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Here's the last chap of The Strength of Brothers.


Naruto's wings flapped with force, releasing great gusts of wind onto the ground bellow, the tree's cracking and groaning against the constant pace of wind gusts. The Jinchuriki glared at the three hawks that hovered slightly above and in front of him. Roaring once before he gave another flap of his wings, rushing the three creatures.

Ata-Kai signaled his summons, and the three great beasts dived, releasing a screech from their powerful throats.

Naruto snarled, releasing a torrent of black flames towards the creatures of similar size, only for each of them to swerve in mid air, avoiding the blast entirely before the black one sped up in his dive, passing by the Jinchuriki, there was a loud BANG and Naruto suddenly felt as if he had been hit in the side by a tree, knocking him back as he spun wildly in the air, not able to regain his bearings before the other two summoned animals tore into him with their talons, his chest and back bleeding freely, dark rivulets of blood flowing down his chest and back, snarling as he lashed out with his spiked tail barely managing to catch one by his tail feathers. Roaring in defiance he flapped his wings again, rising higher and higher until he towered over them, his blackened form blotting out the silver of the moon, dark scales glinting like obsidian as he growled down at the three creatures, releasing a roar that seemed to split the heavens, red eyes glowing fiercely before he rushed the creatures again.

Meeting his charge with their own, two of the hawks circled around either side of him, Ata-Kai's red mount charging him headlong.

With a loud crash of meat and bone they smashed into each other. Kai grunted, his form whipping back and forth from the impact, though remaining firmly on his saddle. His mace-like weapon was nearly thrown from his grip, but he kept it firm, ignoring the dizzying motions as he held himself firmly on his mount.

Silver claws and blood stained teeth flashed as Naruto tried to tear the beast to shreds, the hawk, though more experienced in dog fighting, with the extra leverage and range of attacks granted by two extra extensions Naruto soon managed to overpower the beast, sinking his claws into his wing bones, eliciting a screech of pain from the red feathered summon, and another as his hind legs dug into its stomach. The Jinchuriki's head reared back, growls vibrating through his chest before he blew a stream of flames right into the red creatures face.

Luckily for it, the beast manage to swerve his head to the side at the last minute , escaping the dark flames with minimal burns running along the side of its face, that did not last long however, as Naruto, released his grip on the creatures wings and with two fast and powerful swipes slashed at both sides of its face, chunks of flesh and blood splattered over Nruto's ruby red eyes as he glared at the beast that screeched and slashed at his chest and stomach with his talons as he frantically flapped its wings to get away.

Naruto would have continued his assault, had it not been for the lone Tsuchikage, surprising him as he leapt off his mount, his hook chain extending and wrapping around the wrist of his claw. Naruto snarled and yanked the man towards him, ready to feel his bones crunching and snapping between his teeth, but the man took the movement in stride, managing to shift his trajectory, he passed right by the Jinchuriki's muzzle as his teeth snapped shut, the chain wrapping him all the way around his dragon opponent, allowing him to land on his back, the man stabbed his weapon into the crook of Naruto's shoulder and neck. Naruto roared, moving to swipe at him with his claw, only for the man to leap off and be caught by his black hawk as the white one crashed into Naruto from behind, pecking and clawing.

The Jinchuriki released another roar, before he swiped the beast with his tails, tearing off a large chunk of the bird▓s leg, forcing him to pull away as the dragon rounded fully onto it and released another breath of flames.


H-How did you? You▓re supposed to be┘.dead,■ The Snake Sannin questioned in a slightly shaken tone. ⌠Arashi■

His eyes staring in morbid wonder and benign fascination at the resurrected form of the Yondaime of Konoha the Snake couldn▓t help but let a word surface in his fragmented thoughts. A word long buried in the recess of his mind. That should have stayed buried. A simple word that answered everything yet answered nothing a word that couldn▓t quite explain this┘simple paradox.

The distinction echoed in his thoughts like an unwanted melody of a haunting song that allured his senses, tightened the clenching of his chest, and threw him in a frigid coldness. Memories flashed across his mind. Until, it reached the point of it ricocheting continuously in an irritating repetition of his sordid life. Denying the things he truly wanted of this world. Yet stopped and slithered away from his grasp like a cruel reminder of the very definition of his being. A Snake.

In the days of his era were he▓d undergone terrible times. A family that▓d perished in the aftermaths of the war a boy becoming just another addition of the many orphans growing without the tender touch of a mother, to the companionship of a father and son. A boy▓s life painted with bloody masses, eclipsed sunlight, and a falling darkness with war looming over the horizon.

Once a child full of wonder, intrigued by the way of life and content with the life he had. Yet changed by the loss of his parents changing his dreams to obtain and transcend to the life he was left with. Hokage became his dream; Immortality came hand in hand along with it. But dreams shattered when the position fell on the lap of this man that was standing before him.

His dream changed becoming perverse in its quest to achieve immortality falling off its original design by its maker. With a new mindset in place that directed him to a new destiny pointing in a new path that would lead him in a search for answers through other means.

The twisted inhibition to obtain the unthinkable, and escape the clutches of death, time and time again. A death▓s frigid touch his parents had succumbed to. He fell in madness. His mind clouded with goals that were once considered unattainable he had achieved and tasted the forbidden fruit. Obtaining an unimaginable wonder that resulted in the defiance of the repetitive cycle of mankind; such was his need and will to live forever.

A dream to escape the inevitability of the end.

Yet, this man that gripped his wrists changed something he didn't understand until now. A man that had everything the Sannin had once coveted long ago. The epitome of a life he once longed in having.

The man▓s mere presence signified something in his soul, no; his whole being. Something he hadn▓t felt in a very long time. He came to the realization then┘.Death. It was knocking on his doorstep. A looming shadow that cast it▓s cape around them. It watched in the midst of the fray.

He┘..Feared it┘..

He shook his head breaking himself of the self trance and gathered his wit from his incoherent thoughts. He▓d lost mobility of his arms and legs from responding to proper coordination. The body of the snake rendered itself for a moment to an un welcoming numbness that spread like fire throughout his whole being. The blistering pain, from his injured wrist, and bloody gutted biceps being a thing forgotten in the past at the expense of the phenomenon of the man standing before him. A sliver of fear crossed his visage.

The blond haired shinobi smirked. The Yondaime gripped the Sannin▓s hand tighter with such strength he could practically feel the bones weakening in his hold. Red streaked rubies trickling and dripping on his hands. Yet, the Snake remained unmoving his slitted eyes unfocused and almost deranged. ⌠Shocking isn▓t it,■ The Snake Sannin was snapped out of his trance beginning to refocus his eyes on the blond shinobi. Fixing him with a gaze with such intensity the smoldering inferno almost stilled the blood of the legend.

But unfazed the young man smirked in response to his silent challenge and replied with a deadly answer, ⌠That the shinigami still waits.■

The Snake Sannin▓s gaze widened.

⌠You▓re a Soul he has yet to collect, and he's not happy with that.■

The Yondaime continued twisting the Shinobi▓s wrists his ominous tone reflecting his hate for the man in front of him through his actions. The Snake loosened his hold on the Kunai blade. Letting the metal fall from his grasp and impact with such conviction it reverberated around the rooftops they stood upon.

Laughter erupted from the depths of the Sannin▓s soul. A form of release that scaled the edge of insanity.

