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Summary: Even with Sasuke's death, Naruto wouldn't give up. Because love, his love for Sasuke, knows no boundaries…

Warning: This contains spoilers up to the latest manga chapters; plus, some readers might find my formatting to be rather weird… some of the hyphens and the what-not or just to show the conflicting thoughts and emotions on the character's part. I hope you guys would understand. Implied sex and YAOI here. Nothing explicit. But this story is rated M for a reason.

Notes: I haven't even planned this story yet –scratch head- but I think this would be around 5 chapters only.

Inspired By: "Ashes, Ashes" by The Engine Driver. Full permission has been asked : ) Thanks, girl! Go read her fic if you haven't read it yet. This fanfic is like a sequel/sidefic/parallel-universe fic to her great piece of work.

Chapter Notes: l'llbe doing this in Sasuke's POV… mostly. However, I'd like to receive feedback about my characterization, since I know that Sasuke's rather tough to write…This chapter is divided into two parts: Sasuke's POV and Naruto's POV. Naruto's part is more of a flashback/explanation…

Chapter One : Eve of the Future

His eyes feel heavy, like there's a huge sticky glob of something holding down his eyelids over his now-perpetually red irises. He tried racking his brain for any memory of why is this so, but he came up with nothing. It irritates him, this situation of helplessness and confusion. Even his arms feel heavy and something is embracing his torso, preventing any movement.

There's something important nagging at the back of his mind; there's something that he needs to know and realize quickly, but in his current state of rare-peacefulness, he couldn't bring himself to try and find out what exactly is going on around him.

After a few minutes of varying levels of irritation on his part, he heard a sound. Something warm –and at the same time, cold- is fanning over his right cheek, and he could feel the distance between him and the other diminishing slowly. His instincts, honed by three years of training with Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin, told him –no, screamed at him- to move away, to grab the kunai on his shorts' pocket. His body chose to remain rooted on the spot.

Orochimaru—his body tensed slightly at the memory, but then, he let go of the breath—

strange, since his diaphragm feels as though it didn't contract or expand during his breathing

--that he didn't know he'd been holding. Orochimaru… is dead. He killed the person who imparted so much knowledge –in the form of jutsus- to him. But he did it because he couldn't let himself become the container of a man before he could kill Itachi.


The name rang numbly through his body, but he couldn't feel the accompanying rage and anger that goes with any remembrance of the person.

Come to think of it, he couldn't remember much at this point.

Suddenly, he felt something pointed pushing itself towards his torso. His mind screamed –once again- at him, to move and push the dangerous object away, but something more powerful than him is suppressing his motions and his instincts.

He waits for a few more minutes, and the things binding his limbs loosened, and he prepared himself to beat the crap out of this guy –or better yet, kill him in a torturous way.

He opens his eyes –he could feel the wheels of his Sharingan spinning wildly along with his desire to make this person pay for making him feel so lost in the darkness that enveloped him earlier- and in a split second, he makes out the shape and the colors of his surroundings, and he is greeted by a sight he never expected.

He opens his mouth, a word spilling out, but no words could express the broken quality that he felt like beating himself up for in his utterance. He could feel his heartbeat speed up, along with the bottled emotions hiding inside his chest—finally, finally,


It's a good thing that Sasuke doesn't know anything, Naruto thinks, as he watched the final Uchiha look at his surroundings with barely-repressed surprise. He almost lost it when Sasuke looked at him with those eyes; those eyes were filled with the loneliness and anger that built up since the murder of his clan. For ten long years, the sadness that consumed Sasuke remained— , Naruto thinks, as he watched the Uchiha look at his surroundings with barely-repressed surprise. He almost lost it when Sasuke looked at him with eyes; those eyes were filled with the loneliness and anger that built up since the murder of his clan. For ten long years, the sadness that consumed Sasuke remained—

But he is determined to give Sasuke –no- Sasuke and him a future. A future without the traces of hate that lingered in his childhood because of the demon sealed inside him; a future without the expectations and hate that would surely welcome Sasuke once he shows up in the Hidden Village of the Leaf.

