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I Don't Believe You

The bodies of Ana, Libby and Henry had all been removed from the hatch. Even though they weren't there anymore the pools of blood left behind told their stories. Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke, Sawyer and Michael remained in the hatch trying to deal with what they had found and to hear from Michael what happened. The group listened as Michael told his story, he had been awoken by gunshots he had run into the room to see Ana and Libby shot and bleeding while Henry stood there holding the gun. He had rushed Henry but was too slow and Henry managed to get a shot off hitting him in the shoulder. They fought over the gun and Michael eventually took possession of it. Knowing it was either life or death he shot Henry before The Other could do any more damage. A few minutes later as he struggled to stop his bleeding they had shown up and that was his story.

Kate jumped as Sawyer lept up and started pacing the room ranting and raving about how he was going to go to The Other's camp and kill every single last one of them. Sayid just sat in the chair staring at the floor and Locke's eyes were focused on the pool of blood that Libby had left behind. It was Jack that Kate focused on. He was leaning on the wall and hadn't said anything. She had watched him when they entered the hatch and he moved from body to body looking for any sign of life. He never spoke though not even when he was bandaging up Michael.

Michael started talking about how they needed to get the guns and hit The Others hard. Sawyer said he was all in for it. Locke and Sayid exchanged sad looks, it looked to them that they were about to go to war. All eyes slowly turned to Jack to hear his opinion. As if feeling the weight of all the stares he slowly looked around the room and at each one of the occupants. Kate inhaled a quick breath when she saw his eyes. In all of the time they had been on the island Kate had never seen that look before. Not when the pilot was eaten, or when Claire was taken or even when Boone died. Jack's beautiful brown eyes were cold, harsh and dead. Kate felt her heart skip a beat, she knew how much stress Jack was under and she feared that this might have been the last straw. What would he do? Would he say he didn't give a shit and good luck as he walked out the door? In a way Kate couldn't blame him if he did, except she'd try to go with him wherever it was he would go. Suddenly he spoke two quiet but earth shattering words.

"Why Michael?" his voice was low and cold with absolutely no feeling behind it. His words were as dead as his eyes.

Everyone including Michael glanced at him confused. What did he mean? They all watched as Jack fixed his hard stare straight on Michael.

"Why what Jack?" Michael asked glancing at Sawyer. Sawyer like everyone else had finally seen Jack's eyes and tried to see what was going on in the doctor's head.

"Well Michael," he said dryly. "What I'm wondering is why you shot Ana, what was the point?" Everyone gasped a little at Jack's accusation. It couldn't be true could it? All eyes turned back to Michael.

"Shoot Ana? I told you Henry shot Ana." Michael said almost incredulously.

"Yes, I know that's what you said, but what I want is the truth. Look where Ana was. She was up against the back of the chair and there was no blood, splatter behind her on the wall, but the bullet is in the chair. That means she was reclining on the chair when she was shot. Otherwise if she had been standing, leaning forward or trying to stand, the bullet would have passed through her and there would be blood on the wall. There isn't because the chair absorbed it." Jack said almost sounding bored.

"What are you getting at Jack?" Kate asked quietly. She wanted to cry when his eyes swept over her as if she wasn't there and fixed back on Michael.

'What I'm saying is that I seriously doubt Ana, a trained cop, who was nearly killed by Henry earlier would just sit and relax as he walked out of the gun room, got in front of her and shot her. I'm just not buying it. Ana was shot deliberately and I want Michael to tell me why." Jack said coldly.

"What about Libby?" Locke asked quietly, he and Sayid were feeling almost relieved at Jack's accusations because their own guts were telling them something was wrong.

"Libby was an accident, wasn't she Michael? You were only planning on killing Ana and Henry, what happened, did she startle you and you shot first and asked questions later?" asked Jack.

"This is crazy, why would Michel do this, it makes no sense. Hello! The Others have killed here before. I think we need to go after them now" exclaimed Sawyer who though he was defending Michael could slowly feel the doubt knocking at his brain.

"Jack, I know you're upset but Sawyer's right The Other's are the enemy not me, I was shot remember? Plus if I was the killer why the hell wouldn't I have booked and gotten out of here?" Michael said trying to reason with Jack.

"Yes let's talk about your gunshot wound" Jack said matter of fact. "You said you were near the door and Henry was all the way across the room, you ran at him but he got a shot off before you could get near him. Then how come you have a close range gunshot wound, that had and angled entry and exit? You weren't shot head on Michael." Jack took his own hand and made a fake gun and held it to his shoulder as if he were going to shoot himself. Kate's eyes widened as she saw on Jack the way the bullet would have to enter to match Michael's wounds.

'Now since you just happened to stumble out to me and Kate after no contact with you for weeks, you've been trying to get us to go after The Others. You tell us they are unarmed, that they don't have many people, that they are primitive I just can't help but think how convenient that is. I mean did you think that I would lead everyone into that obvious of a trap?" Jack asked with nothing but ice in his veins.

A pin would be heard if it were to drop on the floor. Sayid, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate all waited with bated breath silently praying that Michael could answer Jack's questions and Michael would be innocent and everything would be ok. Their prayers would not be answered.