⌠Not today boy,■ his stunned features reverting back to the Sadistic grin Orochimaru was known for. A slithery tongue traced his lips. ⌠I will not be the one that will satisfy Death▓s hunger. You will fill in for the void I am meant to take.■

The Yondaime eyes widened at the beckoning Blade.

Before the blade came within striking distance however a massive explosion nearby nearly knocked both warriors off their feet, sending dust and fire searing across the battlefield, licking their skin and clouding their vision as they raised their arms to protect their eyes from it.

A new wave of battle cries reached their ears, and as the dust settled it revealed ragged and dirty looking men and women as they rushed out of the now burning building, the voices of a few carrying over the rest of the mob. "Death to Oto!" and "Freedom!" being two of these.

Arashi could hear Orochimaru curse under his breath, growling with malice as he watched the tide of men and women tear into the surprised and already under assault Oto ninja in a wild frenzy. Arashi saw something else leap out of the wood work as well. His old student Kakashi, who seemed to be in finer shape than many of the others, along with a young blond girl wearing a Kumo forehead protector.

Then he was brutally brought back to the battle at hand as Orochimaru breathed out a stream of fire, only for the Yondaime to raise his hand and envelop the stream of fire in a bubble of chakra. Quickly using up the oxygen within, the flames died down, allowing the Yondaime to release his technique and fluidly block up the next strike of the Kusanagi with one of his signature kunai.

"You cannot afford to be distracted here Yondaime!" The snake hissed before he began his attack anew.


Kakashi flew through his handseals as he released a quick breath of flames which incinerated his opponent, the mans screams quickly dying down as he rolled on the ground several times before he laid still, the smell of burning flesh quickly permeating the air. He then looked to Yugito, as she dispatched her own opponent with a quick series of slices to the various muscle tendons with her kunai. He nodded to her then. "Good, we need to go."

"What do you mean?" She questioned. Catching his own questioning look she elaborated. "Incase you forgot Hatake, Konoha and Kumo are still enemies, our truce was just that, a truce. A temporary compromise in order to get out of the situation we found ourselves in.

Kakashi turned then to face her fully. "You know what Orochimaru was doing down there, you know that he doesn't care about either side. With this information Kumo's hostilities against Konoha will end."

"They have not ended yet, and thus...mine cant either, even for you." She finished stepping away from him.

Kakashi was about to say more when another voice cut in.

"Oh I don't know about that, you two seemed to have worked fairly well together."

Kakashi and Yugito's eyes both snapped over to that of Zetsu, as the Akatsuki member morphed into existence from the ground up. His cloak, dotted with red clouds covered him from the neck down, leaving only his head and the venus fly trap part of his body exposed.

Kakashi's eyes narrowed. "Zetsu." He growled revealing his spinning Sharingan eye. "You're Akatsuki's main spy. You assume to fight us."

"No." Zetsu said simply with a shrug. "Just to distract you."


Yugito was firmly cut off as a senbon pierced the back of her neck. She pulled it out, staring at it dimly for a moment as her eyes took on a glazed look. The cat like irisis raising themselves to find Kakashi's multi-colored ones, before her entire world went dark and unconsiousness claimed her.

"Yugito!" Kakashi cried before he was grabbed by the scruff of his shirt and bodilly thrown down the road. Flipping in mid air he landed on his feet in time to see the blue skinned Kisame haul the Kumo Kunoichi over his shoulder.

"Heh, dont wory Coppy nin, we'll take good care of this one. While he-" He said gesturing towards Sasori. "Will take good care of you." He then turned to Zetsu. "Come on Zetsu, lets get this girl back before Deidara gets the Uzumaki kid back to headquarters."

At that Kakash's eyes widened. 'Naruto? They captured Naruto?'

Sasori said nothing before he slowly walked forward. Kakashi's eyes shifting from Kisame, to Yugito, and back to Sasori. Before he could say or do anything more Kisame and Zetsu vanished in wisps of redish smoke, leaving the coppy ninja with his puppet wielding opponent.

"Hatake Kakashi." Sasori's voice creaked into his ears, sending the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. "You need not die here Hatake...the Kumo's Jinchuriki is your enemy, she said so herself."

Kakashi smirked. "Yea well...I have this really old saying ya know, told to me by someone I respected...he certainly wouldnt be too hapy with my leaving her, especially with you."

Sasori closed his eyes, before opening them again. "So be it."


Ina broke through the tree line; the battle cries of the ninja had long ago reached her ears, the orange glow from the fires having pierced the veil of darkness for several hundred yards ago. But no matter how long ago she had known what she was approaching the sight would forever be engrained into her memory.

Hundreds of ninja, lay dead or dying, blood staining the grass along the fields of Yi Ling as screams, haunting, ghastly screams reached her ears. A massive dome of Ice lay in the center of this battlefield, the chill it caused in the wind, a stark contrast from the roaring fires spread throughout the battlefield.

She knew, immediately what her target was, what Haku's target was, and as the only person capable of creating that Ice dome she knew that he had found his target, she only hoped that she could stop them both before it was too late.

The muscles in her legs coiling back, she gave a great leap, entering the chaotic battlefield, cutting down any who crossed her path. Though she tried to use mainly non lethal blows, she did not have time to truly be so precise, lest she exhaust herself, or worse, run out of time.

Her senses caught the presence of another, and not hesitating for a single moment she leapt away, just as a massive crash and thundering roar tore through the field, a massive cloud of dust, dirt and rock thrown up into the air from the point of the impact. Managing to place some distance between herself and it, Ina landed with another arrow notched in her bowstring, waiting for the dust to settle, revealing the pink haired liaison between Konoha and Kiri. Her green eyes narrowed in anger. "Ina." She growled dangerously. "Were you in on this? From the very start?"

The raven haired girls eyes widened in alarm. Sakura was one of her friends, and she knew very well of her monstrous strength. If she didn▓t believe her, then this would certainly be problematic.

"Sakura...wait a moment. I swear this isn▓t what it looks like."

"Then what is it Ina? How could you possibly explain that it just so happens you request to head back to Kumo for a period of a few months when they decide to attack us?" The Pinkette growled, green chakra shrouding her hands. "Admit it. You've been lying to us since this whole thing started! I can only imagine the pain Naruto must have felt because of this."

"You've got it all wrong!" The bow princess pleaded, tightening her grip on her arrow.

"Enough." Sakura growled as she took up her stance, ignoring Ina's look of sadness as she took aim with her bow.


Meanwhile, within the dome, Katsu continued to dodge and block many of the senbon, kunai and Shuriken that were being thrown at him from nearly all directions simultaneously. But he was not a Kage for nothing, forming his hand seals, he was able to form a 'sheet' of condensed static electricity around him, which was used to detect, slow down and in some cases, altogether stop most of the projectiles.

Of course, he sported his own nicks and cuts; these would have killed any normal ninja by now due to the poisons laced in the weapons. But Katsu had done his research before he arrived. Most poisons, used various chemical complexes, which, when mixed together, or when they reached a certain part of the body, would react to the chemicals present, be it the liver, the kidneys, or even the acid in the stomach. Static electricity however can, in most cases diffuse the chemical complexes, breaking them down and turning them into harmless separate chemicals and molecules that at most would give him a bad stomach later. This was only a theory, but it was a theory Katsu was willing to test first hand in this fight. He couldn▓t exactly carry around with anti venom in his pouch and just use it, especially considering all the different venoms in Haku's arsenal.

The leader of Kumo leapt back, avoiding a crash as a spike, made entirely of ice shot down from the ceiling of the enclosed Ice dome.


