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It was one kiss, for a dying girl!

Chase is tired of having to defend everything he does to everyone. House regularly abuses patients and their rights… Openly ogling and objectifying every woman he meets. Liberally making fun of anyone he comes across despite what problems they have. This though everyone is okay with… House gets away with it all because that's just the way it happens. He though gets reprimanded. No worse actually… he gets treated like a pederast by everyone. Cameron hasn't looked him in the eye for two days straight and Foreman, well Foreman generally tended to avoid him anyway. It was just plain unfair… He was always on the outside…

One kiss! One awkward kiss, which felt vaguely like when he'd kissed his mother goodbye, as she lay, stretched out before him in a coffin. Only that one had been pressed on her forehead, not her lips. Could they not understand it at all? She was already going to miss out on so much in life… High school, college… Dozens of kisses from dozens of boys her own age… Kisses that left you weak in the knees, with cold trickles of sweat slithering down your spine. Kisses that left every part of your body feeling hot and tight with tingles. Kisses that you never wanted to open your eyes on…

Chase felt a heavy weight settle on his chest because she'd never get to experience any of this. What he'd given her was a mockery of a kiss and if he had given her a proper one… well then Cameron would have been justified in looking at him like that.

But Chase wasn't like that; he didn't want to make her shiver and shake… ache for his touch… Actually the thought brought bile to the back of his throat. No, he wanted to give her time… time to grow up and find someone who would be that for her. He could imagine the looks though if he tried to explain this to any of them.

"Chase what are you doing?" House snaps and teases at the same time. Because Chase is clearly having lunch… This is obvious because of the salad in front of him.

"Thinking…" He answers testily.

"Oh, no I'm not willing to take that at face value." House scoffs, plucking a cherry tomato out of his bowl.

"Pain." Chase frowns.

"Pervert." House digs and Chase drops his fork with a loud sigh.

"Enough okay. I swear if you call me that or anything of the like again House I'll…" Chase falls short on the threat… What does one actually threaten Gregory House with…? The obvious is violence, but since the other gets that daily from disgruntled patients it probably lacks weight by now.

"You'll… Yeah… Right…" House drawls and Chase grinds his teeth.

"Hitting on children and now assaulting cripples…" House tuts.

"House!" Chase protests when really he knows it's useless. House is House and this is what he does. Chase doesn't think the hand of god could stop him.

"Hey, it's not my business but if Cuddy finds out… Well then I think you'll be the one facing a short life span…" House smirks.

"Why is this such a big deal…" Chase moaned.

"You tongued an twelve-year-old…" House grated and Chase chokes at the crassness of the words. Then before he has time to think about it, he's up and around the table and has kissed House. The full weight of what he's done hitting just as their lips meet. Meet is all they do though, it's a quick little dry press, which is really just the tips of their lips meeting and then he pulls back. Still standing before House because he refuses show how embarrassed he is by stumbling back. His cheeks are red though and he feels more awkward now then when he kissed…

"See… theirs nothing perverted about it. Its not even sexual." Chase scoffed.

"It's just a kiss, that she really should get from someone her own age… But if she doesn't she…" Chase's words falter and die, because he has just kissed House… Minutely, barely, another shadow of what a kiss should be, but now House looking at him with something that makes ice settle in his stomach.

"So by implication you think all dying people deserve one last kiss?" House says, pressing even closer to Chase, the blonde moves back, uncomfortable. But House just shuffles forward, invading his space constantly.

"I guess…" Chase swallows, as he runs out of room, wall pressing his back. The tiny hairs over his body are pricking in anticipation. He feels a slick streak of dread run through his body at wondering what House is about to do.

Chase curses the fact that House intimidates him so easily. Curses that he lets him! But its like biting his fingernails, just a bad habit he always falls back on.

"But House she…" Chase can't even babble properly.

"I think she got ripped off." House smirked.

"What." Chase stammers.

"You kiss like a fumbling little school-girl." House dug and Chase's mouth parted slightly in shock.

"I mean honestly if your going to molest the girl you could at least make it worth-her-while." He teases, Chase pouted sourly.

"Your disgus-" House cut it off as he leaned in those last few inches and kissed Chase full on the lips. There's nothing timid about it. At least not on House's end. Chase starts and tries to push him away. House grasps his wrist and presses it to the wall; his cane hitting the floor, as he takes Chase's other hand as well. Leaning against his warm body, which is trembling slightly.

