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Jack didn't even hesitate as he grabbed Kate by the shoulders and held her steady. She was shaking and looked positively terrified.

"Kate, Kate look at me." Jack's voice held command and no room for argument. He didn't want to be stern with her but he was afraid it would be the only way to get through to her. Kate looked up slowly and her lower lip trembled and her eyes were filled with unshed tears. "Kate do you trust me?" he asked bluntly.

Kate nodded knowing that above all else she trusted Jack with her life.

"Good, baby you need to hear me ok? No matter what happens don't run. Alright? I need you to trust me when I tell you I'm going to fix this but you can't run." his voice went from stern to almost sounding desperate.

Kate let his words fill her. She was so scared she knew he believed he could rescue her but could he really. She could run and be free again, but she realized she didn't want to run. She and Jack were married now and she was having a baby. On the run she'd have to leave Jack behind and their baby would be in constant danger. At least in prison she could get health care and she could see Jack when he came to visit. Never in a million years would Kate have believed prison was the better option. But it was. She threw her arms around Jack and held him tight.

"I won't run, I promise I won't run." She held him so tight afraid she was seconds from never holding him again. She placed hurried kisses along his neck and jaw in a desperate attempt to feel as much as she could before it was all over. Jack understood her desperation and he reached down and grabbed her thighs and lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Jack took a quick look around and slipped quietly in the jungle. He pressed her against a smooth tree and their mouths met in a crushing kiss.

"We don't have a lot of time." She gasped against his mouth as he fumbled with the button and zipper of her jeans. He set her down and ripped her jeans and panties off and she stripped her shirt off. Jack pulled his off and had her pinned with her legs around him in seconds. She ripped at his jeans and pushed them down as far as she could. He wasn't wearing any underwear and he shifted her against the tree and a second later buried himself inside of her deeply. Kate let out a cry as he filled her and he growled against her neck as she took him all the way in. Their coupling was frenzied as Jack braced his arms to keep her back from scraping the tree. He pounded into her and Kate whimpered his name meeting every thrust with one of her own. Jack looked up and saw her with her head back and eyes closed.

"Open your eyes Kate" he gasped and Kate did and their stares collided. "I love you so much and it's going to be ok" he said in between thrusts.

"I love you too" she moaned. "Please Jack don't forget me" she begged and tears spilled over her cheeks. Jack pulled her off the tree and just held her in his arms as he loved her. She was close by the whimpers she always made when ready for her release. He thrust into her deep and hard.

"I will never forget you because you're not going anywhere. Just trust me." He asked and she nodded and pressed her mouth to him as she came hard and fast. Her cry of ecstasy was muffled by his mouth and seconds later she felt his release rip through her as he came hard. She tried to feel everything as she was flooded with warmth as he filled her up. She never wanted to forget this feeling.

When they regained their breaths Jack set her back on her feet and Kate let out a tiny sob when he pulled out of her. He knew they had to get back and he needed to talk to someone in charge. He kissed her gently and slowly and his kisses calmed her slightly. They dressed and went back towards the beach. Jack pulled her to him and kissed her again whispering words of eternal love which Kate returned in a strangled voice. She felt like her heart was about to explode. As they entered the beach it looked like something out of a movie. There were boats everywhere and people running around and the survivors were still celebrating their rescue. Kate glanced over at Jack and watched as his eyes scanned the beach taking everything in. Though she wished they just could have stayed here she was happy that Jack would be getting off the island. He could go home and practice medicine again with proper tools and sterile surroundings. He wouldn't be responsible for the lives of forty some people anymore either. He seemed to focus on something and looked down at her.

"There are people who look like they are security on the cruise. I think they're looking for you." He said quietly.

Kate felt her heart get stuck in her throat; her instinct to run was overwhelming as she looked back at the jungle. She could lock herself in the hatch and just stay here it would be so easy. She took a breath and calmed herself. That would never work and what would happen to Jack? He would never leave her so he would be stuck here as well. Plus she promised him not to run.

"I guess I better go turn myself in" she said her voice wavering.

"It's going to be ok I promise sweetheart" Jack said squeezing her hand. They slowly walked across the beach and came face to face with an older man in a uniform. The man did a double take as the elusive fugitive Kate Austen seemed to be standing right in front of him.