Ina breathed heavily as she held her bow, an arrow notched loosely in it as she stared down at Sakura from a small hill formed by a previous earth Jutsu, she was covered in dirt and grime, a few minor scratches and a small gash on her forehead, but was still relatively unharmed. The same could be said for Sakura, seeing as how she had managed to dodge or block most of Ina's attacks with relative ease. While Ina truly did not wish to harm Sakura, her attacks were becoming more and more aggressive, more desperate, as flashes of light and muffled, rumbling sounds continued to come from within the ice dome.

A roar suddenly tore through the battlefield, bringing everyone to a sudden halt as two forms suddenly came into view from the black clouds that blotted out the night sky. Ina and Sakura paused in their fight as they too glanced skywards, Ina's eyes taking on a look of fear as she noticed it was unmistakably, Naruto, falling down to earth rapidly, the neck of a hawk caught between the vice like grip of his jaws. Blood seemingly hovered in the air as the two beasts descended faster than it. Ata-Kai, who's other two summonses, had already been dispelled could only watch the fast approaching earth with a great deal of...unease.

Never before had his summons been crippled to such a level, and even though they had weakened their opponent considerably, the fact that it was still breathing was amazing to the man. But still, even years ago against the legendary Professor▓s ape summons, his three main summonses had been able to endure, drawing the fight into a stalemate. But against this lone beast they had, all three of them been defeated.

The Tsuchikage gave a silent plea for forgiveness from his old partner before he leapt away, summoning one of the smaller beasts with which he could return to earth, leaving Naruto, and the hawk held in his jaws to fall.

Naruto, with the final vestiges of his strength, snapped the hawk summons throat, watching it vanish in a cloud of gray smoke. His blood red eyes blearily took in the scene fast approaching him, finding the Ice dome, his mind slowly processing the information. Weakly, he adjusted his wings, turning his trajectory towards it. While he understood his brother, he also know, that he had to stop him before he did something that would forever destroy any hopes of peace between the countries that could be achieved.

Ina, watched, with eyes full of worry as Naruto continued to fall, his form suddenly turning, and her eyes widened as she realized just where he was going to land. "NARUTO!" She yelled, her voice drowned out by the battle around her. But sakura heard her.

The pinkets eyes traveled to Ina's worry, terror filled eyes as she watched the dragon descend, but was confused. She had never been witness to Naruto's transformations so she truly had no idea what Ina was talking about. However, as she noticed just where the falling behemoth was headed her own eyes filled with worry. "HAKU!" She called before rushing to the ice dome. While she wasn▓t sure just what she hopped to accomplish once she got there, it didn▓t matter to her though. She just had to get there.

Ina, seeing her opponent heading towards the ice dome, released the tension in her bow string before she followed.


The deceptive Snake Sannin grinned maliciously. The Yondaime obviously unaware of the oncoming test of death he was about to face. His cerulean eyes widened at the action that the Sannin took.

Orochimaru surprised the Yondaime by opening his mouth wide abruptly stopping the Yondaime in his tracks. The Blond Ninja▓s question caught in the back of his mind, watching the rapid movements of the Snake catching him unaware when the caverns of his lips came forth the infamous Kusanagi blade.

The unbreakable metal unleashed itself at the Blond Shinobi not allowing ample time to evade. Fear flickered in the man▓s eyes. The Yondaime turned his face along with his body sideways letting the blade pass across his shoulder blades. The Blond shinobi gritted his teeth biting down the cry that wantonly wanted to escape from his lips.

The Katana hit rooftop yet even still it continued further placing the Yondaime in the Snake▓s hands.

The blade pressed forward starting its deadly incision watching it cut from his shoulders and begin its trek downwards. Like a knife on a loaf of bread. Blood soaked on his battle attire. Large amounts of it seeped in the cloths dripping on the tiles, letting red rubies fall on the shinobi at war below.

His gaze wavered. Body moving slowly. He woke with an irritated sneer on his face.

Pushing himself from Orochimaru Arashi removed the blade by using a backwards flip allowing the blade to come apart from the gruesome wound on his shoulder. Bracing his hands on the tiles he used the momentum to catapult the lower parts of his body to kick the Sannin under the chin sending the beast flying a good meters away in a loud thudded impact.

The blade streaked across the roof tops cutting the tiles while at the same time watching the debris fall from the building dust and condensed air overcoming them. The bitten tongue of the Snake lay next to the weapon of the Yondaime▓s own creation.

Arashi gripped his shoulder feeling the gaping wound that cut his body like if it was simply butter. He shuddered thinking only moments ago it could have ended his life within a few seconds from the course the blade took.

Watching the unmoving form of Orchimaru, he stepped warily forward. The Snake Sannin had his face hidden behind his body. Arashi with weary eyes kept the Sannin in his peripheral vision. He reached down and grasped the weapon that initiated his most potent technique in his arsenal.

The Yondaime was caught by surprise when he heard a rattling crash from behind him. He dodged narrowly missing his head by a hair from the deadly blade that came forth of the Sannin▓s mouth. While in motion he connected his fingers in a seal enabling him create great number of Kage Bunshin to cover his tracks.

Yondaime hidden in the masses of his clones waited idly, his left arm grasping the wrist of his right one watching the cluster of chakra gather in his palm growing with immense pressure collecting and condensing swallowing small debris in its wake. He waited for the spiral in his palm to complete.

Yet, he was pressured when Orochimaru retracted the blade in his mouth and opened his mouth once again allowing it come forth legion of snakes issuing in large numbers. That filled the large expanse of the roof tops that was chosen for a battleground of their fight.

The Kage bunshin opened their satchel and threw a set of Kunai blades in different parts of the area. The Snakes consumed them like a plague. One by one shadow clones fell.

Arashi gritted his teeth. He brought his other arm up and created a seal for another single Bunshin to manifest itself in front of him. The Yondaime locked gazes with the form and the Bunshin nodded its consent at the turn of events. The Shadow quickly placed his right hand over the sphere and turning it abruptly Arashi was able to pass the Rasengan to his Doppelganger.

Arashi succeeded with the transfer, yet, his calculative gaze assessed the situation he was given. He looked under him and saw the split crevice of the roof. With no moment to spare he fell through the cracks of the roof and fell towards the floor that awaited him.

The Shadow clone meanwhile rose himself and stared at the fray of the Snakes coming his way with a mighty roar he sent forth his palm catching the mass in all. The roof sheared clear off along with a few floors with it. The destruction of the spiral was devastating.

Yet before the Shadow disappeared he witnessed from the mouth of the elongated neck of the Snake Sannin spew forth another life form. The Snake had shedded its skin. In a puff of smoke he disappeared. Arashi had gained the knowledge and was aware of it.

The Snake Sannin fell heavily on a floor that wasn▓t taken by the massive Rasengan meaning the two levels along with the roof. The impact was enough to leave him in a daze. Body aching and protesting from the sudden movements he coughed with raspy breath▓s he regained his bearings. Blood issued from his lips.

The amount recovery was short when he finally found a sense of normalcy within himself to be aware of his surroundings. Yet when he surveyed the area he was met with a large amount Seals all around him. The Slitted Eyes widening when the seals began to burn.


Meanwhile within the dome Haku and Katsu were on their last legs. While Haku's Ice dome was nearly ten times more effective than his mirrors, it took up nearly twice as much chakra. In all realities, had Katsu had any other elemental affinity besides lightning, even earth, Haku would have defeated him long ago.

