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Chapter 1




The sound of waves impinged upon her darkness, the first indication that she was nearing consciousness. However it was the warm foamy water lapping around her legs, the sand digging into her cheek, and the sunburn on the other that finally brought her around to the fact that she was actually alive.

'I'm not dead.' She observed, her mind fuzzy and forming the actual words to think at all was a little difficult.

While normally the statement 'I'm not dead' was spoken enthusiastically or at least in relief, she just couldn't find the energy or inclination to be happy about it. Instead, she squeezed her eyes tighter and curled her fingers in the sand with an incoherent mumble of discontent. Oblivion seemed so much more peaceful than her life. She wanted to go back.



Two voices called from a distance, rattling in her head like peas in a mayonnaise jar. The sound of feet in sand pattered over to her, and she closed her eyes tighter. 'I can't see you, that means you can't see me. I'm invisible...'

Alas, her wishful thinking did not make a difference and large hands pulled her off the ground and turned her over. She remained limp, hoping that the two would get the hint and go away. Most people in the city didn't want to concern themselves with unconscious bodies, after all.

"Sora!" said the deeper voice, possibly the one holding her, "Gawrsh! Is he awright?"

"Shora, shpeak to ush!" said the strangely quacking voice to her left.

Reluctantly, she cracked opened her eyes then squinted at the bright light that assaulted her eyes so accustomed to the darkness behind her eyelids. Once she found the ability to focus, she found two strange-shaped strangers silhouetted over her against the bright blue sunlit sky. Birds- seagulls, she supposed- were calling nearby.

"Sora!" the two said in unison this time, excited and relieved.

Now, she was yanked up off the sand and clutched against a scrawny chest, the taller of the two definitely had her.

"Gawrsh Sora, ya had us scared for a moment!" said the one holding her.

Flexing her fingers, she blinked blearily over the shoulder she was being clutched against, trying desperately to recall who these people were, but her mind was drawing a blank. A very big blank.

However, their enthusiastic clutching at her was making her skin crawl, and despite being tired, she found the strength of will to desperately push at the taller –creature- that held her. Breaking free, she fell back on her rear just as a wave washed onto shore, soaking her shorts. Finally able to get a good look at the two, she shook her head, putting a hand to it and scrubbing the sand off her cheek, "What...?" she asked faintly, then looked around her mind still clouded by hunger and lack of sleep. Finally a few things registered on her senses and she murmured blearily, "The beach?" she'd never been to the beach before, but here she was, sitting in sand with waves lapping over her legs, soaking her sneakers and shorts and with her first beach sunburn.

Scrubbing her cheek, she turned her large mirror-blue eyes towards the two in front of her in an effort to understand the situation she found herself in. Had she hitch-hiked to the beach? One of her current companions was definitely a duck, the other was... maybe a dog? She wasn't sure, but in any case, they seemed to know who she was, which was a relief since she certainly had no clues. Nor did she know who they were, or where she was, or how she'd gotten there.

'Don't ask now. Who knows what kind of predators they are,' she thought with at least a little clarity.

"Sora?" the dog-man asked, the owner of the deeper voice. "Are you awright?"

"Yeah!" duck-man added, "We've been looking for you everywhere!"

Blinking at them, she touched her sunburned cheek lightly, sure that it would probably start hurting as soon as she was out of the sun and replied, "Why? Am I supposed to save the world or something?" fat chance, but then again, things seemed a little too odd for a normal day for her. Certainly animals only talked in the movies.

Duck-man and Dog-man exchanged looks, "Well, yesh," Duck-man replied, "The worldsh needsh you again! King Mickey hash dishappeared and Malefichent ish on the move!"

Lowering her hands to the sand, she shook her head slightly, trying to clear the fog that was clouding everything. It was almost ...almost like that time Gary had taken the baseball bat to her, with only a fraction of the headache. Or was that sun-stroke that was making the back of her eyes hurt? She squinted in the bright light of the beach, feeling rather miserable. "Um..." she said softly then peered foggily at the concerned expressions on their faces. Now this was a bit odd. Undeniably, they knew her, yet she didn't remember them, nor did she remember who 'King Mickey' and 'Malefichent' were, but the two of them looked so expectant as they stared at her. How could she tell them that she didn't remember who they were? They would be worried- probably overly so, if she were just having a hangover or some such. Maybe if she just... pretended for a little while, things would come back?

'Unless they know you're confused and are just pulling your leg for a laugh,' was her sarcastic-side's comment, but she chose to ignore that. She wanted to believe them for now. After all, being completely devoid of any recollection of your own name was a rather unnerving state. 'So this is amnesia?' she asked herself, but herself didn't have any answers. Therefore, she had to turn to an outside source for answers, and somehow not irritate them with her malfunctions.

Staggering to her feet, she managed to find her balance before the Dog-man's reach to catch her connected, "Let's go then...?" she suggested, hoping to break the terrible tableau of them sitting there staring at each other while the tide came in. Or was it going out? She was no beach-bum.

The two strange creatures nodded and the Duck-man said, "Yesh," he didn't sound too certain, though, and was staring at her as she stood there swaying.

"My, Sora, I think you've grown again," said Dog-man, looking her over.

Looking down at herself, she blinked, "No... my clothes are wet." She pulled her shirt off her decidedly flat chest and wrung the tail in a vain attempt to dry out. Her sports bra was chafing, but the fuzz was clearing from her mind enough to make her conscious of dignity and what little she had at this point. The attempts to wring out her clothes certainly didn't help her shoes, so she merely sighed and started forward, squelching across the sand at a staggering pace. Why did she feel like she'd been hit in the back of the head with something? "So where're we going?" she asked, just to get the other two moving. Once she had a direction, she figured she could just go on auto pilot. She'd functioned through worse circumstances, after all. Admittedly, these particular circumstances were rather strange...

Coming to a stop when she realized the other two weren't going to lead, she looked back over her shoulder. Dog-man said, "Gawrsh, Sora, you seem down today."

"Yeah! What'sh wrong?" Duck-man demanded to know.

Blinking at them, she took a long moment to think over things, then finally turned towards them fully and pinned on a smile, "I'm fine, really." Not really, but she had to say something. Squinting at their expressions, she guessed that they weren't going to take just an 'I'm okay' for an answer. Fumbling through the things they'd said, she blurted the first thing that came to mind, "Just... We should get going, right? Have to find King Mickey before something bad happens to the kingdom, after all." Even though she'd just pulled that out of her hat, it was sufficient to distract the two. Or was it her smile that had done the trick? They'd seemed to perk up quite a bit when she'd flashed it. Either way, they started off and passed her. She was forced to follow, which was fine. She didn't know where she was going.

Again, she paused before going more than a few steps and turned, looking out across the sand to the waves and sunlight sparkling across them.

"Never been to the beach before," she mused under her breath, "but this place... I think I know it." Not that she was likely to recall any moment, but the feeling of Déjà vu was just too strong to go without comment.

"Shora! Come on!" Duck-man called and she turned, jogging up the beach to catch up with the two.

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