"My name is Kate Austen and I'd like to turn myself in please" she said quietly and the man regarded her curiously, she was nothing like he had expected. He glanced up to see a man standing beside her. He had an air of leadership and importance about him. He looked the crewman in the eye as he spoke.

"She is no threat to you and is pregnant. She is also my wife and I expect her to be treated in a respectful manner." Jack said.

The crewman nodded, "As long as Ms. Austen shows my people respect she will be treated the same." He said fairly.

"Mrs. Shephard" Kate said shyly. "If you wouldn't mind calling me by my married name please."

The man nodded, "As you wish ma'am." He took out a pair of handcuffs and Kate gave Jack a sad look as she held her arms out. She didn't want him to have to see her this way. He cuffed her and motioned for two other men to escort her onto one of the boats. Jack leaned in and kissed her gently as they started to lead her off. She looked in his eyes and no words had to be said. Everything she needed to survive this he conveyed in the deep look he gave her.

When she was gone and out of Jack's line of sight the crewman cleared his throat.

"Excuse me Dr. Shephard, I didn't introduce myself properly. My name is Lt. Gregory Mitchell, I promise by my position your wife will be treated with care. Your name was on the list with a special notation next to it. It seems the Pentagon and White House wanted to be informed immediately if you were recovered safely." he said looking at Jack.

Jack, whose eyes were still on the ship were Kate was now, nodded. "I would like a phone as soon as possible if that wouldn't be a problem. Also I need to know where my wife is being held."

"I'm not sure if it will be possible for me to let you visit her but I can see what I can do." Gregory said nervously. Something about the cold and quiet stature of the doctor made him very nervous.

Jack looked at him for a second. "I'm not worried about that, now if you excuse me I need to make sure everyone is ready to go. If you wouldn't mind having that phone when I board?"

Gregory nodded and Jack walked off. The crewman shook his head, he had heard rumors about the doctor when his name had come up but how he ended up married to a fugitive he had no idea. What he did know was he wouldn't be questioning that in Jack Shephard's presence. Jack managed to get everyone who was leaving on board. He had run into Sayid who had asked about Kate's welfare Jack had just replied she was going to be ok. Sayid had then informed Jack that a couple people have decided to stay on the island. Rose, Bernard, Locke and Eko were a few of the people who didn't want to go back.

"Is there any changing their mind?" Jack asked concerned. It didn't sit right with him leaving these people behind.

Sayid shook his head. "They said they would rather stay here and live their new lives out. Rose also said to tell you its ok and that by you leaving you're not abandoning them."

Jack smirked how well some of these people knew him. He sighed he would feel responsible but on the other hand he had a wife and a baby he was responsible for as well. He sighed and nodded. They managed to get all the people on to the boat and Jack being the leader and caregiver was the last to get on. He looked back at the island that he had so despised and felt melancholy. He hated the island but it gave him Kate. He silently said goodbye to those who chose to stay and those who passed away and rested there. He knew when they got home it would be his job to tell the families of those who perished.

They made it to the cruise ship where they boarded and people were talking excitedly. As soon as Jack got aboard he was met by a man who would take him to a phone. He was led to a private room where he would have the chance to make some calls without interruption. Though it had been awhile Jack still remembered the phone numbers he needed. He called one of his associates from his days in the government Dean Watkins.

The phone rang once, twice, "Hello" came the voice of his old friend.

"Dean, its Jack." Jack said happy to get through.

"Jack, we found out you were ok. Man buddy it's been a long time. Most people when wanting to get away to the beach, just go to the Bahamas or something" Dean said chuckling.

Jack grinned, "Listen man I need a favor"

"I'm actually on my way to you. The minute word got back that 815 was found they sent me. I picked up a helicopter outside Figi and I should be out to you in about twenty minutes." Dean said looking out the window.

Jack sighed in relief, he couldn't ask for a better situation.

"So what's the favor?" Dean asked curiously.

"Ill wait until you get here" Jack said "See you in a few" Jack hung up the phone and rubbed his eyes. He needed to talk to Dean and see Kate as soon as he could, he was afraid she was scared.