In retrospect however, with the techniques Katsu had been forced to use to destroy the poisons and slow down the weapons, he too was quite exhausted. It would all come down to a battle of attrition, whoever managed to last longer would be the winner. The Ice dome while present was melting, and occasional sparks could be seen coming from Katsu's static field as the constant flow of chakra faltered for a moment or two.

Before the two could continue their attacks on each other, a great, black mass suddenly crashed through the dome, chunks of ice and cold water crashing over the two forms. Haku, needing to leave the protection of his ice lest he be shattered along with it.

As the dome of Ice came crashing down the battle was drawn to a sudden halt, all of the assembled forces standing in fear and anticipation over the fate of their respective comanders.

Ina and Sakura were forced to stop as ice, dirt and other debris was blown and scattered everywhere, shielding their eyes, they allowed the gust of wind to pass before they looked upon the scene of the drastically changed landscape. Ice and water was scattered everywhere, the millions of tiny shards making everything sparkle in a beautifully horrifying backdrop as the blood and bodies mixed into the picture. Still, they admired it for a scant few seconds before two, slowly staggering forms, laying there amidst the chaos, the blood and the ice caught their eyes.

"HAKU!" "BROTHER!" The two called as they rushed over to them, kneeling next to their forms as the two struggled against the darkness that threatened to ensnare them.

"Ina?" Katsu questioned softly, coughing in pain as he looked upon his sister▓s face, framed by her raven tresses.

She nodded slowly. "Yes brother, it▓s me."

"You'" He spoke as he swallowed the blood that gathered at the back of his throat. "I'm glad." He whispered again before he allowed himself to fall into blissful darkness.

Sakura allowed her tears to fall freely from her face, dripping down onto the form that lay cradled in her arms, green chakra glowed in her palms, but his skin was cold, as cold as it had always been. Like the early morning chill of a January, rolling into February.

His pulse was steady, but weaker than it should have been. Sakura watched his peaceful expression, the tears still flowing freely from her eyes.

Ina watched as a Kumo Anbu, his clothes, mask and blade stained with blood. "My lady Ina?" He questions uncertainly.

She ignores him however, standing as she grips her bow. "Take care of him." She orders firmly, the Anbu straightens as he bows once, Ina turning and rushing towards where she can clearly see Naruto's blackened form.

Her heart clenched at the sight of him, the pain in her chest, like rusty barb wire, spreading outwards as she neared him, the full extent of the damage he had taken becoming more and more visible as the distance was closed between them.

His right wing was broken, judging from its odd angle. Massive gashes running along the sides of his neck, three cross his eye. His left hind leg also seemed broken. Along his side there was a large gaping hole, no doubt caused by one of those hawks▓ pecks.

She walked forward slowly, listening to the faint rumbling of his breathing, ignoring the cries of worry that reached her ears from some of the Kumo ninja that were beginning to recognize her, having formed a circle along Naruto's form, along with some of the Kiri shinobi who too, were confused over this latest development.

His eye, that ruby red eye that still managed to hold its gentle edge, despite its malice, looking to her then as he growled gently, the vibrations passing through the floor and into her. She closed her eyes, blinking back the tears as she reached the side of his cut neck, gently passing her hand over the injuries, the crimson liquid slipping through her fingers, mingling with the tears that now fell from her eyes.

Meanwhile above, Ata-Kai watched the movements of the Shinobi, his eyes narrowing in suspicion at the display from the girl many of the Kumo ninja called Ina. If he remembered correctly, then Ina was a Kumo kunoichi, granddaughter to the previous Raikage and Sister to the current one. Then why was she showing affection for the downed beast that Orochimaru had reported was Uzumaki Naruto, a leaf nin?

Ata-Kai could only come up with a few explanations, and one seemed the most likely at this point. The snake had lied...

He spared one more look down to the battlefield before he signaled his summon, the creature letting out a screech before he turned and headed back to Iwa, his men would pull back. The snake could defend himself against the world now for all he cared.


Shani, from her place, hidden amongst the tree's of the demons forest, felt the tingle at the back of her mind. Her eyes snapping open as she stood. 'Naruto.'


A huge dust cloud over shadowed the vicinity covering the area in a momentary state of darkness. Black fumes exuded in the air fires still burning and transferring to other houses in the town. The wood, goods, trades, life forms, and oil giving the flames even more incentive to burn. Charred bodies littered the streets, bloodied Shinobi from both sides piled over hundreds in the explosion that reverberated all across the combatants.

Dazed soldiers walked the streets without a destination in mind. Injured shinobi cries echoed in the streets, gurgled and more than one occasion being muffled pleas for aide.

Voices began to die down, crying children becoming distant; women weeping for loved ones and lost ones all were being taken under the Shadow of the Reaper.

Yet from the shadows of the haze two hugely defined figures stood out among the rest. Both towering entities stared at one another in a challenge that would decide it all. Arashi stood at the top of the massive amphibian, leader of the Toads, Gamabunta.

The Toad sat proudly on his haunches. The massive figure grasping the handle of his katana in a half hearted way, yet, poised to strike when the need of it arises. Sensing no immediate danger. He put his occupied hand down on the rubble under his webbed feet letting the blade hang loosely along his side. ⌠Finally summoning me Arashi,■ The great Toad asked. But Arashi remained quiet. ⌠It▓s been a long time.■

⌠I know,■ The Yondaime stared down he smiled slightly and bent down. He patted the head of the giant of a frog solemnly. ⌠I▓m sorry my friend but I need your help once again.■

⌠Hmph,■ Gamabunta replied with a nod of a head. He focused his gaze on the slithering serpent in front of him.

The frog▓s counterpart swayed its massive head in different direction gathering his knowledge on his surroundings and analyzing the devastation. The tongue of the King of snakes slithered from its jaws tasting the air that was clung with the blood, decay, and the smell of death. He jerked irritably when he felt to footsteps of the man that summoned him on top of his head. ⌠You▓d have better have my 100 human sacrifices Orochimaru.■ The great snake warned saliva laced with venom fell on the battle ground below. ⌠Or I will kill you where you stand.■

The battered Snake Sannin steeled his voice and answered. ⌠Take care of these fools and you will receive more sacrifices than you can ever imagine. Kill them. And you will be rewarded.■

The Toad and the Snake stared at one another locking heated gazes.

⌠So Manda is this finally the day when I skin ya and make you and honored addition to my collection of wallets made out of your hide.■

⌠Such irritating arrogance,■ the massive copperhead snake replied. Gleaming jewels for eyes stared with malicious intent. ⌠You will be my food tonight, whelp.■

Gamabunta reached for his Katana pulling the blade from its sheathing. Pulling it out completely the blade gleamed in the shadowed sunlight blinding the snake momentarily. The Toad made its attack with the disadvantage with powerful webbed right arm outstretched the blade aimed for the head of the Snake. Manda tasting the disruption in the air burrowed his head and tunneled his way under.

The Katana connected with the rubble and slid across the battlefield slicing the earth and cutting the world in an open crevice. Not realizing yet but the cries of the Yondaime alerting him remained stock stilled when from under the blade came forth the great snake and wrapped itself around his whole arm. With great intensity the great snake bit the tender flesh between his armor and jaw line. Gama gave a startled cry.

