing where he was. He was lying on the ground in a forest and it was already night time. The last thing he remembered was running away from the villagers then getting hit and then…nothing.

He tried to get up but then he felt searing pain shoot through his whole body almost as if he had been burnt repeatedly. He felt his eyes grow heavy and he soon fell asleep.

He woke up moments later in a dark room. The wall's were completely covered with pipes and the water was reaching up to his knee (Remember he's only six) he immediately sat upright. He was really starting to get annoyed at waking up in strange places.

He looked at his surroundings but the only thing that caught his attention was the pair of massive gates looming over him. He looked and found that the only thing that was keeping the gate closed was a small piece of papper with the kanji of seal on it.

He walked towards the gate carefully. He jumped back almost immediately when he saw two crimson eyes staring down at him.

"Wha-what are y-y-you?" He asked not able to repress the stutter nor the fear in his voice. "Child you have no need to fear me for behind these bar's I cannot harm you nor would I want to. I do admit however that this form is 'Scary' perhaps it would be better if I took a form that is a little less……intimidating." Kyuubi spoke his voice a deep rumble that seemed to come from all directions.

The great demon glowed red for a few moments then faded back into the darkness of the cage. "HEY WAIT WHERE DID YOU GO" Naruto yelled looking around frantically for the giant demon.

Suddenly an elderly looking man with a long red beard and blood red robe with black runes appeared from the darkness of the cage. Naruto noticed that he had red eyes, fangs and claws.

"Well my child this is no longer scary any more is it?" He asked with a small smile on his face. "Umm, no not any more mister but you still haven't told me your name." Kyuubi's smile faltered but he answered without missing a beat. "Your right I have not told you my name young one please forgive me my name is Kyuubi. And you are Naruto correct?"

Naruto blinked at the strange old man. "Umm, yeah but how do you know my name and… where are we?" Naruto asked looking around in a way that made him look just like a fox.

"Well Naruto we are in your mind or more specifically your subconscious. Now let me-"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HEAD? AHHHHHHHH! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT?" Naruto yelled frantically holding his head and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Kyuubi watched the boy with a little bit of enjoyment confusion and surprise mixed in his features.

"Naruto" The boy kept running.

"Naruto" Still running

"NARUTO" Kyuubi was starting to get a little irritated but Naruto was still running and yelling…and running.

"NARUTO!" Kyuubi's voice boomed through the hallways making Naruto remember that this was someone who was about a hundred feet tall just three minutes ago. "Now as I was saying Naruto I live here inside your mind with you."

"Umm I think I understand." Naruto said a little slowly trying to grasp the information given to him. "Good…and…Naruto…I'm sorry." Kyuubi said with his a stoic face even though his eyes held sadness.

"Huh? Why are you sorry you haven't done anything wrong Kyuubi" Naruto asked a little confused by the sudden change in attitude.

Kyuubi sighed, he knew that the boy deserved to know the truth. "Naruto I regret to tell you that I am the reason that everyone hates you" Naruto was getting more confused by the minute. "But why? You seem to be very nice why would people hate you?"

"Naruto do you remember the story of the nine tailed demon fox that attacked Konoha?" Naruto nodded furiously with a big smile on his face. "Yup Ji-san told me. he said that the fourth Hokage sacrificed himself so he could kill it."

Kyuubi was dreading what was about to happen but he knew it had to be done. "Naruto you were only given a half truth." Naruto blinked a few times and said "What do you mean?" Naruto looked to the ground the pieces were slowly coming together in his mind but he still had to hear the answer.

"Naruto I was that demon fox. I was much to powerful for the Yondaime to kill so he was left with only one choice. He had to seal me away. And he sealed me…in you." He braced himself for the boy's reaction.


He couldn't see Naruto's face because he was looking to the floor and his hair was covering his eyes. He wasn't moving in the slightest, for a brief moment Kyuubi wondered if Naruto had died on his feet.