"They have my boy" Michael said softly, pleading with Jack. "He's my son and they have him. They told me that if I got into your camp and killed Anna and made it look like Henry did it and that I killed him in self defense, that I could gain your trust and that I could really be in control. All I had to do was convince you to go after The Others and walk right into their trap. I'm sorry I'm so sorry, they wanted Ana dead because she was a threat to them. I swear I never meant to kill Libby she was just there and I reacted." Michael said tears dripping down his face, if it was sympathy he hoped to see in Jack's eyes he wasn't going to get it.

"Why was Ana a threat and what is their plan? Who are they, and what the hell do they want?" Jack pulled the gun out of his waistband but didn't point it; instead he held it in his hands almost as if weighing it. A couple hours ago if someone asked if Jack Shephard could shoot someone without flinching they would be laughed at, but now with Jack's cold dead eyes no one in the room doubted for one second that if Michael didn't answer Jack's questions the doctor would easily put a bullet into him.

"I don't know their entire plan, I swear" Michael said holding his hands in the air. "All I know for sure was that they wanted Henry dead because he was a liability, they told me to try to lure Ana in here and stage it to look like Henry did it. They knew Ana was a cop and that she had killed one of them already. They're afraid of a few of you and they know that you could cause them problems. They also knew that it would be hard for just anyone to kill Ana so it had to be someone she trusted. She had stayed behind when you all left because she wanted to kill Henry but she couldn't do it. I told her I would so she gave me the gun and the combination. You were right Jack she was relaxing in the chair, she never saw it coming." Michael said crying.

"Who else are they after?" Sayid asked

Michael sighed, "You, Eko, and Jack."

Kate felt the fear grip her, they wanted to kill Jack? They had been out there right on the line that shouldn't be crossed and the whole time these people were plotting Jack's death. She wanted to get up and hug him close to feel his heartbeat and to know that his was ok; she couldn't handle it if he was to get hurt.

"Wait, why the hell do they want Jack, he's a spinal surgeon for god's sake? I mean I've got to be more dangerous than him" asked Sawyer almost sounding disgruntled.

For the first time Michael met Jack's eyes head on without flinching. "They know things about the people on the island, I don't know how but they do. They know all about Sayid and his military experience. They know that Eko was a drug dealing rebel in Africa who has killed many people including a couple Others when we crashed, and they know about you Jack, and your time in Asia and South America." If it was even possible, Jack's eyes hardened even more. Kate looked at Jack, Asia and South America, what could he possibly have done? She realized that this whole time she had made so many assumptions about Jack that it hit her that she didn't really even know him at all. Everyone glanced at Jack curiously as if they were hoping he spill all his secrets right here and now, but that wasn't going to happen.

Jack glanced at the ground and then back at Michael. "Well, I guess that means you know what I'm capable of and that I don't even need this gun if I don't want to use it" he said in a voice so dark it sent absolute chills down Kate's spine. Sayid and Locke looked at Jack with curiosity in their eyes and Sawyer unconsciously took a step back.

"So this is how it's going to go, you're going to get in the gun closet." Jack started but was interrupted by Michael.

"But my boy?"

Jack continued on ignoring the interruption with steel in his voice, "and I'm not going to tell you twice. Don't worry about Walt, we'll get him back but without you. You can stay alive for now as long as you don't try to cross any of us. Understand?"

Michael quickly thought back to the disturbing facts that he had learned about Jack's past and knew Jack was not one to cross. It seemed to Michael that Jack might not be real. He had seen Jack as a caring doctor, kind to strangers he watched as he was affectionate with Kate. No way could the man that he had befriended be the same person who he had been shocked to learn about through The Others. He didn't believe the stories and up until a few minutes ago still questioned their validity, but now looking at Jack's cold eyes and hearing his emotionless voice Michael knew it was the truth. He just nodded and stepped into the room and heard the door slide shut behind him.

Jack closed the door and turned around to find four pairs of questioning eyes on him.

"You suspected that Michael was a traitor the whole time?" Locke's question interrupted the silence. Jack was almost relieved at the question, expecting to be grilled about Asia and South America, two subjects he sure as hell wasn't going to discuss.

He looked up, "Yes I did, I thought twice about leaving Ana down here with him but I figured she could take care of herself. My mistake cost her and Libby their lives. It's my fault they are dead. Now if you excuse me I need to find Eko and warn him about what's going on. Sayid, I don't think I need to warn you to be careful if The Others want us we need to be prepared and I'm going to be dammed if I have to be responsible for more people dying."

"Perhaps we can use their own trap to trick them," Sayid said thoughtfully.

Jack nodded "See if you and Locke can come up with some sort of plan, I'll be back in a little while." With that Jack turned and walked out of the hatch. As soon as he was gone Locke looked at Sayid.

"It seems we have stumbled upon our own secret weapon with Jack, if whatever he did is enough to make The Others nervous than perhaps it's good he's on our side." Locke said with his normal bizarre humor.

"Bets on what he did?" Sawyer said humorlessly

"He was so cold" Kate whispered, strangely she wasn't afraid of Jack, but for him, because of what The Others could do and what he could do to himself with this new guilt he has added to his already sagging shoulders. She jumped up and without thinking raced out of the hatch to catch him.

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