The Yondaime realizing the dire situation quickly jumped from the head of his companion and headed in the direction of the head of the Snake. With his three pronged blade in hand he headed in the direction for Manda but was intercepted by Orochimaru. His rejuvenated tongue caught his ankle and hurdled him to the floor below. With a mighty resounding crash the debris and dust covered the Yondaime in a haze.

Gamabunta felt the deadly poison being pumped in his veins weakening his senses and his awareness of his surroundings. The massive creature fell to one knee. His other arm settling itself on the battleground to support his weight.

Yet it was just a momentary stand by when from the dust cloud the legendary Hokage of Konoha emerged from it. His three pronged blade in hands he threw the weapons at the mighty snake. Piercing one of its eyes the snake unlatched itself from the Toad giving a strangled cry. He swung its head knocking the Toad a good meters away from itself.

The Yondaime flash stepped and took the opportunity to trail the massive snake▓s hide until reaching the head using one of his Kunai▓s to stab Orochimaru. But the Sannin was ready with a Kusanagi blade to intercept it. The Rocking uneven battleground for a head swung from side to side giving a disadvantage to both parties. Yondaime losing his footing fell from the top but upon almost landing on the rubble he used his famous technique to flash back on the Toad▓s head picking the seal from his head.

⌠You doing alright, Gama,■ The Yondaime asked looking down at the bubbling bite marks on its neck.

⌠Aye, but my right arm is numb I can▓t move it,■ the limp appendage lay rigid on the Toad▓s side. Purple veins sprouted on its arms giving a decaying look to it. ⌠I▓m not going last long with this wound sonny.■

The Yondaime gritted his teeth and stared at the thrashing form of the legendary snake.

⌠We can▓t wait for them to recover Gama,■ The blond shinobi focused his gaze on the sword that stood rutted in the floor. Sticking out like a monument for all to see it was being coiled by the great snake Manda.

Without a second thought or command from the Yondaime Gamabunta sent forth his elongated tongue and wrapped itself around the Snake. His mouth being muffled he yelled at the Yondaime to attack. From his words, ⌠Arashi I need fire. On my tongue it▓s covered in oil. Do it now.■

So without a hesitant action the Blond shinobi reared back and let loose a grand fireball that consumed its tongue. Like a gathering fuse it headed in direction of the snake and consumed it in a smoldering inferno. The blade glowing blood red with the intensity of the fire.

The Toad retracted his tongue back and bit back a strangled cry. The Yondaime smelled a faint trace of burnt flesh coming from the mouth of the Toad. But both companions ignored it having their gazes staring ahead watching the bonfire burn the body of the Great Snake. The scaly skin fell down in pieces, until it all fell in chunks. The pale visage was the clear indication that the reptile had evaded death once again.

An earthquake rocked the very earth.

Gamabunta using his remaining strength he jumped high in the air turning abruptly facing the gaping mouth of the Snake with Orochimaru standing a top it with fascinated glee on his face. Gama breathed in deeply exhaling torpedo like water compressed bullets that impacted the snake. Manda fell heavily. Trying to regain its bearings it reared its head to find the Toad where his body had burned moments ago reaching for the blade.

The Snake▓s eyes widened seeing the Toad jump high in air once again retracting his left hand back he hurled the weapon with great intensity and precision. It cut through his horns catching the Sannin by surprise. Manda still trying to dodge didn▓t see the form appear on his flank and leaping from behind him when Yondaime attacked them with a Rasaengan. The blond shinobi was only able to blow the lower portion of the body of the Sannin giving Orochimaru ample to time to get away with his top half but Manda took the full brunt of the attack.

A huge dust cloud over came them shadowing everything in the battle field.

Manda was immobile with his disfigured twisted face down blade deeply imbedded in his mouth. Gamabunta standing over the large form with his webbed feet stepping on it face stopping it from moving any further. The Yondaime lay on his side getting up groggily he peered around him. He took in his surroundings.

His eyes widened at the retreating figures of the Iwa Shinobi.

He rose himself and stared around him┘they were leaving. The man reeled for a moment. Not comprehending the turn of events but was startled out of them by the other figure in the battle field the Snake Sannin. Orochimaru raised himself from the dust cloud of the battle only his top half of his body being mobile. The man▓s legs disintegrated from the Rasengan.

Fear arose in his eyes watching his plans begin to fall apart.

Gamabunta with a foot still on the mouth of the reptile retracted the blade from his opponent▓s mouth. Blood trailing like a string of saliva. He buried his foot deeper in its massive head keeping the Snake in the same spot, unable to move the King of snakes feared what was to come.

⌠It▓s finally over Manda,■ Gamabunta raised his left hand with the katana attached to it. The Toad said finally. ⌠Go with your ancestors and find peace.■

The Katana severed the head of the massive snake with great precision. Cutting the head cleanly in one swoop, before his skull was pierced, through and through with equal presision, the great Toad cleaned the blade with his clothes and brandished it in the air before placing it back in its sheathe.

Gamabunta turned towards the Yondaime one last time. ⌠The seals are set as you requested.■ Gamabunta reached down and placed a webbed hand on the form of Manda and the other by its severed head. ⌠Good luck Arashi, it was good seeing you again.■

The massive figures disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Leaving the Hero and the Snake to face off once again.

⌠I won▓t let you escape Orochimaru,■ The Yondaime said. ⌠It ends here,■ with that said. He weaved a sequence of hand signs in front of him stopping in one. ⌠No more running this is where we finish it. This is the place where you will die.■

The Snake Sannin▓s eyes widened.

Seals rose in the four corners of the battlefield engulfing them in a darkness covered barrier. It blocked the light around them sending them forth into an all consuming abyss.


Gaara sighed tiredly as he exited the command tent, cracking his neck as he did. War was an exhausting business, how Temari was able to lead the troops before he came with little to no trouble he would never be able to-

"Hi hoodie."

Dear god in heaven.

The Kazekage's teal green eyes twitched once before they slowly turned to Tenten, finding her smiling form, as cheery as ever. He rubbed his temples. "Tenten. I see you are well."

The irritation in his voice was just for show, and she knew it. She smiled before walking up to him, wrapping an arm around Gaara's shoulders as she giggled. "Yeesss, I'm quite well, so I decided to come down and pay you a little visit. You don▓t mind do you hoodie?" She questioned with a pout and fake teary eyes, ones she knew Gaara could scarcely resist, no matter how much he denied it.

The Kazekage's lips curled back as he pulled away from her, trying to look anywhere but to her. He succeeded, by glaring at anyone who passed by, scarring the living daylights out of them.

Tenten frowned, she'd have to keep in mind to use that tactic when he was alone only, and otherwise it wouldn▓t work. She moved to open her mouth to speak gain when a voice suddenly reached them, a very unwelcome voice, very worrisome voice.

"While this spectacle is amusing vessel of the Shukaku. That is not what I am here for."

Gaara spun around, placing Tenten behind him as his eyes gazed into those of Uchiha Itachi, standing in the middle of their camp. The rest of the Suna ninja present let out a startled gasp, brandishing weapons as they swiftly surrounded the Uchiha.

"You need not worry, I am not here for a fight." The Uchiha spoke blandly. "I am merely here to give you a message."

"What message?" The Kazekage growled, eyes narrowing as sand vissibly gathered at his feet.

Itachi stared straight at him for a good long while before he finally spoke. "You're sworn brother, Uzumaki Naruto and Kumo's Nii Yugito. Has been captured by my organization. And they are currently being taken to our headquarters near Ame. If you wish to save them." He began vanishing into black smoke. "Then you had best hurry Kazekage."