Chase freezes up, shocked by the strength and weight on his wrists… his body… Chase swallows, he's pretty sure that House hasn't actually got him trapped against the cooled walls, but he isn't willing to test it. He isn't about to make a big deal of this, isn't, for once going to give House the satisfaction of making a scene. He relaxes beneath House's touch, unclenches his fists, detaches himself from the entire thing… Tells himself he doesn't feel one way or the other about it. Waits patiently for House to grow bored with the current game. Unfortunately Chase has underestimated House's attention span.

Slowly the doctor works at his lips, with all the precision and care of a surgeon. His tongue prying and teasing gently at the intensivist's mouth. Chase keeps his lips in a ridged line, stubbornly, yet can't help but swallow and wonder if it wouldn't be easier just to open and let… Let House what? Stick his tongue in his mouth. Yuk! Okay so House admittedly wasn't that repulsive, however whichever way you looked at him he was still very, very male. There was no getting around it.

Chase's stomach squirmed, what if someone walked in? House would shrug it off; he explained nothing to anyone. But Chase, Chase would cop it royally from everyone, for being pashed by his boss.

The almost chaste, almost dry groping went on and on, House's tongue flicking across his lips slowly, patiently. Hot breaths flowing in and out of Chase's nose, labouredly, Chase's head starting to feel light and cottony. He winced as he parted his lips slightly; House's tongue glancing across his front teeth.

Chase relaxed superficially, tense, stiff muscles loosening minutely. It wasn't entirely torturous, having part of House body invading his, given the choice he would have preferred to avoid it… but that clearly wasn't one of his options and damned if he was going to let House win again. Pain in the damn arse. House had to, just had to embarrass and get the upper-hand on him always. Always had to press his buttons, make him blush and squirm. Not this time, Chase refused to give him a reaction and if that meant that he had to be tongued by the other then… Well what was it Cameron was always saying about stupid male pride?

It certainly wasn't what Chase had expected though; House's tongue brushing over his back teeth, moving to lave at his own and then being buried in his cheek. The pink muscle tickling at his top and bottom gums and all the hot flesh between. Chase feels an alarming little tremble in his already fluttering stomach, but is thankfully too dizzy to give it much more than a cursory thought.

He presses his body tentatively to the other, just a gently little rub, just to see. His groin tingles faintly at the feel of hard muscle against him, Chase only just now taking notice. It's amazing how much you can just be oblivious to, because until just now, he hadn't realised how hot and inviting House pressed to him is.

The stupid, insipid little thought that he's not gay, comes thankfully with the reasoning that when being perfectly honest he doesn't find women that fascinating, so he's not exactly straight either. But for god-sakes he should work this out with House of all people? Besides he's still not about to let the other win.

Unfortunately, Chase realises with a cold streak of dread that the faint tingling between his legs has made him hard and there's no way House is missing that little tidbit.

House shifts, adding to the hot washes, pouring to Chase's groin. The blonde gasping into Greg's mouth as he pushes a knee between Chase's legs, rubbing slowly.

Chase whimpers, face flaring with heat, his head buzzing pleasantly, if impractically. His arms quaking as House runs his hands up the length… One going to card through his hair, the other resting at the base of his jaw… thumb circling lightly. Chase doesn't think as he brings his hands up to he other's shoulders and his eyes shut, lips moving hotly in sync with House's. Tongue dipping into the other's mouth… and then suddenly it's over, House pulling back, while cool crisp air dances across his face and fills his lungs.

Chase, draws his tongue slowly over burning lips, eyes parting slowly. House retrieves his cane as Chase pulls fingers through messed hair… He has absolutely no clue as to what he was doing, or should be doing… Then reality snaps firmly back into place.

"House what the hell was that!"

"What was what?" House smirked strengthening back up, pulling at his shirt and jacket.

"You just kissed me!" The disbelief was amusing and yet House couldn't help but be a little offended by the tiny inflection that sounded a bit like disgust.

"Well don't get your knickers in a twist… after all you're the one who posed that all dying people deserve a last kiss…" House frowned.

"What… I'm not dying…" Chase spluttered…

"You will be if Cuddy finds out you tongued a patient." House scoffed.

"I've never tongued anyone…" Chase snapped, cheeks still that flushed shade of red.

"Recent evidence would suggest otherwise…" House pointed out.

"Firstly you… tongued me…and why, you, you hate me." Chase gasped.

"So your saying this whole thing would make more sense if… I didn't hate you!" House questioned.

"Yes! Wait…"

"Okay, I don't hate you."

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