This is a fic that I wrote a while back in answer to a prompt on LiveJournal.

"You think we're dancing?"

"That's all we've ever done." – BTVS

Two To Tango

Two pairs of narrowed eyes were fixed upon one another; fierce gold blurring into cool blue. The surface of the clear azure pool by which they stood was disturbed by the smooth movements of the blue-eyed beauty. The corners of her delicate lips were curled slightly upwards as she observed the man before her.

"You're sure you want to fight me Your Highness?"

The man's mouth smirked. "Trying to cover your own back?"

"You wish."

The smirk widened. "Good."

He struck first, golden flames hurtling towards his petite opponent. The young woman pulled up a wall of water and blocked the flaming blow.

"Surely you can do better than that Zuko?"

Zuko jerked his head sharply. "Have it your way Katara."

Zuko kicked towards the Waterbender, a trail of flames following. Katara span away from the attack and brought up a whip of her element. The Firebender easily dodged the projectile and stepped closer to Katara.

She initiated the attack this time, freezing water from the pool into a disk of ice. She aimed it at Zuko while closing the distance between them. She repeated this movement several times, each time the distance between the fighters closed. None of the disks hit Zuko; all were deflected by his arm guards or evaporated by a quick blast of fire.

By the time there was barely a foot between the pair, they were both breathing heavily and they had abandoned bending for physical fighting.

Katara's hand lashed out towards Zuko's face but he caught it within his own strong hand. He quirked an eyebrow at Katara, who aimed a knee at his stomach.

Zuko span away from the attempted hit and caught hold of the back of her knee, pulling it up to his waist height. His other hand released her hand and moved to rest on her lower back.

Katara span with him and when Zuko pulled up her leg she found herself dipped backwards and staring into amber eyes, as this whole thing was some deadly waltz.

Her face relaxed into a smile. "Good show."

Zuko breathed in deeply. "Likewise."

Neither bender moved. Katara was still balanced in Zuko's arms, as their eyes remained fixed upon one another.

Even when a voice tore through the silence, they did not relax their position.

"My Lord! My Lady!"

Zuko and Katara looked towards the growing figure of Advisor Ye. He looked very disgruntled.

"Your Majesties. Please, if you insist on fighting, at least refrain from doing so in the Palace Gardens."

Zuko raised an eyebrow at his advisor. "Fighting Ye? We are not fighting."

Ye looked wary. "Not fighting My Lord?"

Zuko looked back down at Katara, still held in his arms, with his eyes twinkling. "Oh no, never fighting. We're dancing."

Really, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I hope it wasn't unbearable to read.