Kate was sitting in a private cabin while Jack was waiting for Dean. Gregory had stopped by to check on her and he seemed very nice. She had two guards one named Patrick and the other Richard. Patrick was very nice and asked her questions about the island, not prying into her life but life on the island in general. Richard just stared at her and she got the feeling he didn't like her at all. She had just explained to Patrick that she and Jack had gotten married and she asked if she could use a bathroom. Richard grabbed her arm and led her to the washroom. When she was done she looked into the mirror and was shocked. She could actually swear she was glowing. Even with all the hell going on around her pregnancy was agreeing with her already. She affectionately rubbed her belly and went to exit the room. Richard was waiting for her and he roughly grabbed her arm again. Kate was a little off balance and his pull sent her off her feet and she accidentally fell into him and he hit the wall smacking his arm. Patrick saw the whole thing and jumped to help straighten Kate out. Before either Patrick or Kate could react Richard swore at Kate and his hand came around backhanding her so hard she flew back into Patrick's arms. Luckily he caught her so she didn't fall to the floor. Patrick quickly moved her to the chair and looked her over worriedly. Her lip was split and bleeding profusely.

"What the hell is your problem?" he shouted at Richard. Kate was trying to hold in the tears from the pain. She didn't want to cry in front of them she wanted Jack so badly at the moment.

"She was trying to escape" Richard said nastily.

"You tripped her you jackass! Jesus Christ, she's pregnant for god's sake. Do you even know who the father of her baby is? He's going to kill you" Patrick said in a panic. He had been in the military and had heard all the stories of the infamous Jack Shephard. He was terrified of what Shephard would do to him while just being in the room while his pregnant wife got hit.

"What do I care about some low life that knocked her up" Richard said.

"You were in the army man, when has Jack Shephard ever been a low-life?" Patrick hissed and watched as the blood slowly drained out of Richard's face.

"Jack Shephard?" he stuttered.

"Yeah as in this is Kate Shephard, mother of his child and he is on the boat waiting to come in here." Patrick said as he gently wiped the blood from Kate's lip. He looked at her sympathetically. She smiled at him softly grateful that he had been kind to her. She was also intrigued by the way they talked about Jack. He had said his name had become popular throughout the military but it seemed to scare people to death as well. She saw the darker side of Jack but she knew she hadn't really seen it and she wondered what these men knew of the man who she loved with all her heart. Richard paced the other side of the room and Kate looked at Patrick.

"Thank you" she said softly. She looked in Richard's direction. "I promise I'll make sure Jack knows you had nothing to do with this and that you helped me." She said.

"Mrs. Shephard, I don't want you to think I'm only being kind to you because of your husband. Lt. Mitchell said you should be treated as well as you treat us. As far as I'm concerned you have done nothing to not deserve my respect." Patrick said with a slight blush and Kate smiled.

"Do you know if they are going to let me see Jack soon?" she asked hopefully.

"I don't know ma'am they haven't really told us much." Patrick said.

"You work for the cruise line?" Kate asked making conversation and ignoring Richard.

"No actually Richard and I work here for Homeland Security. Kind of like the police for the boat."

"That's nice" Kate said looking at her hands. She missed Jack and her lip burned like hell. She just wanted him to walk in and hold her.

Jack stood at the top of the ship watching as the helicopter landed. Dean jumped from the air vehicle and made his way to Jack. They hugged slapping each other on the backs and made their way back down the boat where they could talk in private. When they were alone Dean looked at Jack and shook his head.

"Jesus you look like hell, but then again you always look like hell."

Jack chuckled as that was the way his friend showed affection. "Thanks man"

"So what's this big favor that you need?" Dean asked setting his stuff on the table in the room.

"I think I'm going to be calling in all of my markers" Jack said seriously and Dean stopped what he was doing and looked at Jack shocked.

"What the hell happened on that island Jack?" he asked.

Jack gave him a secretive smile. "I fell in love"

Dean looked at him still confused. "Jack you have the ability to bring many important people in Washington to their knees and you want to do this over a woman?"

"Not just any woman Dean, she's my wife and is carrying my baby." Jack said with a hint of pride in his voice.

"Wow, leave it to you to land on a deserted island and find the perfect woman" Dean said rubbing his hair. "So what's the deal?"