Gaara did not ease his guard untill he felt all vestiges of Itachi's presence vanish and even then he remained on guard.

"A trap?" Tenten questioned.

"Undoubtedly." He nodded. "But it is a trap I will have to walk into. If I wish to make sure my brother is fine."

"Then I'm coming too." Tenten spoke firmly. Gaara shook his head. "No you won▓t."

Tenten responded by sending him a look, the look that clearly spoke 'As if you're gonna stop me.' Before turning to the nearest Chuunin. "Hey, tell Temari she's in charge again until we get back." Before she rushed off, heading east.

Gaara growled. "Insufferable woman." Before he too chased after her. Leaving a very confused chuunin behind.


⌠What is this place,■ The snake sannin snarled seeing the barrier taking effect. ⌠What is happening?■

The Yondaime only smiled in response, ⌠Is that fear in your tone Orochimaru,■ The blond haired shinobi said continuing sequences of hand sign in front of him with rapid movements. By doing that the plane got thicker and darker the barrier settling itself a lot firmly. Glyphs began to appear on the walls blinking and receding, a deep purple of a color flashing in the dark domain.

Orochimaru raised himself on his remaining limbs, his jet black hair covering his visage like a shade. His breathing began to be labored. A heavy oppressed feeling settled on his body he felt power in his veins being drained from him the Snake▓s peripheral vision becoming blurry and unfocused. One of his arms gave away from under him and he collapsed on his chest again.

⌠Don▓t you feel it,■ the blond haired shinobi retorted finally coming to a stop on the sequence of hand signs and stopping on one. Instead of dropping his hands like most jutsus he remained stock still. The Snake Sannin looked up and stared in wide eyed wonder at the Yondaime. ⌠His eyes.■

Orochimaru strained against the invisible force set against him. Feeling something rising up he spat the building blood that filled his stomach a puddle forming around him. With lips still stained with the crimson liquid he raised himself slowly again by his two arms. His slitted eyes staring menacingly towards the Yondaime.

Seeing the unmoving form of the Yondaime Orochimaru took initiative.

Without a second thought the snake sannin sprung into action forgetting everything that was going around him including the death▓s eyes that followed him. Like a coiled snake he slithered with speed unmatched catching the Yondaime unaware. He wrapped himself around the entire length of his body blade coming forth from his mouth and lunging for the Kage's throat.

But, being only mere milimeters from his throat the snake was frozen.

Orochimaru couldnt explain it, it wasnt a jutsu or technique, it wasnt that he had been hit in a pressure point, it wasnt even killing intent. It was just a presence a cold grip that held him firmly in place. His blade just a hairs width away from the Jugular of his opponent, but completely unmoving, despite his struggles.

"You feel it now dont you." the Kage asked rehtorically as his cold blue eyes glanced upwards at the snake, his body unmoving as he held his seal.

Orochimaru snarled. "What is this?" He snarled, his words understandable despite the fact that his tongue held the Kusanagi.

"Did you not ask yourself why I did not use too many, of my techniques on you, Orochimaru?" He questioned again, ignoring the snakes question."It was for two reasons really, one to bide my time, in order to sieze the perfect opportunity to use this, and of course, to get you this close."

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed, smoldering with the utmost hatred for the blond.

Arashi smirked. "Look now uppon your death, snake. And know that this time there is no escape."

Orochimaru would have retorted to the blonds statementif not for the form that suddenly took shape behind the blond, that of the Shinigami, knife held firmly in the teeth of his spectral form as his grim vissage stared down uppon the snake sannin. His non existant eyes seemingly piercing his blackened soul.

"Hehehe." Arashi chuckled, his voice shuddering with evil intent towards the snake. "I wasnt joking when I said the Shinigami wasnt happy about not having collected your soul Orochimaru."

The snake sannin snarled before looking down on the Yondaime's smiling form. "You!" He roared retracting his tongue and swallowing the Kusanagi with it. "You will die as well foolish Yondaime. I have faced this technique before and survived it. Despair in the knowledge that your attempt will fail just as the Sandaime's did.

Arashi smirked as he released his seal. "You see...thats where your wrong, on both counts." His form then vanished, leaving Orochimaru grasping nothing but air, but even so his form did not move from its previous position.

His eyes searched for the Yondaime, but soon his eyes grew wide with fear as he saw the blond standing "Behind" the Shinigami, smirking like there was no tomorow.

"You see Orochimaru..." The blond smiled. "The Shinigami is so angry at you that even he was willing to "Bend the rules" for this ocasion. While I was...away...he gave me exclusive permission to use this technique on you. It summons and entraps two individuals in this dimension, this limbo between the world of the living, and the dead. He is personally take your soul to the underworld."

The snake sannin's eyes took on a look of such utter disbelief mixed with horror that Arashi couldn't stop the smile from widening to an almost maddening degree. "Goodbye snake."

Orochimaru's eyes broke off from Arashi's gaze and stared to the spectral form of the Death God. "No...this...THIS CANNOT BE!" He yelled, begining to struggle against his invisible bonds. But the hold of the Shinigami was a firm one, unyielding as the Being drew a sword from his side, the blade of which pulsed with a cold sickening aura of ice and death. Stepping forward slowly, as if to Prolongue Orochimaru's increasingly desperate yet futile struggles against his paralizing touch.

The snake sannin's amber yellow eyes could only look on in horror as the Shinigami stood before him, and slowly raised his sword.


As soon as the barrier fell Arashi was once again in the battlefield, infront of him was the smoking dried up corpse of Orochimaru, his once pale skin now ashen gray his eyes open yet unseeing as his now white hair framed his features. It was as if all the life had been literally sucked right out of the snake sannin.

Arashi paid it little mind however before he turned his mind back to the battle. He had to organize his men, now that Orochimaru was dead the city could be taken with ease.

He moved to leave when his eyes caught something in his peripheral vision.

It was a head of stark silver hair that seemed vaguely familiar. Uppon closer inspection, he saw the black cloth mask, and the scar going down the left eye. Most importantly this individual was burried from the waist down amidst a pile of concrete rubble and wodden debris. "Ka-Kakashi!" He yelled rushing down to the fallen ninja. Just where had he come from, according to reports he had been missing. Just what-The explosion...that explosion just before he'd summoned Gamabunta, where all those prisoners had come out of...that had to be it.

The Yondaime soon enough used a quick wind jutsu to cut appart the stone debris before heaving his battered student out of the remains."Ok kiddo, your allright now" He said laying him down on the ground, pressing his ear against his chest to listen for a heartbeat he began pounding against the jounin vest that covered him" Come on Kakashi, I didn't come back from the dead just so you could go looking for me." He grunted as he beat a few more times against his chest

Finally the copy ninja started coughing his bleary eyes prying themselves open.

His vission was blurry as he looked around, groaning in pain as he raised a hand to rub his head. The last thing he remembered was fighting Sasori, then those two large summons showed up, started trampling around everywhere, while most had mannaged to get away quick enough, he and Sasori had been too close, and ended up burried under a collapsed house one of Manda's tails crused. He didn't notice if Sasori got out but he sure as hell didnt.

Opening his eyes again he glanced around and found the worried blue eyes bloody way.

"Aww shit...I really did die didn't I?" He groaned in pain as he struggled to get to his feet. "Funny." He gasped. "I thought that death would be less...painful."