"You" He started barely above a whisper. He then looked at Kyuubi. His eyes, the once calm tranquil happy eyes that looked like lakes were now like an ocean in a storm that could drown you in their anger loneliness and sadness.


Kyuubi was looking at Naruto with a mixture of sadness and regret. He was expecting this kind of reaction. But expecting it and hearing it were two very different things.

"I truly am sorry Naruto. I truly never meant for this to happen" He said in a sad tone.

Naruto was about to yell at him again but he then took a good look into his eyes and saw nothing but sadness regret and even…grief. He calmed down and said "Explain" Kyuubi looked at Naruto with shock "Wha-what did you say?"

Naruto huffed and sat down Indian stile making a small splash. "I want to know why you attacked the village. So explain" Kyuubi blinked several times before saying "Well umm, does this mean your not angry with me any more?" He asked with just a hint of cautious hope in his voice.

"Of course I'm still angry it is your fault after all. But I think that if you were a monster like the villagers say then you wouldn't even bother to say that your sorry." Even though it wasn't much Kyuubi felt as if a weight had been taken off of his shoulders. He was afraid that the boy would never speak with him again thus making their trip near impossible.

"I'm sorry again Naruto but I cannot tell you at least not yet." Naruto's anger rose again "WHY THE HECK NOT?" He yelled getting to his feet. "Because my boy you are not ready for such information. But you will be soon enough. Just be patient and I will tell you soon." Naruto huffed and sat back down. "Fine"

"Listen to me Naruto when you wake up cut a piece of your jump suit and cover it with some of your blood so that they think that you were eaten by wild animals or something. We won't be heading to that village of yours again for some time." Naruto nodded and asked. "Where are we going anyway?"

Kyuubi looked up and said. "I sense that you are approaching another just like you. I believe he holds the one tail Shukaku. We will seek him out and take him with us if he chooses. Understand?" Naruto nodded and lied down. "All right, good night Kyuubi"

"Good night Naruto"


Sarutobi sat in his chair mentally and physically exhausted. He and the Anbu had been searching for Naruto for three days and hope was beginning to diminish. 'I'm sorry Naruto I should have been there for you. I am unworthy of the trust those two placed on me'

A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts "Come in he responded tiredly. Kakashi walked in. "Have you found anything at all Kakashi?" He asked even though he knew what the answer would be. Kakashi shook his head "I'm sorry Hokage-sama we haven't found anything.

Suddenly another Anbu blasted through the door "Hokage-sama we have found something" He said through a few pants. The Hokage was out of his seat and in front of the Anbu in the blink of an eye. "What is it? What have you found? Tell me!"

The Anbu stiffened and held out a small orange rag that appeared to be part of a jump suit covered in blood. Sarutobi took it with shaking hands "Where is the boy?" He asked his voice cracking a little.

"This was all we found it was near the border of fire and wind country." Sarutobi sighed "Do you think there is any chance of the boy being alive?" He asked still looking at the cloth in his hands. "Even if he did he would not survive the desert without a guide. Besides why are you so worried Hokage-sama it was just the dem-"

He was un able to finish his sentence as the third backhanded him in the face so hard he hit the wall with such force he made a crack in the surface.

"It is ignorant fool's like you and those villagers that have done this. That boy gives his life every single day of his life in order to hold back the demon that you all fear and you are all certainly not making it any easier for him to do it" Sarutobi said in a voice that held an emotion almost never heard on the kind old man……anger.

Kakashi was slightly unnerved by the outburst. NEVER for as long as he knew Sarutobi did the man lose his temper. And suddenly he was very glad…

Because it was a scary sight.

"Would you like me to conduct another search Hokage-sama." He asked still scared of the angry old man.

Sarutobi sighed a defeated sigh and Kakashi was suddenly reminded how old he truly was. "No Kakashi I…I believe it would be beter for him to live away from these stupid villagers for a while." He said leaning on the balcony railing.

'I just hope his parents can forgive me, I certainly know that his mother didn't want Kyuubi to take him.'


Well that's the first chap. It will start to get a little more interesting soon.