He wants Sasuke to be happy, no matter how impossible the task seems to be. After all, the Perverted Hermit, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Old Hag and Sakura-chan are all against his idea. He told him about his plan, and all he received was tearful eyes and words formed out of pity.

They didn't think that he'd push through with this plan. They underestimated the determination Uzumaki Naruto is known for. If it wouldn't jeopardize his plan, he would've gloated about his success. After all, ninjutsu haven't been his forte, ever since he was a Genin. Now that he's an elite jounin about to be promoted as the Rokudaime Hokage his skills in ninjutsu haven't improved since he started six years ago.

It was pure coincidence, how he discovered the scroll for the technique that would grant happiness to him and his lover. It started when Sasuke left, right after the terrible fight at the Valley of the End. His nights were plagued with images of a dark-haired boy, a smirk playing on his lips, taunting him. Then, it evolved –slowly, but surely- into images of the Uchiha baring pale skin to him, teasing him, begging him to reach out and touch. He had dispelled those thoughts as simply hormones, and trained even harder under Jiraiya's tutelage.

After he came back to Konoha after three years, his suspicions were confirmed. His feelings towards his female teammate disappeared completely, while his longing for the other one increased even more.

His encounter with Itachi shortly after his return made him realize his plan little by little. It started with one fleeting thought that Itachi and Sasuke look very similar. When he pushed his improved rasengan towards the fake Itachi's torso, he could see Sasuke's overlapping with his older brother's.

After that, he faced Orochimaru in a fight that lead him to lose control and call upon the powers of the Kyuubi.When he saw the Snake Sannin's face, the fleeting thought returned. Sasuke refused to return with them, and the fight ended with a draw –Orochimaru and Sasuke retreating to another fortress- and Sai and Sakura heavily injured, and Naruto with a more serious plan.

He took the Chuunin Exam shortly after, and researched for various scrolls in-between his missions. He asked Jiraiya –even begged him- to teach him more ninjutsus. The suspicion lurked behind his teacher's eyes, but the Sannin didn't question him. Neither did the Godaime, when he asked for more missions regarding retrieval of scrolls, or unusual events.

A year after his encounter with Sasuke and him becoming Chuunin, Naruto took the Jounin Exam. Tsunade had been very pleased, along with his peers. The anger and the shunning by the villagers lessened –though it didn't fade away completely- enough for the Godaime to train him to become the Rokudaime Hokage.

Apparently, news spreads fast, and it reached even the dark, brooding avenger. That year, on his sixteenth birthday, Uchiha Sasuke had been inside his bedroom, looking out on nothingness, the shadows of the night enveloping his slim form. Naruto, surprised with the appearance of his best friend, of the traitor, didn't put up any fight when the dark-haired teen pushed him against the door of his bedroom, lips against lips in an angry meeting.

Their sex was hurtful, but the fact that he is doing it on his birthday, with the person that he both admired, loathed, love and hate, made it all better. After their first time, Sasuke had whispered against his neck in a hot and wet whisper, 'Congratulations'. Naruto grinned –though it was a bit strained- and Sasuke caught his lips on another angry kiss and started another bout of their love-making.

Of course, the Uchiha left before the first rays of the sun reached his bedroom window, but it was all right with Naruto, since he doubted Sasuke would somehow stay. Sakura had mercilessly teased him about the dozens of love-bites that covered his neck –she saw them when she was sent by Tsunade to pick him up since he's already late for the lessons-, but he refused to tell her who was the culprit.

Sasuke's visits became more often, and Naruto spent his time either locking himself inside his dingy apartment or going on long-term missions alone. Naruto spent his time making excuses towards his friends whenever they would try to drag him out for some bonding on the KTV or on Ichiraku.