"Kate Austen is my wife" Jack said bluntly and he watched Dean close his eyes and rub his forehead.

"Jesus Christ Jack, are you kidding me? The fugitive?" Dean asked.

Jack's eyes flashed darkly for a second. "Her name is Kate and no I'm not kidding she's my wife. I know what she did back home, but what she did on the island makes up for it ten times over. She saved lives, delivered a baby, hell she saved my life the day of the crash" Jack said. "I need to get her out of this. She doesn't deserve to be in jail."

"There are three crimes linked to her" Dean said trying to sort things in his mind.

"Only one real crime. She murdered her stepfather who was abusive by the way. Her friend Tom was killed but it wasn't her fault, he chose to stay in the car with her. The bank robbery she saved the bank managers life and handed over three wanted criminals. Those last two she'd be looking at probation for. So only crime she'd do time for would be her stepfather." Jack said anxiously.

Dean mulled it over for a few seconds. "Kate Autsen has been big news since the crash. Her getting freed has the potential of being a pretty big scandal. The stepfather was he a worthwhile member of society?"

Jack shook his head, "No, jobless beat on Kate and her mother. He was a drunk and overall louse. Only person who would stand up for him would probably be Kate's mom because she was so beaten down by him and she passed away from cancer. Don't worry about the media you sit half the survivors in front of a camera and they tell their experience and you'll realize these people have been through hell. Kate has paid for her sins Dean; she's not a danger or a threat to anyone else. You know me you know what I've done to protect innocent people, do you really believe I'd allow a psychotic killer to be set free?" Jack pleaded.

Dean let out a sigh and stared at the table. "It could work" he said after a few minute. "I want to meet with her get a feel for her and I'll make some calls. I can't promise anything Jack but I will try."

Jack grinned, "Thank you thank you so much. You want to go see her now?"

"You mean do you want me to go see her so you can come with?" Dean chuckled as they headed for the door. "Come on I want to see the woman that snagged the great Jack Shephard."

They walked to the cabin where Kate was being held and ran into Gregory outside the door.

"Lt. Mitchell, my name is Dean Watkins I'm with the White House" he showed a badge. "If it's alright with you I'd like to meet with Ms. Austen…I mean Mrs. Shephard." He said throwing Jack a smirk.

"Sure" Gregory said opening the door. That's when all hell broke loose.

Jack walked in first and his eyes immediately went to Kate. His stare immediately fell on Kate's swollen and bloody lip. His eyes quickly took in the scene before anyone even knew he had entered the room. There was an officer of some sort sitting with Kate and she was smiling at him. The other officer was skulking in the corner. Jack was across the room and had the officer skulking against the wall by the throat and he began to squeeze the man's windpipe. Gregory and Dean came in confused when Dean saw the prisoner with the bloodied lip.

He looked at Gregory quickly, "I take it she didn't have that when he last saw her" he shouted as he went to Jack to try to peel him off the officer who was beginning to turn blue.

"Jack!" he exclaimed. "Jack let him go, what's the point of helping Kate if you're in jail?" he said prying at Jack's hands as hard as he could.

"Jack stop, please baby" came a female voice from across the room and to Dean's utter amazement Jack pulled away. He looked over towards Kate and released the officer. He turned back to him and whispered something and the man looked like he was ready to cry.

"Get him out of here" he said to Dean and Gregory led the gasping man out of the room. Jack looked at Kate and she held her arms out to him. He walked to her and lifted them since she was handcuffed to loop over his head and rest on his shoulders. He examined her lip gently his eyes questioning her in concern.

Kate smiled and stroked his hair. "I'm ok it wasn't too bad and Patrick here took care of me." She said with a wink. Jack looked over at the man who also looked close to passing out.

"Thank you, you took care of my wife that is a big deal to me." Jack said reaching over to shake the stunned man's hand.

"No problem, I uh it's an honor to meet you sir." Patrick stammered. He looked at Dean who nodded for him to leave as well and he quickly left the room.

Jack sat in the chair and pulled Kate into his lap kissing her neck and face all over, paying special attention to her wounded mouth. Dean stepped back and watched the couple somewhat amused. He and Jack were friends and he had seen Jack around Sarah a couple times but never had he seen his very dangerous friend be so gentle.