"Well thats because your not dead Kakashi what would make you think that." Arashi questioned his former student. At Kakashi's incredulous eyebrow however he realised just what was wrong. "Oh crap the Henge, I forgot!" The blond said in distress before he formed said technique, a moment later appearing as the exact copy of his son.

Kakashi stared at the henge'd individual before he stepped back. "I'm not dead..." But then his eyes narrowed. "Naruto if this is some kind it cant be Naruto because Naruto's..."

That peaked Arashi's interest. "Naruto's what?" He said with a hint of urgency.

Kakashi's head suddenly started snapping around from one direction to another "Yugito! Where's Yugito!?"

"Kakashi!' The yondaime called bringing his students attention back to him. "What happened to Naruto!? Who's Yugito?"

The copy nin stared at the man. "Look I...I don't have time if you are if you say you are then you'll be able to answer this. "What punishment did you give me and Obito when we put green hair dye into Rin's shampoo?"

Arashi got a strange look on his face before he shook it off and spoke "I put purple and orange hair dye in yours now hurry up and tell me what happened to Naruto."

"Holy shit it is you!" Kakashi gasped. He hadnt expected for this man to even remotely be who he had claimed to be. He had expected to recieve a wrong answer and would then have probably used the kunai currently slipped into his hand in order to cut the tendons on his arms and legs. A rather painful and rather fatal experience if he was not treated in due time.

Arashi hurriedly nodded. "Yea yea what the hell were you on about before?"

Kakashi's eyes rolled into the back of his head before he promptly fainted.

"HEY HEY!" Arashi yelled as he caught the younger mans limp body, slapping him in the face a couple of times to wake him up. "Oh come on we don't have time for this damnit!"


Naruto groaned, his eyes opening weakly as they now found the familiar setting of his mindscape.

"Naruto." Came the rumbling voice to his side. Slowly...painfully, he turned his head, finding the familiar, massive form of his grandfather standing behind the bars of his imprisonment. He smiled, though it was a very weak one. "Hey...old man...its been a while."

Indeed it had been a very long time. As the years passed, it was evident, that the seal, and being imprisoned into the body of a hanyou, was wearing on the Kyuubi's soul. As more time passed, the great fox demon had slept, more and more, awakening only in times when his grandson was emotionally distressed or in mortal danger. This was certainly one of those times.

" must hold will come soon for you." The demons rumbling voice sent vibrations through his chest.

Naruto's eyes dropped slightly. "NARUTO!" The great demon roared bringing the boys full attention back to him. Kyuubi stared into his eyes, crimson red meeting amber gold. "Stare into my eyes boy. Keep your focus on me." He commanded, the deep baritone forming ripples in the ankle deep water. The great demon could feel his power being sapped away, but it would take a long time, a very long time. With any would be long enough for the boys rescue to arrive.


Pein watched on in apathy as the demonic chakra's from the two Bijuu, the Nibi and the Kyuubi were slowly but surely extracted from the two unconsious figures laying in the seal. The red and purple chakra clashing against one another as they approached the gaping mouth of the statue he stood under. The process of extracting two Bijuu at once, especially one as large as the Kyuubi, in comparison to that of the Nibi had them all exausted But soon, so very soon. This is all that they required. The Shukaku may still be wandering the lands, but it didnt matter. This power was all they would need and if by some small chance they actually needed the Shukaku they would hunt him down and capture him as well.

The red and black eyes of the Rinnegan watched the chakra as it rose above the two forms, bubbling and hissing like a crackling fireas the red and purple glow lit up the cave. Slowly, like the flow of water up hill, the chakra began moving towards the statues mouth. Finally entering the seals gaping maw all nine eyes on the beast opened and a groan like that of the howling dead reached Pein and the rest of the Akatsuki members ears.

"What the hell is that?" Kakuzu spoke as he looked around the chamber.

"Hey Hidan your into all that creepy bump in the night bullshit." Kisame began as he drew his sword, no longer needing to concentrate on the ritual as the statue sucked up the chakra that had just entered its mouth like a strip of spagheti. "Any ideas?"

"I praise Jashin you ignorant fool. Not any weakling creature that just goes 'bump in the night'" The heratical Akatsuki member snarled as he drew his scythe.

Just then one of the three doors on the side of the chamber opened, revealing the solemn form of Uchiha Itachi.

"I suggest." The Uchiha drawled in a bore. "That you all run."

Visibly confused by this statement, they moved to ask him what he meant but before the question could even be uttered from their lips a massive explosion sent the Iron door on the ajacent wall flying, Smashing against the suprised Hidan and crushing him between the iron door and a wall of stone. "Oww." Came the muffled groan of pain from the immortal.

The rest of the Akatsuki turned their eyes back on the door, the fire and smoke obscuring their view of the silouhueted figure that currently approached them.

"Taking my son...was a very bad idea." Came the feminine voice of Kazama Shani as she stepped into the chamber, her crimson red eyes gleaming with the orange glow of the fires behind her.

"Your son?" Deidara questioned before turning to Pein. "Hey! Whats the deal! The Kyuubi Jinchuriki is supposed to be an orphan."

Pein grunted. "It doesnt matter. Kill her."

"Let me" Came the muffled voice of Hidan as he pushed the door off of him, the massive hunk of metal falling with a great crash as the bloddied, scratched and brusied ninja walked out of the indent his form made in the stone. "That hurt bitch." He said before he shifted the grip on his scythe and rushed the Vixen. Shani's eyes turned to the silver haired Nuke-nin's for a brief moment before he swung the scythe.

He hit little more than air however, as the woman seemed to vanish from his sight, not a split second later however was Kakuzu's head, from the upper jaw up, was torn clean off with a single invisible swipe. His body collapsed like a puppet without its strings the red headed woman appearing two steps behind where he had been standing as it did blood dripping off her left claw as she glared at the surrounding ninja who now each started gathering their respective weapons and abilities as they prepared to attack her. She noticed the leader make a strange hand seal before five more of him appeared.

The demoness flexed her claws in preparation but before she could do anything the eyes above the statues flashed white before they turned an inky black, a groan, simmilar to the one before shook the chamber around them. Pein noticed from the corner of his eyes that Itachi was nowhere in sight.

Shani's eyes traveled up to the statue as if seeing it for the first time, her mouth opening slightly as she took a step back. There was a bright flash of light which made everyone cover their eyes even those facing away from the statue.

A roar tore through the air bringing Shani's eyes up to the statue again, seeing the spirits of the Nibi and the Kyuubi as they were torn from their containers. "Father! she yelled out to the roaring entity of chakra before the great fox released a final, defiant roar before he was fully absorbed into the statue.

"Wha-what?" The demoness eyes were brought to that of the Akatsuki, who were now kneeling as if the strength from their bodies was being sapped from them. Uppon closer inspection however, the demoness could see faint traces of human chakra, their chakra, being drained from them and into the statue.

A pressure suddenly hit the Kitsune demoness sending her staggering back as she realised just what this thing was. "Encablosa." She whispered, a sliver of fear entering her heart and voice.

The rumbling of the cave increased, as if trembling in fear from the name itself. The massive shackles around the statues wrist shifted, rattling as its arms began to move, puting tension on the massive chains that bound its hands together before they were brutally shatered, the chain in its mouth was promptly torn away as was the blindfold over its eyes. "I. AWAKEN." It spoke in an old tongue, a language dead for millenia uppon millenia, unspoken since the dawn of time and the birth of the world. Shani could not understand his words, but somehow she could understand it, understand him, its deep rumbling voice sending enough vibrations through the chamber to dislodge many of the stalagmites on the ceiling.