On Sasuke's seventeenth birthday, the Uchiha casually brought up the topic of Naruto as the one to go back to Sound with him. The training for the position as the Rokudaime is going to be finished soon, and Naruto found himself torn between his dream of the lifetime and his promise of the lifetime. Sasuke had chuckled darkly at his stupefied expression, and it was forgotten in the clash of name-calling, fists and kisses.

Tsunade had asked Naruto to take the ANBU Exam, in order for him to gain more points and merits as the successor. He had refused, and he refused even more to give the reason. It would kill his pride if he said that, because Sasuke forbid me to. The Old Hag accepted his decision with more than just a little suspicion, but she didn't question him further.

After a quick conference with Naruto's peers, the Godaime decided to grant Naruto a month-long leave, in order for him to gain time to prepare for becoming a Hokage. The blue-eyed teen accepted it half-heartedly, and his nights were consumed with memories of the nights spent with the younger Uchiha. Aside from those lingering thoughts, the desire to be with Sasuke –not in their current state, with all the hiding and deception- increased exponentially.

He tried broaching this subject to Sasuke, but the other merely brushed them off with shrugs, smirks and suggestions that Naruto be the one to leave the village behind and join him in Sound.

Naruto hasn't been the brightest crayon in the box, and it took him two years before he noticed that Sasuke has been rather open about the subject of Naruto staying at Sound. He had asked, "What about Orochimaru?" and he received that maddening smirk from the dark-haired teen, and a terse answer of, I killed him a year ago.

With nobody else but Itachi to hold Sasuke away from Naruto, his plan could really work.

During his one-month vacation, Naruto researched. And he finally stumbled upon what he's looking for. The technique is dangerous, and its use is forbidden for obvious reasons. Summoning of the dead and granting life to it is something that is against all laws, of human nature and of all the countries.

Even after his vacation was over, he had asked for an extension. With much pleading, Naruto managed to get two more months. Two more months to study the complicated hand-seals that accompanied the summoning scroll. There's a catch though; he had to put up with his summon having zombie-like qualities, and Naruto didn't want that. He found another technique, and he did his best to try to merge them.

Sasuke's visits to his apartment didn't cease during those times. Neither did the growing concern over his health and stability by his friends. There were a couple of protests from the elderly people in the village, and Naruto's title as the future Rokudaime Hokage was being contested. It forced Tsunade to stay in her position a little longer, until the protests died down. It made Naruto happy, since it gives him more time.

Naruto's execution of his plan started on Sasuke's eighteenth birthday. Naruto thought, this is my birthday present to you, bastard, and plunged the kunai deep into the others' liver. Sasuke's eyes had been blank, and a bit thankful –for finally letting him rest- and a bit angry since he couldn't finish Itachi if he's dead.

Sasuke's coal-colored eyes stared at him during the others' last moments, but Naruto –the person who regrets killing people- is thankful that his lover doesn't ask him about his reasons for killing him off.

Naruto spent a couple of hours holding Sasuke's hand, which grew inevitably colder. He slipped out of the village –leaving a Kage Bunshin clone in his apartment to guard his things- to hide Sasuke's corpse. The place he found near the edge of Konoha is enough; the months of observation told him that the Konoha's ninjas rarely go within a few kilometers of the area. It is the perfect place to hide his best friend's body.

Before the night fell on Uchiha Sasuke's eighteenth birthday, Naruto was back and he reported rather cheerfully to Tsunade.

It was two weeks afterwards, before Naruto heard a polite series of knocks on his apartment's door. He opened it groggily, but the chakra signature was way too familiar to be dismissed without precaution. Sure enough, he was greeted by a figure slightly taller than him, dull purple nails glinting under the moonlight that spilled through his opened window. The straw hat covering the other's face and hair was almost completely dipped down, and Naruto had to peer closely to see the ruby-colored eyes.

"I didn't think you'd be able to do it, Naruto-kun," the older Uchiha's voice was stiff and unemotional, but Naruto isn't going to be fooled. Hoshigaki Kisame is nowhere to be found; Naruto is guessing that Itachi had somehow convinced his partner that he wouldn't do anything stupid. The fact that Itachi is going to face him alone spoke of a lot of things.