Kate kissed his lips. "I missed you" she whispered.

"I missed you too" he said and he worked her mouth open with his tongue.

"Jesus you two really are newlyweds." Dean said setting his briefcase on the table. Jack shot Dean a dirty look and Kate smiled at him shyly.

"Dean Wilkins" he said nodding in her direction. Knowing it would be more embarrassing for her if she had to shake his hand with handcuffs on. "Jack has asked me to look in on your situation."

"Are you a lawyer?" Kate asked.

Dean smiled "Not exactly, but Jack is pretty determined to help you out and since I owe this man my life, I'm all in"

He asked Kate to tell her story and with the support of Jack she told Dean everything. When she was done she felt exhausted and leaned against Jack's strong chest and he caressed her hair. Dean was making notes when he looked at Jack.

"I have no connections with the governor of Iowa." He said with a sigh, "This may take awhile."

"Screw the governor" Jack said getting both Dean and Kate's attention. "I told you I wanted to call in my markers."

Dean gave a sigh and sat back down. Kate sensed something big was going on but she wasn't sure what it is.

"Jack I don't want you to do anything risky for me." She said stroking his cheek.

"It's not risky but it's what needs to be done" Jack said stroking her hair. He looked back up at Dean. "Do what you have to, tell him I'm protecting my family and I need his help." Jack said solemnly. Dean nodded and headed out the door and went to make a few phone calls.

"Jack" Kate said. "What's going on?"

Jack sighed and looked off towards the door as he spoke it was like he went somewhere else.

"When I left the military I was pretty lost. I had been doing a lot of things in my life that I wasn't sure how to get over, how to deal with. I had pretty much given up any chance of being a doctor. I was pretty gone. I traveled a bit and ended up in South America." He stopped as if reliving something in his mind. Kate stilled knowing that his deepest secrets involved his time in South America and Asia.

"I traveled around, stayed to myself. Did odd jobs you know enough to pay the bills. Drank lots and well there were women" Jack said looking down. "I was a complete mess and on the verge of literally killing myself. Then one day I overheard some low lives discussing a kidnapping plot. In South America kidnapping is almost an economic trade down there. People will just grab anyone and hold them ransom. If they happen to come from money great if not they usually get executed when the family refuses to pay. This kidnapping plot was different though. They were very specific in their target. Kidnap young girls and sell them to the sex traders. They turned their victims into sex slaves. They mostly used kids and young girls. Spring Break they would grab American tourists who were too busy gawking at the sites and not paying attention to their surroundings. I don't know why but I became obsessed with stopping them. I managed to get in with one of the guys made him think I was looking for an easy buck. I knew I had to get evidence and get the main people. To do that I had to watch some of these girls get sold. I called my contacts at home and managed to set up a selling rig where I would sell the girls to government agents. The girls would be saved and these guys would get their money without a clue. The kids were the worst they were so damn tiny and I did all I could but I know I failed some of them. The government moved on my information and took down the organization. They made it look like I went underground and then I was encouraged to head to Asia and work with another group. I was going by an alias and had longer hair. No one connected me back to the American government." He said his voice still soft and Kate kissed his chin gently.

"My name was good with the group and I was enfolded into their core. I managed to pull the same rig there sell girls and kids to safe people it worked for awhile. That was when they grabbed a teenage girl visiting from America. She was from the East Coast and was trying to rebel from her family and she thought what better way than running away to Thailand. Only problem was this girl was no ordinary girl. She came from a very political family"

Kate listened to his horrible story feeling pain for all these people and for Jack as well.

"I recognized her and unfortunately so did they. They had a lot of bids on what a girl of her stature could go for. I called home in a panic and tensions were high. I managed to get connected to her father. He asked me to get her out no matter what the cost. So I did, I killed a lot of people that night, it was pretty much the equivalent of a massacre. I got her and the other twenty five prisoners out." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "He didn't want the public to know his daughter had been jeopardized so easily and they kept it quiet. The Thailand government didn't really press it because they had just gotten rid of some of their worst criminal element. I think it went down as some drug cartel that got executed. Her father told me he owed me so I'm calling in my favor." Jack said.

