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When he kisses you he isn't doing anything else. You're his whole universe... and the moment is eternal because he doesn't have any plans and isn't going anywhere. Just kissing you...it's overwhelming.

"Goodnight House." Chase said evenly, not looking back at him and heading for the door. House watched as a droplet of salted sweat rolled down between the other's shoulder blades… he was up in record time, head barely keeping up with body.

Chase started as his arm was taken, House turning him, pressing his back to the juncture between the wall and door. To the glass where anyone happening passed could see…

"What'd I do?" Chase mumbled, bottom lip wet and pouting.

House disregarded the question, fingers tracing along the candied pebbles at Chase's throat.

"Oh those, I…" House hooked a finger under the string and pulled, sending the last few beads tumbling to the ground as the elastic snapped open. Powdered sugar dusted Chase's colorless skin and House ran a callused thumb along the length. In some places sweat had dampened the sugar, creating sticky little patches, like trickled honey.

Chase mewed… a new sound, as House bent to lap it up, the residue sticky, saline and sweet at the same time. When he pulled back Chase's lips were bitten-looking, swollen and chapped.

"You broke it." He whined, pouting like a high school cheerleader.

"I'll give you a much prettier one…" House growled, winding a hand through glossy blonde hair.

There's an indignant throaty little mumble as House's lips dip down to the collar-bone prominent beneath Chase's pale flesh, lips closing over the damp flesh, sucking, bringing blood to the surface, mouth leaving a bright red blemish.

House's lips move down precious little and repeat the action leaving a string of welts trailing down to the hallow which dips enticingly above the disappearing collar-bone.

Chase gasps at the sudden sting of teeth, flesh seized, sucked into a hot mouth and bitten. House's knee rests lightly between his legs, he grinds against it, hands moving to comb through soft, sweat slicked hair, feeling smug as House shivers lightly, pressed hot and hard against Chase's own leg.

He whimpers involuntarily as the teeth ease off, skin throbbing in their wake. The left side of his neck suffers the same fate as the right and Chase grunts in frustration; truthfully he'd prefer to be bitten again, prefer to feel the other shiver again. Shiver over him…

House slid his tongue over the last smudges of sugar, lifting his head, hand reaching up to cup a flushed angular cheek. Chase's lips were parted, breathing broken into rough little pants, House's thumb stroking over the hollow beneath Chase's eye.

Theirs legs are still resting heavily, bodies hard and full, blood pounding, the frantic grindings subsided though, the air feeling dense and still about them. Chase thrusts forward, rubs slowly over his stiff feeling leg.

He looks too good this way, head back, throat expose, hair caught in wet little tangles between House's fingers, the expression both smug and flustered. House decides that he really needs to kiss that look off his face, before realizing hat the other shouldn't look smug at all… unless… For the first and last time ever House wishes he isn't as perceptive as he is.

"You lying little bastard." House sighed, arms dropping, going to lean against the table. If Chase had looked guilty and embarrassed House probably would've continued to think about putting a few of the flat surfaces present to better use. As it was, he grinned slowly, a very clear 'Yes, I'm playing you.'

"Goodnight House…" Salacious look still firmly in place, House isn't entirely sure he doesn't like it.

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