"The bastard didn't want to stay here even though snake-guy's dead," He had answered smoothly, without any hints of surprise or satisfaction in his tone. Itachi's eyes had been bland, and he regarded the Kyuubi vessel coolly.

"He was supposed to kill me to avenge our Clan," Itachi's face was as emotional as a rock, and his voice was not warmer than liquid nitrogen. However, the discontent and displeasure –along with the mourning towards his beloved, foolish, little brother- was still present in trace amounts.

"That's too bad then," Naruto replied, and he disappeared into thin air, and he reappeared with a kunai lodged in the S-Rank criminal's heart. As expected, the clone vanished as well, and Naruto had to wait for a few seconds to collect his thoughts. This is his chance, to complete his plan, and to think that Itachi came here on his own…

Their fight was evenly-matched, though Itachi was driven by his anger and his grief towards the person that he had wanted to protect, for the person that he had hoped to become stronger, much stronger than he could ever be. Naruto, however, was driven by his determination and his hope for a better future for him and the Uchiha that died in his hands.

It ended in an area near the Forest of Death, and Naruto had been terribly lucky that no ANBU guards were nearby. The destruction in the landscape had been more than terrifying, and it ended with Naruto finally pushing the kunai into the elder Uchiha's chest, stopping his heartbeat and puncturing his lungs in one swift move.

Itachi's eyes had been accusing; Naruto ignored the horrified look Itachi threw him when he wrapped Itachi's dying body carefully, as though he'd break under the slightest pressure.

"Don't do this to Sasuke," Itachi said and Naruto almost wept along with heavens as Itachi's eyes closed for the final time. The heavy rain clouds finally gave up and let go of its tears, raining upon Naruto's bent back and Itachi's frigid, cold, dead body. It was the only moment that Uchiha Itachi allowed emotion, his adoration, his affection towards his little brother to show.

Naruto felt guilty for using Itachi in his plans, as well as ignoring the other's last wish, but…

"My love for Sasuke knows no boundaries," Naruto whispered, and it was carried away in the pounding rain.

The next day, Naruto's apartment is empty, without any trace of his whereabouts.

Sasuke took a luxurious view of the place Naruto had brought him to. There's something warm about sharing a place far away from any of the villages –from Sound and from Konoha- and there's also something nice about sharing a place with Naruto, the only person he ever paid attention to, and the only person he could ever love. Sasuke took a luxurious view of the place Naruto had brought him to. There's something about sharing a place far away from any of the villages –from Sound and from Konoha- and there's also something about sharing a place with , the only person he ever paid attention to, and the only person he could ever love.

However, there's also something that bothers him, that's continuously nagging at the back of his mind, demanding to be noticed immediately.

Sasuke feels weird, and the heavy sensation on his limbs is returning again. Naruto is going to be inaugurated as the Rokudaime Hokage, and he'd reach his dreams, finally. Why then, is he here, becoming a missing-nin? What happened to him? The last thing he could remember was visiting Naruto during his eighteenth birthday.


"Naruto," Sasuke said firmly, catching the blond's attention. He faced his lover, and with his impassive face, he asked. "What's going on here?" He prepared himself for any reply, but all he got was—

Naruto looking up at him with tear-filled eyes, and a smile fitting his lips in the most perfect way. Sasuke forgot his question, as arms wrapped around him in a comforting manner. Naruto's lips are warm and soft against his pale cheek.

"Welcome home, Sasuke," Naruto whispered in a broken voice, and Sasuke wondered how could a simple statement sound so beautiful and depressing.

"Yeah, Naruto…" He replied, pushing his suspicions and doubts at the back of his mind. Someday, he'd find the answers to his questions.


He didn't see, as they finished their lovemaking, the saddened eyes of his lover.

He also didn't hear the words whispered to his bare shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke."


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