Kate leaned forward and pressed her lips against his hard kissing him deeply "My poor baby" she whispered as she soothed him with her lips. Jack grasped her close. He had never told anyone this entire story before and to unload it and still be loved was worth all the treasures in the world. Kate placed gentle kisses against his face saying softly how much she loved him and that things were ok now. Jack buried his face in her neck and just breathed her in. They stayed in this position for awhile when the door opened and Dean came in. He felt bad for interrupting them in what was an intimate embrace but he needed to do it.

"Kate I need you to look this over." Dean slid a piece of paper in front of her. Jack scooted out from underneath her and allowed her to sit in the chair and concentrate on what she was reading. After a few minutes she looked up confused.

"I don't understand?" she asked Dean. She looked at Jack but he was slowly walking the length of the cabin apparently in deep thought.

"It's a full pardon for any crimes you may have committed in your lifetime." Dean said with a smile. "Under the circumstances that you don't ever willfully commit any more crimes this is legal and binding. If you ever do return to a life of crime you will probably be shown no leniency. So are you ready to settle down and make an honest man out of this joker?" he said gesturing to Jack. Kate felt the tears fill her eyes she couldn't believe this. She watched as Jack seemed to pull himself together and the look he gave her was filled with promise and hope for their future.

"All you have to do is sign here and you're free Kate" Dean said. Kate looked at the signature that was already on the piece of paper and her breath caught in her throat. Jack's words suddenly came back to her. Do what you have to, tell him I'm protecting my family and I need his help. She came from a very political family. Her father told me he owed me so I'm calling in my favor.

"Jack this is signed by the President of the United States" she said stunned. Jack met her gaze and saw she understood and he gave her a nod and smile.

"Sign it baby and let's get out of here" he said giving her a wink. Kate was still in shock that Jack had confessed that he saved the President's daughter. She was almost more stunned by that than the fact that she was free. She picked up the pen and signed her name and set the pen down and Dean grinned and took the document.

"Congratulations Mrs. Shephard you are officially a member of society again." He said with a chuckle. He leaned forward and uncuffed her hands. Kate was immediately picked up and embraced by her love and husband.

Dean chuckled as he watched them hug and kiss each other. "I've arranged a cabin for you both." He handed a key to Jack with a grin. Jack whispered something to Kate and she nodded she walked towards Dean and gave him a hug she then went outside to give Jack and Dean a moment of privacy.

"How hard did you have to fight to get the pardon?" Jack asked curious.

Dean smiled, "Surprisingly not too hard. I explained the situation and how Kate worked hard to keep other people alive and her debt to society should be paid off. I then mentioned that she was your wife and carrying your child. I think that was the winning argument. You're so his favorite" Dean said rolling his eyes sarcastically and Jack laughed.

"Thanks man I owe you" Jack said shaking his hand.

"Nah you almost did, had he turned the pardon down I would have had some money and passports waiting for you when we docked. If anyone could just disappear I know you could. But since it didn't come to that I'm still in your damn debt." Dean said with a chuckle. "I mean a guy carries your bullet riddled ass through a war-torn Columbian jungle once and he thinks you should appreciate it or something." Dean teased.

"Well I better go see to my wife" Jack said.

"Is that what they're calling it nowadays?" Dean asked. "So I've decided to stay on the cruise in case of any problems." He said as they exited the room and Jack caught Kate's eye as she waited for him in the hallway.

"You just want to see how many love starved women survived the island." Jack smirked.

Dean grabbed his heart in mock pain and Kate giggled hearing the conversation. "You wound me Jack"

"There are a couple nice ladies from the crash yes, just stay away from the Australian blonde with the little boy." Jack said as he and Kate started to head to their room.

"Why's that?" Dean asked.

"She's my baby sister" Jack called back as he and Kate turned down a hallway and out of Dean's sight. He sat there for a second. "A wife, a baby and a sister, what is happening to Jack Shephard?" He mused to himself.