The beasts pitch black orbs suddenly turned onto the still unconsious form of Naruto. "MY. POWER." he spoke as his arm slowly made its way to the blonds unmoving form.

"NO!" Shani yelled as she rushed forward.

The dark beings eyes shifted to her. Opening his mouth there was a terrible screech, like nails on a chalk board that rang through the entire chamber. The fox demones's progres was brought to a brutal halt as she screamed, clutching her ears in pain as blood leaked from her ears and tearglands. "Ahhh, Na-Naruto!" She said as she struggled to her feet, taking two more steps before collapsing due to the pain.

Encablosa turned its attention back onto Naruto its massive hand, nearly twenty feet wide and thirty feet from middle finger tip to wrist, hovering over the boy.

The sword at the blond Jinchuriki's side rattled in its sheathe, shaking violently before it was removed from its scabard, hovering between the dark ones massive hand and Naruto's prone form.

"I. WIN. BROTHER." The dark one spoke before the sword shattered into a million pieces, light and dark essenses pouring fourth from the weapon, the light, dissipating beneath the suffocating presence of the dark, becoming nothing more than stray ashes in the wind as the black essence coalessed into a single orb before eit was absorbed fully by Encablosa.

The great demon pulled away from the blond purple energies coalessing around its massive form. As it turned its pitch black eyes onto the struggling Shani, the last of the Akatsuki member collapsing with Kisame as the evil beast absorbed their essence, leading them as nothing but empty shells. "MY. POWERS. HAVE. BEEN. DILUTED. TODAY. DEMONESS. BUT. I. SHALL. RETURN. SOON. AND. ALL. YOU. KNOW. SHALL. BE. REDUCED. TO. NOTHINGNESS."

Shani pulled herself to her feet just before the great beast released another screech and its form dissipated in hords of black locusts and clouds of Miasma leaving a lone demoness to try and save her dying son.


Naruto groaned as he pried his eyes open, his throat dry and hoarse as he struggled to return to the living world. Voices faintly reached his mind as his senses slowly but surely returned to him. Opening his eyes the blond found himself in a hospital room, the light from the hallway shifting in from the edges of the door, the faint voices were from people outside in the hall. Naruto glanced around, finding it to allready be nightime, hence why the room was so dark, but he also noticed the individuals around him. His mother and father sat in a nearby couch, her head resting on his lap as they both slept. Naruto then became aware of a weight bearing down on his chest. Turning his eyes to the source he was greeted with one of the most wellcoming sights he'd seen in a very long time.

A familiar, full head of long silky strands of raven black hair. Running his claws through the tresses he leaned down and hugged the younger girl closer to him, forcing her to stir slightly in her sleep. "Nruto?" She mumbled sleepilly as she turned a bit, her sea blue eyes meeting his own, clouded with sleep and confusion. Naruto smiled down at her as he reached over and pulled her into the bed. "Shhh...I'm here now...everythings allright."

The Kumo kunoichi's eyes grew heavier, held close to her lover's familiar warmth and presence she allowed herself to succumb to sleep once again. Ilv yu." She mumbled before finally giving into its grip.

Naruto smiled down at her as he kissed the top of her head. "I love you too." He sighed, breathing in her scent, rain and water lilies, it was allways her.

Unseen by the two the Yellow flash allowed a smile to spread over his lips before he continued to sleep.


Several rooms down Kakashi stared down on the slowly awakening form of one Nii Yugito. "Hi." He greeted with his familiar upside down U eye smile.

Yugito glanced around the room, wincing at the bright light that beared down on her from the ceiling. "Ohhh, wha...what happened." She groaned rubbing her head

"Oh nothing." The coppy ninja shrugged nonchalantly. "We just mannaged to rescue you from the Akatsuki who extracted most of the Niibi from you."

If the Kunoichi had been half dead before she certainly didnt look it the next second as she sat up fully her eyes wide as her mouth moved a mile a minute. Due to her state she failed to notice that Kakashi said "Most" of the Nibi. The fact of the matter is that the Akatsuki had extracted nearly all of the Nibi's chakra, but for whatever reason at least a small 5 of the Nibi's essence remained, and though that gave her a tenuous grip on life, she had been brought to the hospital in time however to stabilize her condition. "WHATWHATTHEHELLDOYOUMEANTHEYEXTRACTEDTHENIBITHEYCANTEXTRACTTHENIBITHATLLKILLMEYOUMUSTBELYINGBECAUSEIMNOTDEADANDIDBEDEADIFTHEYEXTRACTEDTHENIBIWHEREAREWEKAKASHIWHATSGOINGONWHA-UMPF"

Her tirade was swiftly and brutally cut off by Kakashi as the copy nin pressed his unmasked lips against hers, catching her completely by suprise as she began returning the kiss. The coppy nin pulled away, allowing the Kumo kunoichi to regain her senses as she oppened her eyes and looked to his now masked face. His smile was still firmly in place as he spoke. "Now now, you cant get too worked up. Get some rest now." He muttered pressing a small pressure point on the girls neck watching as she fell back on the bed, dead asleep.

He straightened as he looked down on her sleeping form, his smile gaining something of a gentle tone to it. "I'll be here when you wake up."


The next morning Naruto stood atop the Hokage monument, staring as the sun began its rise, spreading fire throughout the horison.

He had been told everything that had happened by his mother when he woke up. Encablosa was now out there somewhere, and his greatest power had been taken from him...

"I thought I'd find you here." Naruto turned finding Ina as she approached him, her soft footsteps clacking against the stone gravel beneath her feet. She made it to his side, sitting down as she wrapped her arms around his neckm placing her head near the crook of his neck. Naruto adjusted his position and pulled her onto his lap sighing in contentment as he placed his lips to hers.

"I missed you." She sighed as the kiss ended, resting her head against his chest. "I missed you so much." She repeated hugging him closer.

Naruto sighed as he did the same. "I missed you too...I promise I'll never let anything happen to you again."

Ina smiled. "It was you that needed rescuing this time...I should be saying that."

Naruto smiled back. "Well I'm stubborn then." He said before looking back to the horison.

Ina rested her head against him again, rubbing circles over his back with her hand. "Are you worried. About Encablosa."

Naruto nodded. "Yea...I am." He looked down to her, caressing her cheek with the palm of his hand bringing her eyes back up to meet his own. "But no matter what happens..." He smiled. "You know me eh.:

She smiled up at him, her blue eyes lighting up. "Yea." She sighed hugging him tighter. "I know you."

Naruto watched her before resting his chin over her head, watching the sun rise over the village basking in the warmth of the sun and the heat of the woman resting hin his arms.


Well this fic is finally completed. By far not the best ending I have come up with. I know I have done this story a great injustice. It really did deserve its true and propper ending but I just cant do it anymore. This last chap was extremely rushed, as it essentially cramed 4 or 5 chapters into one. I felt as if I was butchering my own story with this. But I really just couldn't do it and I felt it was better to give this an ending, even a half assed one as opposed to none at all. Maybe one day I'll come back and finish the story. If anyone is interested in what the true ending of this story was then I'd be more than happy to send you the overview of the remaining plot. This would have been up much sooner than it has been but for some reason my Beta's kept dissapearing on me so I just decided to post it and repost it when one of them gets back with the corrected chapter.

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