Jack and Kate made it to their room and the minute Jack closed the door behind them they were all over each other. They kissed hungrily and frantically as they tore at each others clothes. They had all the time in the world to take it slow next time. Right now they needed each other with a primal hunger. Jack stripped off his shirt and pants as Kate ripped off her clothes. Finally they both stood before each other naked. Jack eyed her like a gourmet meal and Kate smiled and held her arms out to him. A second later she was lying on the bed and Jack had himself deep inside of her. He plunged into her deep and hard and Kate cried out in ecstasy as she felt completely out of control. Jack dragged her to the edge of the bed and stood bringing her lower body off the bed as he thrust inside of her filling her with his large manhood. Kate grasped the sheets and blankets crying and whimpering his name as he hammered into her. Suddenly she arched and screamed as she came hard. Jack moved her back onto the bed and spread himself over her deliciously pushing her into the bedding. She gripped his waist with her legs and eagerly met his rapid thrusts. He came with a cry and shudder and his release flooded her body and Kate came again as the sensations ran through her. They collapsed and tried to catch their breaths. Kate stroked his back lovingly and teased him.

"Sometimes I think you only want me for my body" she said and Jack chuckled, his breath blowing on her neck.

"Damn you're on to me." He said with a smirk.

"Well its ok because I really only want you for your body." Kate said and Jack smiled and moved them to pull the cover down and they laid in the large bed enjoying the feel of a real bed besides the poor substitute the hatch offered compared to this.

When they were settled Jack rested but found Kate was having the opposite reaction to their love making. She was positively giddy and sat up making the bed bounce. She looked at her husband and gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen.

"I'm free Jack" she said almost expecting this to all be a dream.

"You're free baby." Jack said running his hand along her bare back. She gave him a naughty smile and seconds later she jumped him pinning him to the bed. Jack laughed at her antics and Kate kissed him all over.

"We're married and we're going to have a baby and I'm not going to jail." Kate squealed as she hugged him tight in pure joy and excitement. Jack smiled and kissed the side of her head. Kate leaned up to look in his eyes. "I have a whole lifetime with you Jack, you told me you'd get me out and you did." She kissed him hungrily and then giggled. Jack loved this silly side of her. She looked at him her eyes dancing. "A whole lifetime of having you anyway I want" she giggled again and Jack felt himself harden.

"So the kinky is coming out is it?" he teased and Kate leaned over and ran her tongue up his shoulder to his neck and nibbled on his ear.

"Oh yeah" she said breathlessly. Jack groaned and rolled her on her back. He stroked her hair and they smiled at each other.

He stared deep into her eyes as he slowly entered her and made love to her in slow and steady thrusts. Kate was moaning and gripping him tight as he loved her once again this time slow and sensual. She wanted to hear him so she squeezed him tight within her and to her pleasure he groaned loudly. Kate couldn't help doing it again and he gasped and moaned sensually as she loved him back. He looked up at her and saw the mischievous glint in her eye.

"I want to make you scream" she said sweetly.

Jack grinned. "You first" he said as he sped up his movements and hit her in the right position sending her into a loud cry of pleasure. Encouraged by her sounds he moved quicker and reached down to finger her while he thrust inside her. Kate came with a scream so loud he was sure the neighbors would complain. Kate got her revenge by milking him with her body with everything she had and Jack came with a loud moan and collapsed on her. He rolled off of her and she gave him a satisfied smirk. He leaned over and whispered to her.

"There are so many ways to be inside of you and I'm going to enjoy every single one of them." he nibbled on her lips. Kate smacked him with a pillow and laughed.

"Mmm give me a few minutes and I'm all yours" she said yawning. Jack smiled and pulled her into his embrace. They laid there for awhile and just enjoyed being with each other.

"This is the beginning" Jack said into her ear.

"Of what?" she murmured.

"Of spending the rest of our lives together" Jack said and Kate smiled, she rolled over and snuggled into his embrace and kissed his neck while he gently caressed her hair. Kate was in love, free, a wife, a soon to be mother and completely happy. The man she loved and adored was holding her thinking just how complete she made him. They drifted off to sleep both happy and truly relaxed for the first time.


OK guys there it is. I have hinted that I might be willing to do a sequel. I hate to say I'm kind of waiting for the new season of Lost to start to see how it unfolds. The rumor is Kate is making her final choice and sadly if its Sawyer I probably won't watch the show much more and I have a feeling my desire to write will be gone so I guess all I can do is wait and see :) Thanks so much and I luv you guys.